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Trust and Betrayal


The warm glow of sunrise flittered across the land, warming the world as the sun lifted its head from its pillow of mountains.

This was a new day. A promise of new things, of changes that would shape the world.

Today was the day of prophecy.

On this day, the Chosen One would receive an oracle from the angels, a beacon of hope to the enslaved world of humans.

'Once upon a time there was a great tree that was the source of mana…a war, however, caused this tree to wither away and a hero's life was sacrificed in order to take its place.

Grieving over the loss, the Goddess disappeared unto the heavens.

The goddess left the angels with this edict:' you must wake me, for if I should sleep the world shall be destroyed.'

The angels bore the chosen one, who climbed the tower that reached up unto the heavens…and that marked the beginning of the regeneration of the world.'

The words played through his mind as he leapt into the air: The legend of the Goddess Martel and the hero, Mithos.

Such foolish nonsense.

Plumes of clouds whipped through dark hair as the seraph soared through an orange sky, the dew of clouds clinging to dark clothes as crystalline wings beat through chilled air, stirring thermal currents as he banked, heading for the west.

He angled his flight as he flew, adjusting his course to aim slightly north, slowing his pace when he realised the time of day.

The 'oracle' would not call on the Chosen for some hours yet…meaning that he had a few hours on his hands.

The seraph turned suddenly, heading south-west, swooping over the long dead Linkite tree and Triet desert, eyes scanning the vivid blue dome dubiously, wondering why the opposing force made their base so brazen when their nature was so secretive.

It didn't matter in the long run. They would never succeed in their goal…not as long as Lord Yggdrasill was in control.

He played over his task in his mind again, check-listing each stage of the journey he was about to undertake. He didn't need to do that of course…how many time had he done this task in the past years? Seven? No, six. This was to be the seventh…and that's just what the oracle would tell this new chosen.

He blinked suddenly, fluttering gossamer wings to avoid a ridiculously high sand-storm, a clear sign of this world's state of decline, focusing on that snippet of an idea, the fate of the world.

He had to keep a clear head when approaching the Chosen's home…it would not do to be overcome with memories and emotions at such a crucial time, even if it was reasonable for him to have an aversion to that place.

How could something that happened so many years ago still leave its mark on him? He was far too old, too wise for such things and yet…

He blinked, making a show of clearing his thoughts despite the lack of audience and flew higher, until he could survey the whole desert at a glance.

Once there, he hung in the air for a moment, placing the time before beating wings strongly, pushing through air as he made his way north.

To the village of the oracles.

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