Harry stepped out into the chilly November air and sighed contentedly, he was 17 years old and today would be one of his very last Hogsmeade visits with his friends from school.

Ron was going to be starting Auror training and Hermione was hoping to become the next mistress librarian of the Central Wizarding Library, but then again that wasn't much of a surprise, Hermione and books went together like cheese and wine.

The ground was frosty and crunched underfoot as the golden trio and a few other Gryffindors casually walked down into the village.

As usual the first stop would be the new Weasley shop and then of course Honeydukes for a big bag of teeth dissolving sugary delights.

Harry smiled to himself; he loved being a wizard and living in the wizarding world, he swore that the moment he left the Dursleys he would never go back to living as a muggle, his days of scrubbing and cleaning were over.

"The posters are still up" Ron said as he gestured to the nearest oak tree.

Harry gazed at the pointed features staring back at him from the aged parchment nailed to the bark.

"How long has Malfoy been missing now?" asked Harry.

"About six months I think, he went missing from just outside his manor, or so his father said" Hermione looked at the moving portrait of Draco Malfoy with pity, until it mouthed the word Mudblood at her and she turned away in disgust.

Harry read the words beneath the photograph.


Draco Lucius Abraxus Malfoy aged 17


30,0000 Galleons if he is returned complete and unharmed Money will be deducted for each missing limb or body part.

Contact Lucius Malfoy.


The picture of Draco spotted him reading and stuck out its tongue, raising one pale and arrogant eyebrow.

"Good Riddance I say, I hope they chopped him into little bits and fed him to a Manticore" Ron said with a smirk.

"RON!" Both Harry and Hermione shouted at the same time.

"What? Its not like he was ever nice to us, he's probably living the high life as the Darklord's consort. Caviar, chocolate, silk sheets, all the food you could eat, the works!" Ron muttered in exasperation.

"Are you sure YOU don't want to be the dark lords Consort Ron?" Sniggered Hermione.

"…." Ron blushed beet red and gazed at the ground muttering unintelligibly.

"He's right you know Mione, he's probably enjoying himself somewhere," Harry said as he fiddled with the end of his scarf and kicked at the frozen leaves at his feet, enjoying the crunching sounds.

"I don't know about that you guys, Lucius Malfoy is Voldemort's right hand man, I think he at least would know about something like that." Hermione whispered.

"Come on! Its Hogsmeade weekend, less of the Malfoy talk please let's have some fun." Ron whined.

"Yeah its about time we had a laugh, those NEWTS are gonna be the death of me, if I have to memorise the 12 uses of Dragons blood one more time…… " Harry laughed.

It wasn't long before they were coming out of Honeydukes with Neville, Dean, Seamus and Luna.

Each of them loaded with large brown paper bags filled to the brim with chocolate, lollipops and boiled sweets.

"How many chocolate frogs do you have Neville?" Asked Seamus as he devoured a large gummy worm.

"Erm eight I think, would you like one?" Said Neville holding out the large boxfull.

Harry lagged behind lost in his own thoughts of his new life as an adult wizard, when a cold leathery hand was pressed against his mouth and he felt the heated tip of a wand pressed to his temple.

Ron had just turned to ask Harry what he had bought when Hermione let out an almighty shriek.

Harry was being held at wandpoint by a strange female Death Eater whom none of them could recognise.

Her long dirty white hair fell to her thighs and her colourless wrinkled face held a cruel, thin mouth and huge pale blue watery eyes.

Harry's eyes were wide with panic as he looked at his friend in desperation, the woman's black nails where scraping into the flesh of his cheek, causing crimson blood to pour down his chin and across his pink lips.

It was only when Hermione looked down that she noticed Harry's wand was missing and had rolled onto the grid at his feet.

Harry's sweets were scattered across the floor and the Gryffindors were frozen in fear, one wrong move and Harry could be dead.

Hermione had just begun to pull out her wand along with Ron and the others but before they could move the woman spoke in a cruel voice, her yellowed teeth spitting hatred.

"Tell your Headmaster that this little fishy is going to join his mate, the dark lord likes his more unusual pets" And with that, Harry and the Death Eater were gone. Leaving nothing but the cold wind and moving leaves.

"HARRY!" Luna and Hermione screamed.

"We have to get to back to the castle and raise the alarm, there might be more of them, warn everyone you see, tell them to keep their wands at the ready." Hermione stooped to pick up Harry's fallen wand and sobbing, she led the terrified Gryffindors back to Hogwarts.

Harry woke and slowly blinkered open his sore eyes, he was in the pitch darkness and it was obvious his body, arms and legs where tied to some sort of cold metal table.

He was also acutely aware that he was naked, ice cold and soaking wet.

Harry shivered and tried to free himself.

"Have you prepared the potions?" a cold voice echoed through the damp darkness, Harry knew it was Voldemort, a voice he had heard many times throughout his life, he lay deathly still in terror.

"Yes My Lord I have them," Said the voice of the woman who had captured Harry so easily.

"Administer them then and quickly, we do not have much time" hissed The Dark Lord.

Harry held his breath and sealed his mouth shut tightly in expectation but was shocked when he felt two needles pierced the skin of his thigh, he was being injected with something.

Harry gasped as pain began to radiate across his body, concentrating on his legs and sides.

He heard voices all around him begin to chant and the burning sensation of many spells being fired across his skin, the air around him was becoming dense with magic and Harry was having trouble breathing.

"Wha….what…" Harry tried to say but let out a horrific scream as he felt his bones shift under his flesh and his mind become fuzzy.

"What am I doing to you? Is that what you wanted to know Potter?" Voldemort laughed.

Harry could only answer in yelps and cries of agony, so the dark lord continued.

"I am very fond of collecting pets, rare pets, mystical creatures and beings that are so very hard to come by, some are even extinct, save for a few small sources of D.N.A that I have obtained.

I discovered with the help of my loyal subjects that……well let me put it this way, why search for decades for a rare and priceless species of creature when you can just make your own." The dark Lord's laughter rose above Harry's whimpers and cries.

Harry Screamed as his bones cracked and his skin shifted and melted and not soon enough, he drifted into unconsciousness.

Harry woke sometime later, this time he awoke in a large canopy four-poster bed, the grandiose room was bathed in a soft light and Harry let out a groan.

Pain still washed over him every now and then, Harry assessed the damages; he wiggled his fingers and brought his hands up to his face.

They where webbed much like they had been at the tri wizard tournament in his second task.

He reached up to feel his neck...good no gills so far, Harry was having trouble moving the lower half of his body, he felt completely numb, wriggling in the damp and heavy sheets Harry managed to roll himself off the bed with a mighty splat.

He raised himself onto his elbows and stared down in horror at what used to be his legs.

In their place was an enormous long green fish tail, Harry panicked, resulting in the random flapping of his new appendage against the hardwood floor.

It was also at this time that Harry noticed that the three large slits between each of his lower ribs, were his gills and where currently undulating in rapid movements as he hyperventilated.

Harry struggled to finally flip himself over and as he gasped with the effort, he came face to face with a very large and heavy pair of Dragonhide boots.

Harry craned his neck to the best of his abilities and stared at the Death Eater above him, "Nott" was all Harry managed to say but it came out in sort of low whale like whine that echoed through the room.

The Fat Death Eater merely gazed at the new merman, flopping uselessly on the chamber floor and unceremoniously emptied a large bucket of water over its head.

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