Dumbledore sat his desk as Harry and Draco frolicked in the tank, Hermione and Ron where in lessons and the headmaster was busy seeing to the everyday running of the school.

He had just finished signing a proposal of improvements to the Quidditch pitch when there was a frantic knocking at the door.

"Come in" Dumbledore said loudly.

The door burst inward and a frustrated looking Snape walked into his office.

"I've done it headmaster, it may not be a full cure as I have limited test subjects but I think it would benefit them!" He said happily, waving two vials of pink liquid at Dumbledore.

"Very well Snape, we will test it on young Draco I fear we should leave Harry till after the birth"

They walked to the tank, gently tapping on the glass gesturing to Draco to come to the surface. Snape pulled Draco up onto the carpet and handed him the vial. Draco stared at his godfather and let out a chittering squeak, Snape held up the potion and merely nodded , watching with bated breath as Draco uncorked the vial and swallowed it in one go.

His face scrunched up instantly and he began to writhe in pain. There was a screech from the tank as Harry pressed himself against the glass, his eyes focused on Draco.

Draco continued to move on the floor sweating and shaking before his body began to shift , bones moving and flesh churning and after what seemed like an hour but was probably just a few minutes, a naked human looking Draco Malfoy Lay panting on the floor .

Snape quickly conjured up a pair of pyjama bottoms and put them on the blonde. Draco opened his eyes blearily and stared around the room.

"Professor?" He said croakily.

"Yes Draco can you understand me?"

A huge grin spread across the blonde's face, before he turned back to the tank.

Harry was still pressed against the glass, but now he was smiling. Draco jumped up but immediately fell back down he decided on crawling to the tank, pressing his hand against Harry's on the other side of the glass.

"Harry it worked!" Draco laughed, the brunette Merrow let out chitterling wail.

"I still understand him! He said that it's brilliant" Draco laughed again.

Draco spend the rest of the night sleeping in a sleeping bag at the side of the tank, the pressure of the transformation had exhausted him.

Two days later the great hall doors opened to admit the long missing Draco Malfoy to the astonishment of the entire student body.

Draco limped to the mostly empty Slytherin table on two crutches; he was still having difficulty manoeuvring his legs.

He sat down just as the food appeared in front of him and his remaining housemates welcomed him with open arms. But Hermione could see the sadness in his eyes at being separated from his pregnant mate.

Draco stared at his food picking at it and casting glances to the permanent gap between Hermione and Ginny where Harry usually sat.

"He's so sad Ron" she whispered.

"Ohh is?" Ron said with a mouthful of sausage and mash, looking around.

"Draco! Ron he's missing Harry!"

"Oh he'll be fine once Harry's popped his sprog and takes the potion" Ron grinned.

"Ronald Weasley! Don't be so crass?" Hermione whispered.

After dinner the corridors were filled with rowdy teenagers, playing pranks and practicing their spellwork. Draco hobbled on one side of his classmates trying to talk about Quidditch and take his mind off the brunette Merrow in the tank in Dumbledore's office.

Hermione was just running to catch up with the Slytherins when a rogue Aquamenti from one of the Ravenclaw first years soaked Draco to the skin.

Hermione luckily had the wherewithal to cast a notice-me-not charm as the blonde crumpled to the floor. She found Draco on the ground in full Merrow form, flapping listlessly on the remains of his uniform trousers.

"Oh crumbs! Has the potion failed?" Hermione said to the Merrow, you could see the cogs working in her brain.

"Oh it's the water!" She summoned a towel and dried Draco frantically, casting drying and reparo charms on his clothes and within minutes Draco's legs had returned. She had helped him dress and stand.

"Thanks Granger!" He mumbled.

"We better get to the headmaster's office and tell him about this, we cannot let you get wet again!"

Hermione practically dragged Draco to the headmaster's office opening the door on the biggest commotion she had ever seen.

"I cannot be expected to know the reproductive behaviour of existing marine beings!" Said Madame Pomfrey searching frantically through her medical bag.

"Madame, you are the only one who has ever had any experience with childbirth!" Growled Snape.

"What is going on?" Said Draco loudly. Everyone in the room turned at the blonde's voice.

"Draco, Harry is in labour, we sent Remus to find you" Snape said quickly.

"Let me get to the tank" Draco said as he hobbled over to the tank. Madame Pomfrey had drawn a privacy screen and a ladder was propped against the shiny surface.

"No Draco in your current state you won't be able to swim, you could drown!" Snape said sternly.

"Move out of my way" Draco cried as he began to scale the ladder, stripping off his clothing as he Went.

"Mr Malfoy I must insist that you stay…." Hermione cut him off "let him go! He returns to Merrow form when he gets wet! The potion was only partially successful"

"What are you saying Miss Granger?" there was an almighty splash as Draco threw himself head first him to the tank, he transformed and quickly located Harry who was curled up in the corner in obvious pain, he looked up at the sudden movement in the water?

"Draco? Oh no with a potion to work did it? I'm so sorry Draco"

"It's okay it does work, I only become Merrow when I get wet, and now more importantly are you okay?" Draco said holding Harry in his arms.

"It's started Draco, its coming!" Harry gestured to slit along the yellow stripe of his tale, it was engorged and wide open, small amounts of Green luminous blood slipped from it into the surrounding water.

"Draco I feel like I need to push" Harry grimaced. Draco propelled himself to the surface.

"Madame Pomfrey he says he needs to push" the school nurse was standing on the ladder looking into the top of their tank.

"Tell him to do what feels right, he seems to be dilated enough" Draco swam back to his brunette mate.

"Pomfrey says to do whatever feels natural." Harry nodded and immediately began to bare down within half an hour of pushing and resting something slipped from Harry's body clouding the water with green. Draco scrambled to grab whatever it was that had come out.

As the cloud cleared he saw that he was holding a tiny child Merrow, he quickly cleared the mucus from the baby's face and gasped as it began to make chittering noises.

"Oh god oh god Harry, Merlin!" Harry gazed blearily at the small creature.

"Is it a dominant or a submissive?" He whispered tiredly. Draco wiped across the baby's tail with his hand.

"Oh A dominant!" He laughed overcome with joy. Harry laughed too, tears poured into the water around them as their child squeaked louder, chittering and squealing but making no discernible noises.

Draco swam back up carrying their son, breaking the surface, he held their child to Madame Pomfrey to check over.

"It's a boy! A dominant! Draco cheered. The room exploded in congratulations.

"And how is Harry?" Pomfrey asked.

Draco took his child from Pomfrey and went to check on the brunette Merrow. Harry was curled on the bottom of the tank fast asleep, a small smile on his face. Draco broke the surface once again

"He's sleeping"

"That's to be expected, call me if there is any change and try to get the young one to nurse as soon as possible" she smiled.

Draco nodded and sank back below the water. There was a bang as the door to the headmaster's office swung open once again and a flustered, red-faced Ron Weasley came stumbling in, he stared at the smiling faces in the room and the screens covering the tank

"Erm…..what did I miss?"