AN: A new story. Yes, I know I shouldn't be writing new stories. I'm already have too many multi-chapter stories to write for already but the idea came to mind and I couldn't stop myself...Shame on me. I have no control.


Rose could hear the footsteps off the grating. It wasn't a surprise when she found the owner of those footsteps leaning down and wiggling under the grating to lie down beside her.

"Nice hiding place," he muttered, breaking the silence that seemed to push them away from each other. It had been like this for the last few days. He would always be trying to reach out and she would always be trying to push him away.

"It should be. It's yours." Her voice came out more venomous than she had intended. Maybe she was bitter but she had just lost one of her best friends and the Doctor had been busy ignoring her feelings even before he left. Still mourning over Madame de Pompadour - ignoring the person who was there, the person who just wanted to hold his hand, the person who wanted to help him through his pain but was shut out - so maybe she had a right to feel a little bitter.

"Rose…" She knew he was about to retort something about Time Lords not having places to hide but any response he could have made trailed away into nothing. He didn't have the energy for it.

He was staring at her; she could feel his gaze upon her. It made a flush rise up her cheeks and she was grateful it was darker under here. She didn't think he would say anything about it even if he could see it clearly.


"Rose…" His voice sounded different, almost broken, "Look at me…"

She turned her head and found herself staring into his deep brown eyes. He was closer to her than he had ever been before and she was surprised at how cramped it was under here.

Her breath caught in her throat as she once again said, "What?"

"I'm sorry…" And she could see in that moment that he really meant it, "I'm sorry for everything."

His truthfulness broke her and a tear slipped out of her eye. His hand reached up, his thumb tracing under her eye, wiping all remnants of that stray tear away. She closed her eye for a moment, composing herself and when she opened them he was still staring at her with a look that made her want to run into his arms and make him take the pain away, but she didn't want to see that look.

Not from him. Not now.

Her throat felt constricted. She needed to get out. She needed to get away from him. She didn't want to break down. He was so close; too close, "I- I need to go."

With that she got up and left, leaving a very confused Time Lord behind.

To be continued...