They belonged with each other. The moment was perfect. They had been through so much together... He'd saved her life so many times, and she had saved him from something worse than death-- an eternity of walking the earth alone. It was only right that they finally be able to express how much they loved each other in this way.

"I'm nervous," she confessed, blushing a deep shade of red.

He didn't need to look at her face to know. He smelled the blood rising to her cheeks.

His arms pulled her tightly to him. His laughter was sweet in her ears. "Me too."

"That's different, Edward," she moaned, her voice betraying a sense of desperation, her eyes flashing. "You're scared for a totally unlike reason..."

"Bella--" He looked directly into her eyes, and she couldn't glance away, drawn in by his gaze. "You know I'm worried for the exact same reason as you. I've never done this before either."

It was true, both of them were about to experience something totally new, and she sighed, nodding her understanding.

Then she laughed, and said, "Why are we scared? We belong this way. In each other's arms."

He shifted forward, kissing her fiercely. Her body was alive with electricity, and her heart thudded wildly. Her clothes fell away beneath his hands, and their bodies molded closer together than they ever had been before. Edward reached out, caressing her face--

and inattentively crushed Bella's skull. She died instantly.