More tales from the lab for y'all this time it's a one shot featuring our favorite (or least favorite) brand new CSI Ronnie Lake...thought she could use a little love from the FF corner of the world. This fic hints at an N/G relationship, and one between Wendy/Hodges.

Entering his office Gil Grissom was greeted by an open face and bright eyes, his new CSI was here.

"Hi, I'm Veronica. It's an honor to meet you Dr. Grissom.

"Just Grissom is fine." He said accepting her handshake.

"Okay, I ah, can start whenever you need me."

"Alright, I can get you started today, but first I'll give you a tour." Motioning for her to follow he left his office once again.

"Across the hall here is Catherine's office, but if you need her it's the last place to look. Next to it is AV." Archie looked up and gave a nod as they passed. "Through there is DNA and on the other side next to my office is..."


"Right. The drying room is next."

As they passed by they could hear shouting. Wendy and Hodges were having some type of arguement.

"Fine if you want to go ahead! Abandon us like Sanders did!" Hodges shouted.

"Alright I will!" Wendy snapped back crossing behind the table and away from her fuming fellow labrat.

"They're usually not like this." Grissom reassured her.

"Lovers quarrel?" Ronnie asked with a tilt of her head. Grissom looked at her and smiled.

"It's a little more like love-hate, I bet you can guess which is which. So here is ballistics, the locker room, layout, Ecklie's office. That's the only room I'd advise you not to find your way into unsupervised." She smiled. "Here is the garage, and there are two of your new associates" He motioned to the two unaware men in dark blue jumpsuits.

Nick and Greg were working over a junked up pickup from the latest case. Ronnie watched the two men playfully fingerprint and check for evidence.

"How long have they been together?" she asked suddenly. Grissom looked at her and made a move to say something.

"I'm sorry that was uncalled for, it's just they are kind of obvious."

"Between you and me, yes they are. I'll leave you here at the break room. Warrick and Sophia are there it would be beneficial to make friends." he said turning to leave. Ronnie did not move from the doorway of the garage. She observed a moment longer before Grissom interrupted.

"Three years." said without turning around. "Between you and me." She smiled and moved on to the break-room.

As she cleared the threshold Grissom turned. She's no Sara, but she'll do.

So there you go, a nod to Ms. Lake...

and P.s. want to know what's going on in the drying room? It'll be up soon!!