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Adala's feet didn't make a sound as she crept through the dark room. Moonlight was filtering softly through the large window above the other brother's bed. She froze as he muttered and rolled over in his sleep.

Moving Quickly, the agility seeming out of place in such an old woman, she crossed to where young Wilhelm was deep in oblivious slumber. Even in sleep, he was branded with the smugness of pride and charm. She felt the hate start to ring in here ears. Reaching a clawed hand down to wrench out this small mortal's life, she didn't hear the other brother wake.

"Will?" The sleepy whisper nearly made Adala tumble over, Quickly she backed into the corner. Wilhelm had woken too and was busy scratching a match into the lantern between the two beds.

"Jakob, what is it?"

Adala watched from her corner, desperately blending herself into the image of a wall. Jakob was staring at her, his eyebrows wrinkled as he tried to concentrate on her. Wilhelm was instantly by his bed. "Jake? Hey. Look at me, what's going on?"

"There was a witch. In the room." Jakob looked even more confused, he gestured vaguely to where Adala was standing, watching. She was going to..."

"There are no such things," Wilhelm gently pushed his brother back into bed. "Go back to sleep you idiot."

Jakob muttered but complied, his eyes still on Adala. She resisted the urge to check her spell. Wilhelm blew out his candle and placed it on the bedside. She watched in silence as he carefully pulled the covers over is brother and gently pulled his brother's glasses off and placed them next to the lantern.

There was such care in these gestures, love and pride. He could afford such things. Adala could feel her anger start to slip, but she steeled her resolve, recalling his promise and the hope that had infused her until he had backed away, laughing at an old woman's fantasy.

Rage once again flared, again she reached for the object of her hate, but she stopped, seeing his handsome features again. He deserved much worse than death. "You promised me a kiss young Wilhelm." She whispered. "I came here to collect your life, but there is more to life than just death, there is pain, there is suffering, you shall know both before this night is over."

He had cheated her, used her and promised her and then discarded her like the rag of humanity she was. "You left me to suffer another century, and so I will take what is dearest you you, as my youth was taken from me." Why was she justifying her actions? He was an arrogant selfish boy, like so many she had seen in past centuries, like so many she would have to see.

She turned her back on him and shuffled to his brother's bed. Her bones were aching, she had not use this much magic in a long time, too long. "Ah, I remember your name now, Jakob. I have nothing but pity for you and yours but a kiss is a kiss and he must learn."

She passed a hand over the brother's face, and the moonlight seemed to pulse with a heartbeat. Her eyes became bright, full. She stood upright and for a moment her greyness seemed to retreat a little, a rosy color came rushing in it's place.

The blue light seemed to collect in her palm, she bent down and blew it gently into the face of Jakob Grimm.

She would make him suffer. The centuries and centuries of being thrown out of towns, of being cast aside and trampled. Her nature would be known, revenge had never been pressing, she had never in all the long years sought anything but redemption. But two hundred years had changed everything, had made her into what she was.

And what she was, was angry.

The bright light faded, leaving Adala older than ever, her gray hair frizzing about her face in chaotic whorls.

Jakob's movements became frantic, his chest heaved and his eyes flicking in panic under closed lids. Adala watched him sadly for a few moments and then cursing her compassion she left, closing the door half way and leaving the brothers to their nightmares.

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