This is a companion fic to Reversal and Revenge, explaining anything you don't get. So, if you have a question, ask it? Yes, it will contain lemons, but only ones that I deem Necessary or fun to write…

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Differing Opinions-Chapter 1

Joan was depressed.

Seriously depressed.

As in contemplating suicide depressed.

Life was just too much work, too much stress, too much effort to go on with.

All she needed to do was work up some courage.

She was ready. She'd sent Arcanine, her only friend, out so he couldn't stop her. Her parents were out. Her friends had gone away for the day. She was alone.

Did she want to do this?

She was contemplating that thought when a sonic boom rang out across the square, followed by a crashing sound of smashing pokeballs. a voice rang out.

"People of New Bark Town!" Cried the voice. Joan looked out of the window. The square was full of pokemon. Mr Mime, a Glaceon, an Infernape, a Houndoom, a Charmeleon, a black Charizard, a Rhydon, a Donphan, a Tentacruel and, somehow, a huge Tyranitar blocking the way out. That was the one talking.
"It is time for change to come to this world!" it continued. "No longer do you control us. Starting from today, we are the masters and you are the 'slaves', pets, whatever you wish to call yourself. Your 'trainers' have absolute power, like you have had for so long. You will do anything and everything they wish, or you WILL be punished." The Tyranitar paused. "Resistance will be crushed." With that it stomped off into the distance.

Joan turned away from the window. Could this really be happening? Maybe she should get it over with. She turned back to the window just as it shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces, as Arcanine leapt through it. He landed on her, pushing her to the ground.

"What? She thought. "He's back? Wait, what's he going to do…?" With a flurry of lightning fast slashes, Arcanine cut off her clothes. Then, slowly, he licked at her breast. She moaned, her body loosening up. Her legs fell open. Still licking, Arcanine lifted himself up, walked over her, and pushed his engorged cock into her. She gasped. He thrust once, hard, and she screamed as he broke her hymen. He thrust again, and the pain was swamped by a flood of joy. She moaned again, and he thrust again, starting a regular rhythm. They were both moaning as they moved together. Then she came, releasing herself all over his cock. He came, scalding hot liquid flowing inside her. It felt so good…

Arcanine stood up, walking over to her desk, a satisfied smile on his face. Joan lay on the floor, too happy to move. Arcanine picked something off the desk. A pokeball. But something was strange about it. The colours were wrong, the top white and the bottom red. And there was a small H in the middle. He threw it at her, and she gasped as a red film covered her vision and everything went black.

It wasn't that bad, she thought. Sure, it was dark. But it wasn't cold, or cramped.

Anyway, what was so bad about this? No decisions. No work.

She could live with being a pokemon.

She would work hard for her new master.

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