Yep. I'm back. This time, I'm answering the question of why the army isn't fighting back. However, I'm also using it as an excuse to do an oneshot about a character of mine. So… enjoy.

Question-What are the army doing while this thing is going on?

Time-No idea.

Location-A Kanto military base, in one of the orange Islands.

Differing Opinions-Chapter 4-The Army

"What's going on?" yelled the general. "I want satellite reports, news, anything. Now!" his aide rushed out of the room. "What the hell is going on here?" he asked the empty room.

* * *

"Sir! It's horrible!" said his aide as he ran into the room, saluting.
"What's happening?" he asked, a little startled.
"The pokemon… they're turning against their trainers and… raping them, sir."
"Oh my god… are you sure?" he asked.
"Yes, sir." said the aide, miserable.
"Close the camp. Don't let any pokemon in. Shoot them on sight. We can't let this outbreak get to us. What is it, a virus?" said the general.
The aide gulped.
"No-one knows, sir. We've lost contact with everyone." The general closed his eyes, thinking.
"We have to seal all the entrances. Get all our available psychics to create a shield around the base. Take all our pokemon of the duty roster, get them checked for alien material; maybe it's some kind of tablet, bacteria, or injection. Get to it, Jones!" Jones, the aide, ran out of the room. Then he came back, saluted twice for good measure, and left.

* * *

"Sir. We've created the shield, begun the lockdown and run the tests. We haven't detected anything wrong with any of our pokemon." the general nodded. "Also, something else you should know about, a girl tried to enter the camp last night, she begged us to let her in, said the pokemon were after her. I, er, let her in." the general closed his eyes.
"You realise, Jones, I could have you court marshalled for this?" Jones gulped.
"Yes, sir. She was only fifteen or so, you would have let her in too." he said bravely.

The general stared at him.
"You're right. I would have. Find her somewhere to sleep." he said.

Jones nodded, relieved, and left with a salute.

* * *

The general awoke that night to screams.
He didn't panic, assuming that the shield had failed, and looked for his gun.

He found it quickly, and aimed it at the door.

A girl came to the door, Only five or six, by the looks of her, blood red hair, and blue eyes.
"Kao-sama!" she called. "I found him!"

The general realised that something was up.
Another girl appeared, this one older, about fifteen. She had brown hair, long, and sparkling red eyes.

The light sparked from something in each of the girls hands, reflected by a light on the outer wall. Swords, covered in blood.

The general pointed the gun at the older girl, and fired, twice, three times.

She blurred.
And appeared behind him.
"Not gonna do it." she said softly.

"Who are you?" he asked.
"A poor, defenceless little girl, being chased by pokemon." she said derisively. "I am Ellen Kaosu Lorn. And you stand in the way of what I want."

He managed to half turn, and begin to point his gun before she carelessly removed his head.

"Kao-sama…" said the other little girl. "I wanted to kill him!"
"Go and find some people who haven't given up. You can kill them." said Ellen. "Me and the others are going to spend some quality time together."

The strange little girl ran out of the door, and the older girl enlarged a group of pokeballs.
"Best thing I ever did…" she muttered. What she meant, no-one knew.

* * *

Hey. I had this chapter half done for ages. XD Readers of Tales of the Blades will recognise Ellen. She rocks, evil always does.