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Emma POV

It had been eleven years since I had seen my brother and Bella. Eleven painful years. At first, all the adults had been reluctant to let us -John and Benjamin, Rosalie's little brothers, and me - in on what was happening . They kept on saying they were missing, or that they had come home and we just hadn't seen them. It worked for a little while, until we grew up a little and realized they were lying. They finally told us the truth one day. Their gone, Emma. They died. those fateful words caused my world to fall apart.

I loved Edward. There was no other brother quite like mine. Cheesy, I know, but its true. He would play with me all the time, not like some brothers I saw that just ignored their siblings. Or when they didn't ignore them, they bothered them to no end. No, our relationship was beautiful, unique, a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. I loved Edward, and he was taken from me.

And Bella. Who could forget Bella? Not me. When she and Edward had just gotten together, she would come over and help Edward take care of me. We would bake cookies, and then eat them together while watching my favorite Disney movies. She really was once of a kind. I would totally see them getting married and having tons of kids one day. They would have made fantastic parents. There's not a doubt in my mind.

I didn't really get to hang out that much with Alice, Emmett and Rosalie. Rosalie, all that comes to mind when I think her name is Beauty. She was gorgeous. She probably still is, wherever she is. She was very nice, too. Emmett was my teddy bear. He was playful, a joker to the extreme, but he was always there to protect anyone when it was needed. And Alice. My hyper little pixie. That was the only way to really describe her. I hoped that she had taken her hyperness with her, wherever she was.

I missed them all. Terribly so. But there was nothing I could do. They were dead.

It seemed a little strange to me that, about a month after their deaths, Dr. Cullen, his wife and son decided to move. I suppose it was to protect Jasper from whatever happened to Edward. I don't blame them. I would move, too, if I had a son at stake.

Even weirder than that, there were mysterious disappearances following my brother's death. All of the people that disappeared had next to nothing in common. The only thing was that they all disappeared during the night, just like my brother and his friends. For months, I dreamt that a figure ran towards me, beckoning me to him. As soon as I was within reach, he would kill me. Just like that. He didn't beat around the bush. I would wake up screaming, begging for my brother. Then I would realize he was gone, never to come back, and the tears would start. I knew it scared the hell out of my parents, but I couldn't help it.

People in Forks were nice enough. They grieved with us, although I'm sure most of that was for show. None of them ever really knew my friends, they didn't know their dreams and ambitions, their likes and dislikes. No one really knew them, but they grieved. They apologized, and they helped while Chief Swan was still looking for them. They gave us hope, hope that came crashing down when they declared the missing people gone, but it was hope none the less. They helped.

Edward's room had been changed into my dad's office. I threw a fit when I heard they were planning on changing it, but I gave in. I knew I was only clinging to whatever memory of my brother there was, but I had to let him go. All that remains of Edward now are photographs, and my personal memories.

Edward's Piano was given away. That was the one that hurt me the most. I would sit on the piano bench and remember my brother, playing a song that came form his heart, his true way of expressing himself. It was the single most beautiful thing I felt when I saw him play. He wrote a lullaby for me one day, so many days ago, that he eventually recorded. I would play it every night to help me fall asleep, especially when I had nightmares. It always succeeded in calming me down enough to have a peaceful night.

That was years ago. Now, I was starting my fourth and final year of high school. The year neither Edward nor Bella ever got past. I was going to graduate, top of my class, for them. They were my motivation. They were my force. I wanted to please them - wherever they were - by showing them that I still remembered them and that everything I did that was good was for them and only them.

John and Ben were both with me. Since they were twins, we were all seniors. They had the same thought in mind as I did. We were doing this for them, all of them. We wanted them to be happy. It was the least we could do for them, show them that we love them, and that we are sorry they couldn't be here for us when we needed them most.

This year was going to be for them.

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