Hey guys!!!

Okay, well I have a couple things to say (or write, I guess). Well, as you can tell, Reappearances and Betrayals are on hiatus….and im actually considering just deleting them. I don't think I will though. I just completely lost inspiration for these two. I'll leave them as is and if I ever feel like I can do them justice then I will come back...otherwise I just wont. Anyway, I didn't really leave Betrayals on that big of a cliffie, so….

However, I am working on a story right now. Hold your horses! I don't know when I will publish this story….well, post I guess. I'm writing it right now and I will make sure it is complete and edited before I post it, that way no one gets hooked and then disappointed (as I think some of you might be right now.) Once its finished, I will upload and post a new chapter every other day or so, so it will be complete and ready to go. I learned my lessen.

I am so sorry. Thank you all for all your support, and if anyone feels like they want to finish writing either story, please feel free to message me. I wont bite.

Again, I'm very sorry, and very thankful for all your support.