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Ok, first this is like three years after the Malomyostismon battle but none of the older DD's were really involved with 02, this is japanese version, well for the schools they went to anyway , so Tai, Matt and Sora are 17, Joe is 18, Izzy and Mimi 16, Yolei is 15, T.K, Kari, Davis and Ken are 14, and Cody is 11. To confirm, in Japan, Tai, Matt and Sora were 14 and went to Odaiba Jr High in the eighth grade and T.K and Kari were 11 in 5th grade and attended Odaiba Elementary so add 3 yrs onto that, well actually 4 cuz I want Tai ect as seniors but they'll still be 17, K? And Mimi is back from America and Ken is in Odaiba High not a school in Tamachi.

And just so everybody knows, this is NOT a Taiora so to those who support the couple, uh too bad but plz don't give me any flames cuz this isn't a Taiora but a Sorato. Yes that's right, a SORATO, sorry but I support Sorato not Taiora.

If this 1st part is boring, give it time, let it grow. LOL ok ok on2 D fic...


Being One Of The 'In' Crowd

"Hey Sora wait up!" Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya yelled out to his bestfriend in the school hallways.

"What Tai?" Sora Takenouchi replied.

"Nothing, just wanted to walk you to homeroom, that all"

"Riiight, is that all?"

"Yeah... uh actually you know tonight is the dance right?"

"Oh I dunno, I mean everyone is talking about it, how could I possibly know?"

"Yeah um well I'll take that as a yes. Anyways I was wondering... are you going with anyone?"

"I'm not going at all"

"What? Why?"

"Dances are lame, everyone thinks its a place to find love or something"

"But Sora, I would of thought you were more into love, you're the bearer of love after all"

"Yeah well... I'm just not going"

"But Sora, c'mon just come"


"Well I uh wanted to ask you to come to the dance with me, so will you? I would really like you're company"

"Aww, how sweet, Tai acting like a gentleman?"

"Aww, c'mon Sora"

"Don't you have lots of girls lining up to go to the dance with you anyway? You don't need me"

"But I want YOU, I don't care about the other girls... please Sora, as a best friend favour?"

"Oh all right, but I'm only staying for a while, got that?"

"Sure, just as long as you come" Tai said as Sora entered her homeroom, " see you tonight Sora, at 7, I'll pick you up"

"Sure, seeya at lunch"

Sora walked to her desk which was next to the wall in the middle. If you sat right up front you were a nerd, if you sat at the back you were popular, so Sora sat in the middle which was the 'inbetween' people. Just then there were a lot of noises coming towards the door. Sora looked to see lots of girls surrounding their 'God', the guy who ruled Odaiba High, Yamato 'Matt' Ishida. He was a stud, that was for sure, with chin length golden blond hair and beautiful sapphire eyes, how could he not be? Sora had to admit he was the hottest guy she'd ever seen but she didn't understand why girls would be so desperate as to throw themselves on him. Literally.

Matt strode by Sora, glancing at her and then taking his seat at the back. Sora hadn't really talked to Matt in 4 yrs, not since Jr High, the year the new DD's saved the Digi world. They said hi ocassionally... sometimes, but that was all. Matt seemed to drift apart from the rest of the DD's because of... well life. Sora couldn't understand why they all just couldn't have a little reunion but she guessed everyone else was getting on with their life as well.


It was lunchtime and Sora took a seat next to Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi at their usual table.

"Hey, Izzy"

"Hello Sora, I hear from Tai that he asked you out"

"What? No he didn't ask me out, I'm just gonna go with him to the dance tonight"

"Riiight" Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya, Tai's little sister, said. It was lucky that all the DD's had the same lunch period.

"What? Tai asked me to go as a favour"

"Asked you to go where?" Asked a tall, strikingly handsome blond with blue eyes, as he set down his tray and took a seat next to his girlfriend Kari. He's almost as handsome as his brother, thought Sora.

"To the dance" Izzy supplied the blond, Matt's little brother, Takeru 'T.K' Takaishi.

"Knew he would"

"What do you mean by that T.K?" Sora demanded.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Asked Miyako 'Yolei' Inoue sitting down, followed by Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya, Ken Ichijouji and Mimi Tachikawa.

"Sora said yes to go to the dance with Tai" T.K told them.

"But Sora, I thought you liked Ma-" Mimi started but stopped, noticing Sora was glaring at her.

"Thought she liked who?" Kari asked, curious.

"Oh no one, just some guy, he's not important" Mimi said, airlessly.

"Oook, so Sora's going with Tai, who are you guys going with?" T.K asked.

"Oh, I'm going with Akira Kimuri, you know that totally hot guy in the Teen-Age Wolves?" Mimi gushed (A/N I don't know the last names of the band members so I'm just making it up and I also don't know what name goes to what face so I just make it up also).

The Teen-Age Wolves, that was Matt's band, the band I'm secretly obsessed with, I just love their song Tobiri~Door, Sora thought.

"He's shaggy brown hair is so lovely, he almost plays bass as good as Matt" Mimi gushed on. Matt plays a bass. Correction, a Jazz RI Electric Bass Guitar, thought Sora (A/N Did I get that right? If I didn't... oh well)

"That's nice Mimi, so anyway Ken, Yolei, you two going with eachother?" T.K asked, cutting in.

"Yes, Ken asked me today!" Yolei yelled happily while Ken blushed.

"That's great Yolei" Sora said, glad they weren't talking about anyone or anything related to Matt.

"Well I'm going with that chick, Rana Shikami, y'know who plays on the girls soccer team?" Davis put in.

" Yep, she's kinda cute I guess but I thought you would go for a girl on the junior cheerleader squad. Did you realize you weren't worthy of them?"

"Hey!" Both Davis and Kari said.

"I am worthy of them!" Davis shouted.

"And you're making us sound like snobs T.K!" Kari, a cheerleader on the junior squad, said.

"Sorry Kari, just trying to make a point to Davis" T.K apologized to his girlfriend.

But they are snobs, well the senior squad anyway, thought Sora. The junior squad were freshmens and sophomores and the senior squad were the juniors and seniors. They take all the guys... wait a minute, when did I suddenly care about guys? All the guys they like and think are 'worthy' of them are conceited jerks anyway and at least they stay away from the 'ordinary' guys so the rest of us girls can date them. But what if I wanted to date someone on top? Well I couldn't anyway, HE was an A-list, the most popular boy in school, official cheerleader territory, no way can I date HIM and no way will HE ever choose to date me. I wasn't an A-list, I think I'm a B-list, leaning more towards the C-list. Playing tennis didn't exactly get me guys or popularity cause I was more of a student as in a straight A student that didn't have time for socialising with ditzy girls. But my friends were sure popular. Kari, most popular freshmen girl, T.K, most popular freshmen boy, Mimi, most popular junior girl, even more so than the 11th grade cheerleaders, Mimi had quit cheeleading, saying clothes and fashion were the 'THANG' not jumping around getting sweaty.

"Sora? Sora! You listening?"Izzy asked. Huh? Must of zoned out...

"What Izzy?"

"Just telling you Tai has chosen to sit with the soccer jocks today, and I have to go now, meet up with a teacher, catch you guys later" Izzy said as he got up and dashed off.

"Oh yeah, Ken, we're meant to meet that science teacher about that uh accident, c'mon" Yolei said, grabbing Ken's arm and dragging him away.

"I gotta jet too, small talk bout soccer with the Coach" Davis said as he too disappeared.

"Lunch is nearly over, I gotta go get my notebook out of my locker in the other end of school before maths class or I'm doomed" Sora said as she got up.

"I'll go with you" Mimi said.

"Bye you guys" Kari said as she and T.K headed for the freshmen 'popularity' table.


"You didn't have to come with me Mimi" Sora told her.

"Hey, we need to talk. I think it's about time you did something with your ever growing crush on Matt" Mimi relpied.

"Mimi, what can I do? It's not like he'll ever like me"

"Sure he will"

"Oh yeah right. There are tons of other girls he can choose besides me, I'm a no-body, like he'd ever pick me out of a crowd"

"Well then we have to think of something" Mimi said as they reached Sora's locker. Sora opened it and grabbed her maths notebook.

"Hey I've got it!" Mimi said excitedly.


"We can leave notes inside Matt's locker, you can be his secret admirer, oh that is soooooo romantic!"

"I don't think so Mimi" Sora said skeptically.

"Oh c'mon, what's the harm"

"Well for one thing I can be totally humiliated"

"And another thing?"


"Ha! So that settles it, let's go to his locker before lunch is over!" Mimi said as she grabbed Sora.

"Here, this is his locker" Mimi said as they stopped in front of locker 777. I already knew that, thought Sora.

"So what do I do now?" asked Sora.

"Here write a note on this" Mimi said, giving Sora a pale red paper and a pen.

"What should I write?"

"Um... how bout Matt, U have a secret admirer, do U know who I am?, to start off"

"I dunno, that's kind of blunt"

"Well its on the spot and you'll have him guessing"

"well... ok, if you say so" Sora wrote the note and signed it with a heart.

"Quick, put it in, the bell just rang!"

"Ok, ok" Sora tried to push the note in the gaps but it wouldn't go in.

"It won't go in!"

"Well then you'll just have to open it!"

"I don't know but hurry up!"

Sora placed her hand on the locker and pulled. She thought it was locked so she pulled hard but it wasn't so the locker swung open and Sora stumbled back as a load of notes, flowers, and gifts came tumbling out.

"Mimi, what do I do now!"

"I don't know, everyone's coming!"

Sora started scooping up the gifts as fast as she could back into the locker. She wasn't even halfway through done when a sexy voice said behind her "What are you doing?". Sora turned around and came face to face with... someone's mouth? She looked up and found she was looking at a set of the most beautiful azure eyes. Oh. My. God. It's Matt.

"Well?" Matt asked.

"Uh, well um" Sora answered.

"We saw some girl open your locker and all these gifts came out so Sora decided to pick them up for you" Mimi cut in.

"Thanks" Matt said after awhile, Sora not knowing if he bought it or not. Matt continued picking up the things and shoving them into his locker and grabbed his books.

"Well, I gotta get to class, see you guys around" Matt said, and walked off towards the cheerleaders that were waiting for him, also the ones that had been giving Sora an evil eye when Matt was picking the things up.

"I totally screwed up Mimi!" Sora said, after Matt was gone.

"At least the note's in there" Mimi said.

"That means for sure he's gonna know it was me!"

"Did you see all the notes that came out?! I think he would have a hard time guessing which note is from who!"

"Maybe you're right, but either way, I won't be able to have him!"

"Well actually... you know cheerleading try-outs are coming up right?"

"What! You don't mean you want me to try out to be a whore do you!"

"Hey! I was a cheerleader back than you know!"
"Oh, sorry, but really Mimi!"

"It's a good idea! You've been telling me Matt will only go out with his 'people' so become one of his 'people'! It's simple!"

"Mimi, I don't want to join a group where all are bitches and besides I can't cheer and jump around!"

"I could teach you, it's easy if you know how and besides, I've been thinking of joining again so you'll have me around"

"You're gonna join? Why?"

"I kinda miss it so c'mon Sora, me and you"

"Mimi, I am not gonna become a cheerleader, I'm a tennis player!"

"Yeah but before that you were a soccer player so you might as well change again"

"No, Mimi"

"Sora, c'mon, do you want Matt's heart or not?"

"I do but-"

"Nope, you're joining"

"Mimi, joining the cheer squad for a boy is extreme!"

"Not when the boy is Yamato Ishida!"

"... I'll think about it"

"C'mon, you want Matt and you better take him soon before some other chick takes him"

"...ok I'll try-out because I won't make it anyway"

"Of course you will!, now about this date with Tai, you shouldn't lead him on you know"

"I'm not leading him on! It's just a friend taking another friend out and he knows it!"

"You sure?"


"Well then tonight at the dance you can impress Matt! Oh you have to get new clothes! Let's go shopping after school"

"Alright, but we're not spending more than 30 minutes at the mall"

"What?! That's ridicolous! 3o minutes is too short! Everyone knows you have to spend at leats 3-4 hrs there!"

"3-4 hrs! Mimi that isn't gonna happen! 1 hr!"



"Ok 2 hrs, shit, we're late to class!"

"Oh boy, see you after school Mimi!" Sora said running off to class. Matt Ishida will be Sora's in a matter of time, with my expertise, Mimi thought to herself as she ran to class.


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