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Being One Of The 'In' Crowd

Promptly at 3, Mimi and Sora took off to the mall and went into a dress shop.

"Oh, I think this will look good on you!" Mimi said, holding up a silk black and lace dress.

"It's a bit... showy, isn't it?" Sora said, skeptically.

"You seriously aren't even thinking of getting that dress are you!?" A voice behind Sora said.

"Yeah, seriously, that dress is too good for someone like her" Another voice said.

Sora whirled around to face 5 cheerleaders.

"Excuse me guys, but I think Sora will look wonderful in it" Mimi said with a frown.

"Oh, Mimi, we didn't realize you were there" The first voice exclaimed, the captain of the senior cheerleaders, Eiko Sato.

"Yeah, like, so, do you want to go to the food court with us?" Asked the second voice, Gina Kitao.

"Ok, we will, just let us pay for the dress and we'll meet you guys there, ok?" Mimi said.

"Sure, see you there" Eiko said, and walked past Sora, giving her a slight glare so Mimi wouldn't notice.

As the cheerleaders all went, Sora turned to Mimi and said,

"I don't think they like me"

"Of course they do, Sora, stop being so paranoid, now let's buy this dress" Mimi exclaimed as she walked up to the counter.

After they paid, the duo headed for the food court. They went up to the tables that the cheerleaders and company occupied.

Sora trailed behind Mimi but she glanced at everybody. She noticed Matt was there, with a cheerleader in his lap.

"Hey Mimi! and um..." Said Eiko.

"Sora" Mimi supplied, kinda getting pissed off at Matt who was just doing nothing and not telling the other guys this was Sora.

"Yeah, Sora" Eiko said, fakely.

"So anyway, Matt, who are you going to the dance with?" Mimi asked.

"He's going stag" Eiko said for Matt.

"Oh, ok" Mimi said, secretly glad that he was so he could be Sora's.

"So... Matt, aren't you gonna say thanks to Sora again for picking up your locker contents?" Eiko asked, as the cheer squad snickered and Sora turned red.

"So... Matt, aren't you gonna say thanks to all these girls for filling up your locker in the first place"Mimi said, glaring at them as they turned red, "C'mon Sora, let's go, I still have to find a dress"

So Sora and Mimi walked away from the others, where the guys were laughing at the girls.


"Wow, Sora, you look stunning" Tai said as he opened the passenger door of his car.

"Thanks" Sora said with a slight blush, "You look handsome yourself"

"You think so?" Tai asked modestly.

"Of course, there has to be a reason as to why girls like you so much"

Tai chuckled and walked over to the driver's side. He got in and drove out of the driveway, and headed to Odaiba High.


Once they got there, Tai parked the car and opened the passenger side for Sora. They walked up to the gym doors where they could hear music blaring out loud. Tai opened the door and as soon as he stepped in with Sora, hand in hand, girls were glaring at at her.

That's understandable, thought Sora, after all, Tai is hot but they should know Tai's just my best friend not my boyfriend, he's only goofing holding my hand.

Tai was wearing tight black jeans and a white polo shirt with the top button undone. Casual, but hot.

"So Sora, how bout a dance?" Asked Tai.

"Sure" Sora answered, looking around the room searching for Mimi... or Matt.

"C'mon" Tai said as he led her onto the dance floor.

The music was a slow one, so Sora wrapped her arms around Tai's neck as he wrapped his arms arond her waist. They danced silently until Tai broke the silence, saying,

"Sora, I'm glad you accepted my invitation to this dance"

Sora giggled, Tai was acting so... well, not Tai.

"Hey, it's what a friend would do" Sora said.

The sparkle in Tai's eyes shimmered down a bit as Sora said this, but he smiled anyway. Sora smiled in return then looked passed him to the door. She was hoping Matt would come soon, and as if she had wished it, Matt walked in, followed by some jocks and cheerleaders. He looked down right gorgeous, Sora thought, he was wearing tan white pants, a red collar shirt with the top two buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up to above his elbows. Over that, he had on a blue vest that was open. (A/N I've got a pic of Quatre from GW wearing this and he looks HOT ::drool:: and since he's a blonde... ^^)

All the girls were in bliss seeing Matt, after all, he was the hottest guy in school, and everyone watched as Matt strolled over to the punch table with his 'gang' following him. All the other girls in the gym that were considered good enough to talk and be seen with Matt left from where they were in the gym, including from the dance floor, leaving their dance partners, and headed towards the school hunk. The other girls that weren't considered 'cool' were left to just stare at the stud muffin.

God, Matt is soooooooooooo so hot, he makes my mouth water, he looks so good...

"I see Matt attracted everyone's attention, including you" Tai said, breaking into Sora's thoughts, and walking away from her.

"Huh?" Sora said as Tai walked off. Why'd he go?

"Sora, go talk to Matt" Mimi said, walking up to Sora.

"But Tai just walked off, I gotta go after him" Sora said because she was his best friend, adn also using it as an excuse cause she was afraid to go talk to Matt.

"He did? What'd you do?"

"I don't know, he said something and then he walked off"

"... Are you sure Tai knows this isn't a date?"

"Of course he knows! Why would he think it's a date!?"

"Because he asked you to this dance, as in, a date"

"That's ridiculous! Tai doesn't like me and well, I don't like him that way"

"Yeah well, it seems like he thought you did because you agreed to go with him"

"Yeah, but as a friend"

"Seems he didn't take it that way"

"Then I'll just have to let him down gently"

"But he'll be devastated!"

"Then what am I supposed to do?"

"... I dunno! Ok, I'll go talk to him and you go talk to Matt"


"Go talk to Matt, Sora"

"I can't even reach him with all those girls around him!" Sora pointed out.

"Hmmm... I'll get Matt outside for you, wait for him out there ok?"

"But you're supposed to go after Tai"

"Yeah, I will, after I get Matt outside"

"Ok" Sora mumbled as he trudged on to the doors, opposite of where Tai had left.

As Sora disappeared, Mimi walked to the crowd surrounding Matt.

"Excuse me" Mimi said as the other girls parted to let Mimi through.

When she reached Matt, she saw a couple of girls hanging off his arm. Mimi cleared her throat. Matt looked at her, quirking his eyebrow. Adorable, Mimi thought.

"I want you to come outside with me, Matt, and I won't take no for an answer" Mimi said as the jocks began to whistle.

"Ok, sure" Matt replied.

The girls stared enviously at Mimi but what could they do? This was Mimi Tachikawa after all, the most popular junior girl.

Mimi led Matt outside, with all eyes watching until the door shut.

"So?" Matt asked, once they were alone.

Mimi looked around, not answering.

"Uh, Mimi?" Matt asked.

"Sora?" Mimi called out.

"Sora?" Matt asked, puzzled.

"I'm here" Sora said timidly, coming round the corner.

"So you didn't run off, that's good" Mimi said as Sora blushed.

"... So?" Matt asked again.

"Oh, I'm meant to meet someone now so toodle doo" Mimi said, rushing off around the corner Sora had just appeared from.


"So... Sora, how long its been since we last talked?" Matt asked, breaking the silence.

"Uh... today in school" Sora couldn't help saying.

Matt grinned at that, which surprised Sora, but she couldn't help grinning back at him.

"So, why did Mimi drag me out here? Did she want to speak to me or did you?" Matt asked.

"... I wanted to speak with you" Sora said quietly.

"What about?"

"Well, you see-"

"Matt, oh Yamato!" A voice said suddenly.

As Eiko, Gina, and some other cheerleaders came into view, Sora saw Matt's face lit up instantly, not that it was down talking with her.

"Hey, you ladies sure look good in the moonlight" Matt said as they giggled.

"Don't we always look good?" Eiko asked with a giggle.

"Of course" Matt replied with a dashing smile.

Since when did they start calling him Yamato? Sora wondered.

"So Mimi's gone?" Gina asked.

"Yeah, I'm talking with Sora here" Matt said.

"Oh, yeah, Sora" Gina said airily, "C'mon Matt, the man of the ball should be inside"

"Yeah" Eiko said, latching onto Matt's arm.

"Sora?" Matt said.

"I'll stay out here for the moment" Sora replied.

"Oh, ok" Matt said as Eiko led him inside.

Once Matt and Eiko were inside, Gina and the other cheerleaders turned around to face Sora.

"So" Gina said.

"So?" Sora replied.

"What do you think you're doing?"


"You can't be seen with Yamato, that's not how it's run"

"Why? Cause I'm not one of you?"

"Yes, exactly"

"Well bet on me being one of you soon" Sora said, feeling confident all of a sudden that she was going to a cheerleader. This little 'meeting' tonight had shown her how much she really wanted Matt and how much she didn't want any of these girls to have him.

"Come again?"

"I'm trying out for your squad"

The other girls started laughing.

"You? One of us!? That's ridiculous!"

"I'll show you how ridiculous it is when I make it" Sora said angrily, storming off inside the gym. She had a new determination to win Matt over now. Definitely.


"Tai?" Mimi asked once she reached the other side outside the gym, the carpark.

"Tai?" Mimi called again.

She started walking around the lot until she saw a figure on a hood of a car. She walked towards the person, and saw Tai staring up at the stars.

"Tai... are you, are you ok?" Mimi asked.

Tai didn't look at her, just continued looking at the stars and replied, "Yeah, sure"


"Sora... she's not important anymore, she doesn't want me, correction, she never wanted me, I was just too blind to see"

"Tai, Sora was, is, the wrong girl for you, but there are tons of girls out there who would love to be with you"

"Yeah maybe, but they're not Sora"

"Of course they're not Sora, there is only one Sora, but there is always another girl, don't you believe everyone has a soulmate?"

"Sora's my soulmate, but she obviously doesn't like fate, cause she's ditching me"

"Tai, Sora is not your soulmate, you guys are best friends nothing more, sorry to sound harsh but live with it. You'll know your soulmate when you see her"

Tai was silent. Suddenly, a bright ball of kight shot across the sky, it was a shooting star.

"Make a wish" Mimi whispered.

More silence.

Then Tai spoke up, still looking at the sky, "You know what I wished for?"

"No, what?" Mimi asked.

"That I would see my soulmate" Tai whispered as he turned his head down and looked Mimi in the eyes.

Mimi shivered at Tai's intense gaze, and before she knew what was happening, Tai had kissed her sofly on the lips and then pulled back. Mimi looked at him, shocked but then smiled. Tai smiled in return and brought his head back down towards Mimi where they kissed, yet again.


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