Sha Gojyo / Kenren Taichou

Summary: Two souls within one body. One dies, and so the other must resurface.

Pairing/s: None.

Warnings: Blood and some violence.

Disclaimers: I don't own Saiyuki in any way.

Saiyuki fic. Haven't written many of them so I'll hope you'll still enjoy this.



It was cold, and Gojyo did not feel so good. His vision was blurred, his lungs hurt with each breath he took, and his body would not respond. He heard the others scream his name, but found no strength to call on them. His fingers twitched, and his shuddering cough brought up more blood. His guts twisted, his body curled inwards at the pain. He wondered briefly if his insides were spilled outside because it sure felt like that.


Someone stroke his hair back from his face. He found strength to open his eyes and look up at Hakkai. The man's face was white, and his eyes were wide.

"Gojyo," he whispered, healing qi already sinking into Gojyo's deep wounds.

"Too late, 'Kai…" Gojyo muttered and then coughed again. Blood splattered onto the ground. Hakkai made a sound frightening alike a sob. "Sorry… take care of the prissy monk and the stupid monkey, 'kay? I think I'm gonna take a nap."

"Gojyo, don't fall asleep," the human turned youkai whispered, pressing harder. "Just stay with me."

"Can't do that, 'Kai," the hanyou said, spitting out some blood. "This sucks."


Hakkai's voice seemed to fade away, and Gojyo felt too tired to answer. He succeeded with his last strength grip his friend's hand and say:

"See you around, Hakkai…"

His blood red eyes slipped close. One last drop of red liquid separated itself from his bloodied lips and fell onto the ground, to join hundreds of others. Hakkai pushed healing qi into his friend, desperately, but it was too late. Gojyo took one shuddering breath, one more… then nothing. His heart beat slower for each passing moment, as he was too tired to grasp the flare of life.

A man stood in front of him. Gojyo looked around. He was… somewhere. It was light and shining. He looked back at the man. The man looked a lot like himself. There were a few differences though. Pale instead of tanned, black instead of bright red and sapphire instead of ruby. The man was holding a cigarette between his bony fingers, brought it up to take a breath. Smoke out, making Gojyo blink. Where was he?

"You really got yourself in trouble now," the man said, taking another breath.

"Who are you?" the hanyou asked.

"I'm you," the man said. "You in original form."


"I'm the original soul," the blue-eyed man said with a sigh before he tapped Gojyo's head. "I know you got a brain in there, kiddo. Name's Kenren."


"Only the original soul and the current soul is in the same body," Kenren said. "I am your original, and you are the current soul. Though you're now dying."

"Can't we do something about it?" Gojyo said.

"Nope. Your heart just stopped."




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Next chapter: Gojyo's funeral, and the awakening of his orignal soul.

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