Well this is my second twilight fan fiction. I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to review it when you're done. Constructive criticism is always welcome but no flaming. So here is This Is Me.

Forks, Washington, my new home. No, I wasn't ecstatic to move here, but I didn't really have much of a choice. So now I guess I just have to live with seeing so much green everyday. I was already missing Arizona and sun.

Charlie was driving me back to his house where I used to stay when I was little. I stared out the window and saw the same thing over and over again; green. It was everywhere, it engulfed the sides of the road. I sighed, the excessive amount of green was starting to bother me.

"Don't worry kiddo, you'll get used to it," Charlie said. We pulled up to the familiar house that I used to live in. We got out of the car and started to grab all my luggage. And of course, seeing as how we were in Forks, it started to pour.

"Ugh, stupid rain," I muttered.

"Come on Bells, the faster we get the luggage out, the less wet we'll get," Charlie said. We quickly grabbed the last couple bags I had and ran inside.

"Welcome home Bella," Charlie said. I looked around the house. It looked exactly as it did since I was last here, which was a couple years ago. Charlie didn't like change so I wasn't too surprised that the house was exactly the same.

"I'm going to go unpack all my things and then I'll make dinner," I said.

"You don't need to make me dinner, you've had a long day. I'll cook," Charlie responded.

I raised my eyebrow at him. Charlie had never been a great cook. He was flat out horrible at just making simple pasta. He managed to over cook the pasta, almost start a fire by putting the sauce can in the microwave, and then for dessert he tried to make a cake. Let's just say that he will never attempt to make a cake again.

"Well, maybe I'll just order pizza," He said with a grin.

"Good idea," I laughed.

I carried my bags up the stairs. I turned left and opened my door to my room. I looked in and saw the rocking chair, bed, and desk that I have had since I was little. I threw all my bags on the bed and sat down on the chair for a little, just staring out the window, thinking. Tomorrow I started school and nervous didn't even cover how I felt. I had bald eagles in my stomach. No not butterflies, bald eagles because bald eagles are bigger and more powerful than butterflies. I sighed and figured that I would have to start unpacking now if I wanted to finish before I went to bed.

I started unpacking, took a quick break to eat, and then went back to unpacking. It seemed like forever, but finally I was done. I then took a shower, got in my pajamas, brushed my teeth, emailed my mom, and went to bed.

Beep…beep…beep. I awoke to the sound of my obnoxious alarm clock going off. I moaned and got out of my bed. I got ready as quickly as I could because I had to get to school early to get a quick tour.

I went down stairs and found a note from Charlie.

Bella, I had to go to work early today, sorry I can't be there on your first day. The truck outside is for you, I left directions to the school. Have fun today. Love, Dad.

I smiled, Charlie could be very sweet in the little things he did. I went out to the car and started driving to school. I didn't even have to look at the directions. The town was so small that I already knew where I was going.

I got to the school and parked up by the main office. I walked into the doors of my new high school. I saw a redhead office receptionist at the desk.

"Uh, excuse me. I'm new here, my names Bella Swan. I was supposed to come early to get my schedule and a tour," I said.

"Oh yes of course. Here is your schedule and the student who is giving you the tour will be here any minute. My names Ms. Cope and you can come to me if you need any help during the day," She smiled at me.

I was a little surprised at first. I figured that a teacher or an adult would be giving me a tour, not a student.

"Hello Ms. Cope. I'm sorry I'm late." I turned around and saw a boy standing there. He had pale blond hair and had a cute baby face.

"It's alright Mike, you just might want to hurry and give the tour though. I wouldn't want you two to be late on your first day," Ms. Cope said.

The boy then turned to me. "Hi, I'm Mike Newton. And I will be your tour guide for today," He smiled.

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan," I grinned back. Mike seemed friendly which was comforting.

"Yeah, I know. Everyone knows about you. It's a small town and news travels fast. But I guess we should start our tour" He said as he held the door open for me. Mike showed me where all my classes where. We only had a few classes together though, so I was a little nervous that I wouldn't meet anyone else.

"Well, at least we have some classes together," Mike said.

"Yeah, hopefully I won't get lost going to the classes I don't have with you," I said.

"Oh well don't worry about that. I'll show you all you're classes. This school is so small it's hard to be late to any class. Plus I'll introduce you to all my friends, I bet you'll get along fine," Mike smiled.

I smiled back. Mike was very friendly and loyal, he kind of reminded me of a puppy dog. He seemed like he would have a lot of friends since he was so sweet.

We talked for a couple more minutes and then we went to English. Luckily Mike was in my class. The rest of the morning went by pretty quickly. I met most of Mikes friends who were all very friendly. I guess what Mike said was true, everyone already knew about me.

"Come on Bella, it's time for lunch," Mike said.

"Oh shoot, I forgot I have to go meet the chorus teacher. I'll see you after lunch though," I said. I had to go to meet the chorus teacher because they got my schedule messed up and I was supposed to be in chorus instead of music elements.

"Okay. I'll meet you up there after lunch. Bye Bella," He said.

I waved good bye and then ran up to the chorus room. I opened the door and saw a huge room with a giant piano in the middle. I stepped in and saw that no one was there.

"Hello?" I called out. No one answered though. I walked over to the teachers desk and saw a note.

Bella, I know I was supposed to discuss your schedule issue, but I had to leave early. We can talk about it tomorrow in the morning. Thank you. Mr. Mac.

I sighed. Great, now I came over here for nothing. I didn't feel like going back to the lunch room so I went over to the piano. I began to play a little. I took piano lessons when I was 3 and I fell in love with music. I now play the piano and sing. I think I have a pretty good voice, but I've always been too shy to sing in front of people.

I began to play a song from Camp Rock. Yeah I know, a pretty childish movie for a junior to be watching, but those songs always got stuck in my head and This Is Me always gave me chills. I began to play.

"I've always been the kind of girl. That hid my face. So afraid to tell the world. What I've got to say. But I have this dream. Right inside of me. I'm gonna let it show, it's time. To let you-" I heard someone coming. I started to freak out, I didn't want anyone to know I was singing. I quickly dashed out of the second door which lead to another hallway. I peeked through the window and saw the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen. He had pale skin, reddish brown hair, and topaz eyes. For a second I forgot how to breath. And as if he could hear me he turned and looked exactly where I was hiding.

"Hello? Is someone out there?" He asked. His voice was as smooth and silky as velvet.

And that's when I started to run. I didn't want this gorgeous boy to know I was the one singing. What if he thought I was horrible. Luckily he didn't come out of the room. I ran to the bathroom and hid in there for the rest of the lunch period.