Well, that's it folks.

I'm off on holiday for a few weeks now (yaay!) then I'll probably take a few more weeks to start sketching out the last part of this trilogy, so it'll be a short while coming, but if I get time, I may put up a few shorts or a teaser for part three (if you're interested - let me know?).

A huge, whopping, massive great heap of thanks to all those who posted reviews - I seriously would have stopped long ago without you; everything from Chapter five onwards is because you pushed me to do it, so pat yourselves on the back right now... go on...
Thank-you :)

If you're interested, the pic for the third story (with some big clues in it) is on my website, which you can access from my bio page, along with pics for part one and two. Drop by and leave me a line :)

Hope you enjoyed the ride,