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AU:It's normal for men to pregnant and have kids. There's no deal, but John is still dead.

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Fairytales are for Princes

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Night

Sam and Dean were headed to the Roadhouse to visit Ellen and the gang. It was already late and the guys were wired, but at the same time tired. They had just finished their last hunt ever. They made the decision together with no fights or arguments. Dean would get a job at a garage and Sam would either go back to school or find a job at an office. They were planning on getting an apartment together and get used to the "normal" life. A life away from hunting and the supernatural. The Yellow Eyed Demon was dead, their loved ones were avenged. They didn't have to worry about losing anymore loved ones. Now they could sit back, relax, and let someone else do the job.

"Hey Dean, there's a hotel coming up in three miles. We could spend the night there." Sam sat up straighter on his seat.

"Okay, maybe there's a bar nearby where we can celebrate our last hunt. I may be tired, but I feel hyped up at the same time." Dean smiled.

"Ya' I feel the same way…I'll even have more than one beer." He smiled.

"Ooh little Sammy is goin' to live dangerously tonight…No karaoke though." Dean laughed.

"Ha, ha and it's Sam. Also I'm not little." Sam smirked.

Dean spotted the exit and made the right turn. The town looked small, they didn't even look to see what its name was. Dean stopped the car in the hotel parking lot and Sam got out to get a room for them. Dean looked around and saw a diner down the street and a bar a little bit further away. He smiled and waited for Sam to come out of the office. Once Sam had the keys, he walked to the room and pointed to where Dean could park the impala. They walked into the room and left their belongings inside then walked to the bar.

The bar inside looked like all the others the guys had been to throughout all of their lives. It was also just as full as the other ones. Sam spotted an empty booth near the back and motioned Dean to follow him. They took their seats and waited for the waitress to get their orders before having an actual conversation. When she walked away, Dean of course looked back and checked her out.

"Damn I can't believe we just did our last hunt. Most of all I can't believe that we're gonna be Joe Normal. No more scamming or hustling either. All we need now is papers, unless we figure out a way to get our names cleared." Dean said.

"I know, it seems pretty surreal to me, but at least we'll be safe. We won't have to worry about surviving another fight with a monster. No more sleeping in the impala when all the rooms are all taken…We'll have a real home." Sam choked a little at the end of his sentence.

"My baby has been our home, but I understand Sammy. We deserve this." Dean got a little choked up too.

"Hey you know Bobby can help us with our papers and maybe he can help us clear our names." Sam tried to brighten the mood for both of them.

"Yeah most likely." He looked up when the waitress came back with their beers.

She handed them their drinks and gave Dean a wink. He knew what she wanted, but not tonight. He wanted to celebrate with Sam, not with a random fuck. He watched her walk away then looked back at Sam. They took sips of their drinks, no words were exchanged. They just looked around the bar. Some people were either playing darts or pool, others were dancing. Some guys were trying to hit on girls even though they knew they had no chance in hell of getting their attention.

"She's eyeing you Dean, you should go and have fun. You know you want to." Sam was talking about the waitress.

"Nah not tonight Sammy. Tonight is just about us." Dean smiled

"Wow De that was beautiful." Sam mock sniffled.

"Shut up bitch, you know what I meant." Dean grinned.

"I know, but I just had to say something. Jerk." He smiled.

They continued drinking throughout the night. Sam had not stopped at two beers, he had more. Then Dean started ordering shots of tequila for the two of them. The waitress had long since stopped trying to get Dean's attention, she moved on to the next hot guy at the bar. The brothers were past tipsy, but were semi-coherent enough to walk and know where their hotel room was. They were also getting a little too touchy-feely with each other. Neither brother complained so they continued with the touching.

They made it safely to their room, with minor tripping. Mostly on Sam's part, the boy seriously could not hold his liquor. Though Dean had some trouble opening the door, the key just wouldn't cooperate with him. In their room, the touching became more intimate. Both knew that one of them had to say something, but neither wanted to say anything. It could've been the pent-up sexual energy and adrenaline rush that they got from the hunt. That's what they kept thinking, but they knew the real reason why even though they didn't know the other's feelings for them. Neither brother had thought of the other in a sexual way ever, not even when they were younger. No, their feelings started to blossom a couple of months after John died. They started to take notice of the other in ways a brother shouldn't. Like when one would come out of the shower, the other would take notice of the damp body walking around the room. They paid attention to every muscle and every scar they could see. Also they really took notice to the facial expressions and would think that whatever one was doing, was the hottest thing they had ever seen. They knew not to express their feelings towards each other cause one was afraid that the other would freak out and hate them or worse, leave them and never come back. They hid their emotions very well and neither noticed. It was easy for them to hide and deny their feelings, they were Winchesters after all. Though right now the alcohol threw all that out the window.

Sam slammed Dean against the door and kissed him. Their kiss was hard and fast, noses bumping, teeth clinking, but with a hidden passion and lust. Everything was moving so fast, one minute they were dressed and kissing against a door. The next they were naked and tangled on one of the beds. Dean was on top with a writhing Sam underneath him. He started moving down his little brother's body, licking and biting any part he could get to. Every moan Sam made, made Dean continue with his assault. All of a sudden Sam flipped them, he straddled Dean's thighs. He started to do the same things that were done to him. As he moved down he got to Dean's cock, it was curved towards his belly, the tip leaking with pre-come. He grinned at his brother then bent down and licked the tip. Dean bucked his hips as soon as he felt Sam's tongue on his dick. Sam continued licking his way down the length, he traced the veins slowly. He loved listening to Dean's gasps of pleasure. He felt his brother pulling at his hair and looked up. Dean's eyes were dark and lust-filled, he knew that his eyes matched his brother's.

"Sammy…" Dean panted.

"What do you want big brother? Tell me." Sam grinned.

"I…I want…you." He swallowed hard.

"What is it that you want? What do you want to do to me? I'll do anything De." He started kissing his way up Dean's body until he got to his red and swollen lips.

"God…I wanna…be inside you little brother. Wanna feel you around me, squeezing my dick like a vice." He pulled Sam down and kissed him, he bit his lower lip til' it was swollen. Then licked it to soothe the sting. Without warning he flipped them over, then flipped Sam onto his stomach and pulled him up until he was on all fours. He smoothed his hands all over Sam's back, glistening a little bit with sweat.

"Gonna fuck you Sammy, gonna stretch you wide open with my cock, gonna pound into that tight, hot little ass." Dean whispered in Sam's ear. Sam visibly shivered.

"Hurry up De…not gonna last." Sam moaned. He pushed back against Dean's groin.

"Sammy gonna take care of you like I always do." He kissed the back of his neck, then stood up and went to his duffel to get the lube he always had there. He kneeled behind Sam and spread his cheeks. With lubed covered fingers he opened Sam, making sure that his little brother could take him without hurting him too much. Sam was pushing back against his fingers, sharp gasps escaping his lips.

"C'mon Dean…need you now please." He looked back at his brother with half-lidded eyes. Dean nodded and gave Sam a quick peck on the lips.

He positioned his cock against Sam's hole and started pushing in slowly. Sam grunted at the intrusion, he felt like if he was being split in half. Dean kissed his neck and told him to relax. Dean's soothing voice relaxed Sam and Dean was finally sheathed inside his brother's tight heat. He waited a few moments letting both of them get used to the feeling. Dean wanted to pound into his brother, but knew that Sam needed time to adjust. He started to rock in and out slowly, Sam was moaning and that was music to Dean's ears. He started to move faster, then he heard his brother scream. He grinned, knowing that he found his brother's prostate.

"Harder De c'mon…fuck me, take me. Make me yours!" Sam babbled on.

"Fuck Sammy you're so hot…so tight, love being inside you. You were made just for me, you have always been mine…" Dean couldn't keep talking, he knew he was close. He felt the tingly feeling in the bottom of his stomach. He knew his brother was close too, by the way he kept meeting Dean thrust for thrust and moaning louder and louder, he had his own cock in his hand and was jerking in tune to Dean's thrusts. Dean started to pound into him, pushing as deep as he could go. Three more thrusts and Dean came with a shout of Sam's name, filling his hole with come. Sam followed shortly, shouting Dean's name.

Dean slowly pulled out of Sam and layed back on the bed. Sam turned and layed his head on Dean's chest and listened to his brother's heartbeat. They waited til' their breathing returned to some normality then looked at each other sleepily. They gave each other one more kiss, it was slow and loving. Finally they fell into a dreamless sleep. Neither one thought about the repercussions of what had just happened. Tonight there were no worries or regrets. Neither Winchester would ever expect what consequences and surprises this night would bring into their lives.


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