I don't own Supernatural, not one bit of it, so if you are planning on suing, please, please don't

I don't own Supernatural, not one bit of it, so if you are planning on suing, please, please don't. I'm a recent college grad with negative money (I owe money) so please just let me use the brilliant characters.

Also, thanks for all the reviews, I love them.


Sam woke late in the morning. Dean was asleep on his bed and Bobby dozed in the chair. His thoughts were clearer than they had been in days and the pain was less sharp, as long as he didn't move too quickly. He had blurred memories of the past few days and wasn't entirely sure what had happened. He slowly pushed himself up against the wall and took a few breaths as he waited for the room to stop spinning.

"How are you feeling?" Bobby sat forward.

Sam shrugged. "Fine." He didn't meet Bobby's eyes. "I'm going to get something to drink."

He shakily stood and rested his hand against the wall for a moment.

"I can get it for you."

"I'm fine, really." He slowly walked out of the room.

Dean sat up and stood. "Where's he going?"

"To get something to drink."

Dean started to follow.

"Dean." Bobby stood. "Give him space."

He took a few steps towards the door and stopped. "I'm going to check the oil in the car."

"The bat's by the door."

Dean turned with a smirk. "Thanks, don't think I'll need it."

Sam was sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of water in front of him when Dean passed through. He stopped by the back door and turned.

"When are you thinking of moving on?" Sam's voice was still rough and quiet.

"Whenever you're ready."

"Tomorrow?" He tried to smile.

Dean leaned against the doorway. "Sam."

He looked down at the table. "Sorry for all this."

He walked over and sat across from his younger brother. "How are you really doing?"

Sam shrugged and took a slow drink. "All right. I wouldn't mind being on the road tomorrow."


Dean stood and slipped out the back door. Sam finished his water and stood. He braced his hands on the edge of the table until he regained his balance again. Honestly, he wouldn't have minded a few more days at Bobby's, he wanted to get as far away from Hollendell as possible. Running away from his problems had worked before, he just had to run long enough for everything to work out on its own. Finding another job would keep his mind from wondering back to things he'd rather not think about.

"Dean come through here?" Bobby came in and poured himself a cup of coffee.


"You guys talk?"

Sam nodded and refilled his glass.

Bobby took a drink of his coffee. They both stood in silence for a while. Sam's phone beeped and he grabbed it from his pocket.

He flipped it open and read the text message from Dean. Bitch, leave the bat by the door and help me with making sure the impala's road worthy. He smiled and shoved his phone back into his pocket.

"Gonna help Dean with the car." Sam muttered and slipped out the back door.

Dean was leaning over the open hood of the car when Sam came up. "Hand me that three quarters wrench."

Sam grabbed the wrench and handed it to Dean. The only conversation they had was engine related, Sam was thankful for that. He didn't want to answer questions to things he tried not to think about. His hands shook a little, but neither he nor Dean mentioned it. Sam relaxed some, even though most movement sent pain through his broken ribs.

Bobby grilled a few stakes he found in the bottom of the freezer for dinner and they sat on the porch with beers after. They watched the yard darken as the sun set. Little conversation was exchanged and that was fine for all three of them.

Sam slowly stood, one arm wrapped around his chest to minimize the movement. "I think I'm going to head to bed."

He was a little unsteady on his feet as he slipped inside. Dean let him go even though he wanted to ask how he was.

Sam took his pain medication to give him some respite to the constant throb in his ribs and around his neck. His head had started to hurt after dinner and he was too weary to pretend that he was all right much longer. He lay in bed for a while, both waiting and refusing sleep. Somehow he fell asleep without meaning too and didn't wake when Dean came in around midnight.

Sam dreamed of Jess again. It was the standard dream of her pinned on the ceiling, exactly how she died, nothing worse than that. No dead Jess returning for revenge or forcing her icy lips upon Sam's. Even still, he woke with a start. Cold sweat soaked the back of his shirt and fear gripped him. He took slow breaths to calm his racing heartbeat and to relax away the pain in his chest. He sat up and clenched his hands to try and stop the shaking.

"You okay, Sammy?" Dean's voice cut through the darkness.

"Yeah." His voice wavered a little.

"Goodnight, then." He rolled over and folded the pillow under his head.

Sam slipped back under the blankets and closed his eyes. He knew that Dean knew why he woke and he also knew that his brother would always wake up when he did. Sam could fall asleep again because Dean was keeping an eye out for him, like always. Dean waited until Sam's breath evened out in sleep.

"Sweet dreams, Sammy." He whispered before he let himself drift off again. He knew that his little brother had dreamed of Jess again, had dreamed of her dead or dying. He also knew that there would be more nights like that for both of them.

Sam woke first and sat up. His headache was mostly gone, enough that a shower would get rid of the rest of it. He stood under the hot water for a while at let it work the tension out of his shoulders.

"Come on, Sam. You've been in there for a week." Dean pounded on the door.

Sam stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist. He wiped the steam off the mirror and saw the bruises on his chest that matched the ones around his neck. He shaved and wrapped new bandages around his chest to ease the pain from his ribs. He pulled on clean jeans and a tee shirt and stepped out. The normalcy and routine helped Sam get his life back together some.

Dean leaned against the wall. "About time." He smirked as he passed his brother.

They sat down for a cup of coffee and breakfast with Bobby. They talked about sports and cars, poker and hot girls. Dean teased Sam for having less athletic ability that half the girls Dean hooked up with and Sam was quick to point out that some of the girls Dean found were questionable in the girl department. Bobby shook his head, but was secretly glad to see that the banter had returned to the conversation.

Shortly before noon, Sam and Dean checked for last minute things that might have been forgotten and climbed into the car. Bobby waved once from the back door as Dean pulled out of the driveway.

"I looked this morning, but couldn't find any jobs." Dean stated even though Sam knew he was lying. "All quiet on the western front, so I was thinking we just drive and see where we end up." He glanced over at his brother.

Sam smiled a little. "Sounds good to me."

"I'm thinking someplace sunny, with a beach and girls in bikinis." Dean worked to keep the smirk off his face. "Or someplace with topless girls in bikinis. Would they still be called bikinis?"

"Yeah, Dean, I think they still would."

"Come on, a little sand, a little sun, a lot of skin. Even you might get lucky."

"Maybe you should start using your upstairs brain for once." He smirked. "That is, if it still works."


"Jerk." Sam smiled and looked out the window.

Dean pulled onto the highway and pushed the speed limit. With the windows down, the radio up and the road rushing behind them, Sam figured that everything was getting close to normal, or at least back to the way things were. He leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes, they were going to be all right. Dean turned up the music and glanced over at Sam, yeah, they were going to be all right.