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Chapter 1…



Ebisu's eye brow twitched as the boy continued to doze on, snoring softly.

"Uzumaki." Ebisu repeated, all restraints on his temper quickly disintegrating.

A few snickers resounded throughout the class room. Ebisu shot them a glare, instantly shutting them up.

"Wake up!" he shouted, the chalk in his hand snapping in half.

When Naruto continued dozing, Ebisu stormed over to his desk. He placed his hands on the sleeping boy's shoulders and shook violently, causing Naruto's head to bob up and down.

Naruto's eyes snapped opened, his face reflecting off of Ebisu's sunglasses. Suddenly, a giant blast of blue light shot out of Naruto and repelled the teacher, throwing him half way across the room and slamming him painfully into his desk. Ebisu's spine went into spasms of agony as it connected with the hard wood. He sat hunched over a little, his glasses skewed on his face, and his mouth slightly open from shock. He gasped, needing to refill the air that had been knocked out of his lungs. The class sat in stunned silence. Unsure whether to laugh or call for help.

Ebisu's shock was soon replaced by anger. He stared at Naruto, a look that promised death and a great deal of pain. During all this time Naruto's face stayed calm and expressionless. The whole entire class held their breath, watching Naruto's every move carefully. His face scrunched up as he yawned, his eyes dropped to half mast – the class leaned in, ready for the final blow that would end their annoying teacher's life.

Then, Naruto's head dropped back and he went right back to sleeping. Someone snorted, prompting the other students to go into uncontrollable bouts of laughter, the sound causing Naruto to jerk awake.

"Huh? Wha - ?"

Naruto yawned, his half lidded eyes going wide as they landed on a fuming Ebisu, still sprawled on the floor, turning many different shades of red.



Ebisu struggled to stand and winced when he felt a sharp pain shoot down from his neck and straight down to his tailbone. He growled, his left eye developing an unstoppable twitch. Naruto's gaped, trying desperately not to laugh. It didn't help that the class hooted and slammed their fists against their desks.

"I didn't mean to! I was asleep and –"


"Oh come on Ebisu, this is the sixth time this month."


Naruto's rolled his eyes.

"Okay...okay," he grumbled

"SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!" Ebisu exploded, hurrying to his feet and ignoring the intense pain in his spine.

Naruto quickly scrambled out of his seat.

"Thanks for the laugh Uzumaki," one of the boy's chuckled.

"Yeah, we can always count on the freak to keep us entertained," another boy said, wiping a fake tear from his eye.

Naruto's shoulders hunched as he walked out of the class room.

Naruto stepped through the dean's office, head still bowed and muttering angrily under his breath. The dean looked up from his desk. He was a black haired man who had a comical bowl hair cut and seemed to favor green suits. He automatically gestured to the office phone at the corner of his desk. Naruto stood in the middle of the office unmoving.

"Come on Uzumaki, you know the drill," Gai said gesturing to the phone again.

"Yeah, yeah," Naruto muttered snatching the phone off its hook. His fingers moved deafly over the buttons as he dialed a familiar number, refusing to look anywhere except the ground.

Iruka picked up on the first ring.

"Dr. Umino, how may I help you?" Iruka said politely. Hearing his voice Naruto automatically wanted to hang up.

"Hey dad," Naruto said sheepishly. Gai shook his head,

"Such wasted youth," he murmured. His giant black caterpillar sized eyebrows shot up when Naruto turned away from him.

"What did you do this time Naruto?" Iruka asked. Naruto could hear the frown on his face even though he couldn't see it.

"What makes you think I –"

"What did you do?" Iruka repeated.

"I hit a teacher with my magic again," Naruto murmured into the phone. He took a deep breath waiting for the scolding that was sure to come – he was surprised when all Iruka did was sigh again.

"Look Naruto, I have a lot of work to finish."

Am I just a burden then? Naruto thought bitterly as he glared at the phone.

"We'll talk about this…

...when you get home," Iruka said, pinching the bridge of his nose. He cursed when he heard the small 'click' of the phone. Frowning, he put back his own phone and turned back to the giant stacks of papers on his desk.

Iruka sighed as he removed a thick document from one the pile, watching warily as it quivered but luckily didn't fall over. He worked for another twenty minutes before he was interrupted again, this time by a small knock on the door.

"Come in," Iruka called already starting to rearranged his papers. He was mildly surprised when a tall silver haired man walked through the door.

"Here to see Miss Yamanka, Hatake?" Iruka asked looking down at the document he was signing. His pen flew over the parchment as he worked.

"Please Iruka. I thought we were over formalities." Kakashi chuckled to himself as Iruka blushed prettily.

"Umm…yes of course my apologies Kakashi," Iruka apologize.

"I'll only accept you're apology if you go out with me," Kakashi state bluntly.

Iruka gaped at him, his cheeks once again heating up. "I-I don't think th-tha –"

"I was kidding Iruka," Kakashi laughed. Iruka flushed again mentally kicking himself over and over again.

"Of course you were." Iruka awkwardly cleared his throat, pushing himself away from his desk and standing up. "I'll show you to her room then."

Iruka led Kakashi down a long stretch of white hallway that seemed to go on forever. Iruka kept his eyes straight ahead – trying not to think about how close he and Kakashi were walking.

When they finally reached their destination, he let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Pulling out his keys, Iruka did his best not to think about how closely Kakashi was standing behind him now.

"Since she's recently shown signs of consciousness don't be surprised if she wakes up," Iruka said as he inserted the key into the lock and opened the door - holding it open for Kakashi to step through.

Kakashi didn't enter - he turned to Iruka instead. Said man blushed and looked away.

"How long has she been showing signs of consciousness?" he asked.

Iruka blinked, obviously expecting Kakashi to make a crude comment about his blush. "Not long, just fifty two hours ago. That's why I called you. We removed her breathing tube – she's now able to breathe on her own."

"I see…" Kakashi said, finally stepping through the door.

"I'll leave you two alone," Iruka said. Kakashi nodded his thanks. Iruka gave him a sad smile, glancing at the person lying in the hospital bed before closing the door.

Kakashi frowned as he turned to the patient.

Ino lay limply in the bed, looking small and frail – giving the illusion the bed was swallowing her.

He sighed deeply, taking a seat in the chair next to her hospital bed. She had various tubes sticking out of her body. He should have been comforted by the heart monitors steady beep but it only reminded him even more of Ino's situation. His heart gave a start when the corner of her lip twitched.

"Ino, can you hear me?" Kakashi spoke softly but urgently. He held his breath as he watched Ino's eyes move under her eyelids as if she was looking for him. They slowly opened but it looked like it took great effort. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"Ka….ka…shi?" Ino's chapped lips barley moved as she said his name. Kakashi merely nodded his head, patting her arm. He was afraid if he spoke his words would be choked out by tears. One managed to escape the confines of his right eye and slide down his cheek.

"…But…how?" Ino's voice cracked from strain. It hadn't been used for quite some time.

"Several resurrection spells," said Kakashi, gaining back his composure. "You were barley alive but you still had a pulse. It was weak but it was there."

Ino's eyes slowly traveled to where Kakashi sat. She stared past his right shoulder.

"Th-that's for…bid…den….ma…gic," she whispered.

"I know," Kakashi said quietly.

Ino's feature's softened. "She…she's….dead isn't she?" her voice was flat but there was still hope in her tone.


Ino closed her eyes momentarily. "How…long have…I…been…in..a c-coma?"

Kakashi forced himself to look at his former students face. Her blue eyes were still glued to the spot past his right shoulder, almost like it held all the secrets in the universe. Silence reigned over the room.

"How long…sensei?" Ino repeated calmly.

Kakashi winced at being called sensei but sighed into submission. "Five years."

Ino allowed the words sink in.

"…and Naruto?" Ino asked.

Kakashi allowed himself a small smile even if Ino couldn't see it. "He's safe."

Naruto stared at the note the dean had written to his father. A four week suspension plus he had to write an apology to Ebisu. He sighed stuffing the paper into his pocket as he continued his way home.

"Hey look it's the freak."

Naruto kept his head down and kept walking. He forced himself not to look up, keeping his eyes on the sidewalk instead. Ever since school had ended they'd followed him a good two blocks before finally saying something. There were three of them – they always made sure they out numbered him just in case he decided to fight back. Naruto's stomach twisted with dread as he heard their foot steps coming closer.

"I was talking to you Uzumaki."

He was pushed from behind – resulting in his books spilling onto the ground. Narrowing his eyes, Naruto bent down to pick them up.

"What's the matter?" the boy jeered. "Cat got you're tongue?"

There was a hard kick to his back. He gasped as he fell forward, using his elbows to break the fall. He should have known better than to fall for that.

"Yuri stop, you don't know what he'll do," he heard one of the other two say.

"He can't do anything look at him," sneered the boy named Yuri."He can't control it." He continued to kick Naruto's unprotected back, making sure to use the heel of his shoe to dig into his skull.

Naruto bit down on his lip, closing his eyes tightly. He felt the power in him writhing while his mind screamed for him to fight back. I can't, I might kill him. He gritted his teeth – his head throbbing painfully with each kick. Make them stop. He gasped as he felt his skull burn. Please… take me away from here.

As you wish.

Naruto's eyes snapped open when he heard the voice. It had been a deep baritone that vibrated in his head. An alien voice that was not his own.

"Wha –"

There was a loud BANG – Yuri was thrown off by the same blue light that had repelled Ebisu earlier. He landed on his back, instantly losing consciousness. The two others watched in utter shock as Naruto was engulfed in a blue bubble of light. The bubble lifted into the air, taking Naruto with it.

There was a loud woosh as it swept past them, taking Naruto with it.

Naruto had felt himself leave the ground, being tossed from left to right as if an invisible hand had grabbed a hold of his body. Or as if he was bobbing around in a giant bubble. Naruto groaned as he felt nausea creep up his throat. He squeezed his eyes shut, ignoring the loud rushing noise in his ears as the bubble increased its speed.

As suddenly as the motion started it stopped. He was unprepared when the bubble suddenly shattered. Naruto let out an audible umph as he landed on a hard ground.

"Who the hell a you?" a voice growled.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes coming face to face with a pair of sandaled feet. He followed the legs up all the way up to the stranger's face, his gaze meeting those of annoyed midnight eyes.