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After all of the commotion back in Resembool, It felt good for Ed to on the train back to good old Central. Edward's nephew Jacob had recently been born, and he'd spent the last two weeks in Resembool with his younger brother and brother's wife, Winry. It wasn't the first birth he'd witnessed, but he couldn't help but stand with an awed longing in his eyes when he saw Winry bring a human life into the world. It was amazing what wonderful things women could do, that men could not. Of course, Ed was a bit upset that Alphonse was becoming a father at the age of seventeen, but Al assured Ed that he was ready. And by the look on Al's face when he saw his son, Edward knew that he wasn't lying. Jacob had been born with honey gold hair and icy blue eyes, he resembled both his mother and his father in every way possible. Edward had to admit that he envied this. Stating the current situation, it was quite impossible for Edward to ever be a father. You see, Edward had what one would call a "crush" on his superior officer Roy Mustang, and considering the fact that both of them were male, a child wasn't at all a possibility. Of course Edward hadn't let anyone know about his feelings for the colonel, but they were there. He showed his affection for the man, by screaming loud curse words at him, and calling him names such as: "Bastard" and "Damn colonel" and "Damn bastard colonel". He chuckled to himself about his childish actions as he stepped off of the train into the Central train station.

Seeing as Ed could not drive, he would need a ride back to his dorm room. Edward looked around for someone that he knew, that would be escorting him to his place of living. And that was when Edward noticed him. Standing against a wall at the front of the station, was a tall raven haired man with his hands in his pockets. The colonel noticed Ed's gaze and smirked. He took one hand out of his pocket and waved for Ed to come near. Edward swallowed, and approached the man, doing everything in his power not to blush. When he finally reached the man, he sighed and made an annoyed face. "Couldn't they send ANYONE else to get me? Aren't you to busy to take your time out to help me in any possible way?" Edward spat. It was traditional to make an insulting comment whenever he met with the colonel. Edward was obviously thrilled that it was Roy who had come to pick him up. Had it been anyone else, Edward would have probably been bored out of his mind.

" Nah, I was able to take time out of my schedule for this small task." Roy teased, emphasizing the word "small". To Roy, it was always fun to see Ed loose his temper. Roy would never really hurt Ed, but a nice jab once in a while was always worth it. His smirk widened when Edward exploded on him, shouting something like "WHO'RE YOU CALLIN' SMALL YOU OVER SIZED TOWER OF A GRIZZLEY BEAR BASTARD!?". Edward's rants rarely ever made sense.

"Dark out already?" Edward murmured to himself as he stared out the passenger window. The street lights were on and the streets were empty. "What time is it?" He asked, louder this time, but didn't take his gaze away from the window.

"Nine o'clock. You're train left Ressembool at Seven. It was a two hour ride, I don't see why you're surprised." Roy said, glancing at his watch. "How was your trip?"

"Fine. Al had a boy." Edward sighed.

"Is that so? What did they name it?"

"Jacob. He look's just like them both. No doubt they're the parents." Edward sounded almost bored with the subject. To Roy, it seemed as though it was only right for Edward to be a least a little happy about his nephew's birth.

"What's wrong? You sound almost jealous. Don't you have any girl's you're willing to settle down with?" Roy laughed.

Edward blushed. Of course there was no one he's rather be with than the man sitting next to him. "What about you? Got any girl's you're chasing!?" Edward shot back.

Roy laughed. "Of course not. You're the only one for me Edward." Roy took Edward chin in his hand and lifted his head up, so they were looking eye to eye. Roy was smirking.

Edward was now the color of his cloak. It was then that he realized they had arrived at Edward's dormitory. Was the colonel joking…? He had to be. He was just messing with his to see how Edward would react. But, Edward was frozen still. His heart was pounding too fast for him to hear his own thoughts, and worst of all, he could feel himself getting hard. "O-oh….." was all Ed could get out. He felt around behind him for the door handle. When he found it, he tugged. It was locked.

Edward was beginning to sweat now. A small lump was forming in the crotch of his pants. Roy's hand found it and grabbed hold of it. "Hmmm. Seems you're feeling it too. This is a surprise…." Roy leaned down slowly and kissed Edward lightly on the lips. Edward was afraid his pants were going to rip. When Roy finally pulled away, Edward pulled the lock up on his door, and fell on his back onto the streets. "Oh! Did I startle you? Look Ed, I'm sorry! It's just that…." Roy didn't know how to tell Ed about the feelings that he'd secretly been keeping bottled up. Had he mistaken Edward's actions? He thought for sure that Edward liked him back….

Edward got to his feet. "I think…..I think we should discuss this in my room…" Edward said, and turned to run inside the building.

"Oh god…." Roy thought. "What if he freaks out about it and tells someone….oh god, oh god….." He was beginning to regret kissing Ed. But part of him was glad that he did it. He unbuckled his seat belt, and walked slowly into the dormitory.

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