Hello there everyone! So like a year ago I promised you all that I would re-write this. But then college was hard and I had to work all summer and a bunch of stuff happened so I wasn't able to make that a reality. But now I finally have time. I've re-written the first three chapters and published the first one. I am so thankful for all of your support and I really hope that you guys enjoy my re-write. My new account is KatorGator and the fanfic is called Snow Flakes (I changed the name because I realized that Silver Lining made no fucking sense). I've been working very hard on making this re-write everything you guys remember, but without the horrid character slip-up, grammar mistakes, and spelling mistakes.

I've also taken the time to read every single review and those are what gave me the energy to do this. I hope you guys like the re-write, I promise you will all see the ending very soon! Re-reading this has been very hard for me (because I was such a terrible writer oh god just no) but it has also been very nostalgic. There is a part of me in this fic, regardless of how awful I think it is. And I'm so happy to finally be able to finish it.

Enjoy the new story!