About the epilogue...

I changed my mind...

I love this story so much and I'm not ready to see it end.

So it's not ending.

Can you say


Yes! I'm going to write a sequel. It's called Shattered and the first part is already up! It will be less crime and more romance. It will deal with more of the relationships then the... um... crime stuff. SO, if you only like this story for the crime... well... you might be disappointed with the sequel because there won't be much crime or suspense. Unless you count whether or not Dei and Sasori will finally get together... I haven't even decided if I want that yet.

But, I was writing the epilogue when I thought... Wow... I really don't want this to end. And Deidara and Sasori's relationship needs to be built more before they get together. I can't do that in an epilogue. I bet my readers would like to read their growth. So, I decided on a sequel.

Now, the sequel will take place 5 years after Forgotten Children. I hope it won't be too confusing and some questions you might have about FC will probably be answered in the sequel.

So, I really hope you guys read it. It would mean a lot to me!


And Happy reading!