A tale of boats and relationships

Okay its been more than a year since the show died. Killed and wrecked in an awful season seven. A season that could have dealt with so many of the Java junkie-relationship issues that season six pulled over their head.

But no sadly they gave up and abandoned the original thought of the show and we ended up with a season, in which no one ever did manage to give us what we where craving so badly. A real goodbye and not the Disney version, with really bad of character like dialogue.

Watching the last episode I doubt there ever truly where any doubt of weather there was gonna be an eight season. But this plot has been lurking in my head and despite several hints and suggestions to my favourite writers on this site, not one of them did pick up this idea. So here it is.

(And I don't care if I butchered the English langue. I'm Danish and if I ended up writing it in Danish even fewer people would get what I babbled of.)

Charter 1 - Jump Jack Jump

It was cold, and she found little warmth from the coffee cup she was clutching in her hands. She nervously scanned the surroundings and kept glaring at her watch. She was hesitating. Considering her choices. But what It all came around to was weather or not she would have the courage to do it. The seagull where flocking the early fishing boats, and she looked at her watch for the tenth time in just a couple of minutes.

There was so much to gain by doing this, but it was also dangerous. Where was Rory and her pro and con list when she needed it. Somewhere in XXXXX, and that was just one of the reasons to ad to the pro side of the list. Her daughter was grown up, and she needed to start living her life again.

No matter how hard it had been to let her daughter go, to send her on that plain five days ago and then turn around and walk away. Of course they ended up talking to each other on the phone three hours later, but no matter how much they both pretended it, it wasn't the same.

The days up to her department had been really stressful and they had passed way to quickly. She was still amazed but Luke's effort in arranging the farewell party, and he had kissed her. Told how he wanted her to be happy. No matter how much they had hurt each other the past year, he had understood her that well and arranged this for her daughter.

It scared her so much. That even after this year, through everything, he still understood her so much. That all it took was that deep look in her eyes and she would melt again. And part of her knew she loved him. Not the silly schoolgirl crush or the "goood" his handsome attraction. No it was the deep rooted gut thing that he once mentioned at a film night. The one that could get you on the biggest emotional roller coaster ride of your life, and you would never want to get off it. Even if you got sick once in a while because of the g forces.

But still she hesitated. After the kiss in the street at the bon voyage party, they had been interrupted by friend and family, by obligations to watch a grill or to socialize with it. But I hung there in the air. They had both taken the first step but neither knew how to take the next. And both scared to death. No matter how much they both wanted to mend the broken hearts they both knew where wide open for both of them.

She fidgeted with the charm on her necklace. The one Luke had given her at they party. She wanted this so badly and all she needed to was to walk 100 meters down to the yacht that was bobbing up and down, by the dock, lulling in the slow rhythm of the slow morning waves. She looked at her watch again. It was 7.59. In less than one minute, Luke would throw the ropes that held him here and sail on a four week long boat trip.

After the kiss, they had only spoken briefly when Luke had shown up at her front porch at 2 am at night to give her the necklace. They hadn't spoken any words at all. Without any explanations he had pulled the velvet box out of his back pocket and given it to her, gently brushing his lips to her cheek and then turned around and walked away, leaving Lorelei speechless alone on the porch. She loved the necklace. It matched her eyes, and it reminded her so much of the first necklace he had bought her.

After that, nothing happened. Lorelei went to the diner, and he even went to the house to fix the dryer for her. But it was like walking in slow-motion. They didn't know how to take the first step. It was polite talk, by two people that was both so afraid to go wrong on something they wanted so badly.

So 24 hours after the initial kiss, Lorelei had walked home to find a letter in her mailbox.

It plainly said: The ships sailing Saturday at 8 am. 4 weeks of not looking back or backing down. Are you all in? Luke.

A bell rang in the background and she hiked up her bag and sprinted down the bridge leading down to the small yachts, and she was almost tearing up when she didn't se Luke anywhere. Then she saw it, he had named it after her, and she climbed aboard only to see Luke standing by the tiller.

He looked at her emotionless for a couple of seconds then said. "you are late" . then pause before he gave her at small genuine smile

"welcome on board".

This was chapter oneā€¦.am I headed for the guillotine or should I continue this? Any one want to edit this pleas let me know.