Chapter 3

One step at the time

Finishing unpacking her bag, while gathering her self, she quietly returned to the cabin and silently watched Luke making dinner. He was so stoic. So calm, and strong. So why was she a nerve wrack Was it just her that felt like this, what was the matter with her. They had always know how to act around each other. Both as friends and especially as a couple. And she was not shy, normally she could always say something that would get the conversation flowing.

She wasn't good at the dealing with reality part of her feelings, and she knew that this up close and personal with Luke, it would be impossible to mask her insecurity, he would see straight through her. She wanted this so badly, so why did she constantly get the urge to bolt. To run, and never have to deal with this. Maybe part of it was because she knew that dealing with the reality of their breakup would bring up issues that could not be joked away. That she would have to let down the careful built up facade that had been placed there for a little over a year now.

"You want help ?" she asked and walked back into the room, and smiled when he gave her a look. Okay sure she wasn't really any good in a kitchen but still, she needed to find something to do with her hands, before she went insane.

"Plates?" she asked and he pointed the closet out for her and she started to set up the table. When the pasta was finished, Luke dried it of and placed it on the now festive decorated kitchen table. They sat down at the table and started to eat in silence. If the greeting on the deck had been awkward this was painful. She kept steeling glances at him, and often when he would catch her doing it, she quickly looked down on her food.

" Don't worry. Its going to get easier" he said before pouring her some more white wine, which she gladly accepted. She looked worried at him for at couple of seconds. "How do you know that?" she asked quietly. He stood up to start clearing the table but was surprised when Lorelei stood up to and flung herself at him for at comforting hug. "how do you know that?" she fragilely asked him with begging eyes that had a single tear running down her chin. He reached a finger to her chin and gently removed the drop before placing a featherlight kiss on her forehead. " Because" he said. And something in it made her feel secure and believe him. He broke apart and looked down at her before in a strong but soft voice said "We have four weeks Lorelei. Lets not hurry anything. It takes time, you know " She hugged him close again and nodded against his plaid coved chest, taking comfort in his faith in them.

They started to clear the table and Lorelei offered to do the dishes (her favorite chore) while Luke changed for the evening. Shortly after he reemerged with a fleece windbreaker on and a blanket. "You need help" He gestured to the drying plates and she shook her head and said "Wanna watch the Sunset with me? Meet you on the deck in ten?" she said with a smile and he left. She quickly finished the last pieces and went into the room pulling out a warm sweater before heading outside to watch the sunset with Luke.