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Before the world was poisoned with the onslaught of human beings, the world was pure and the people living on it were at peace. This was before the slavery of ancient Egypt, before the Mesopotamians and Greeks, before the world was poisoned by Rome's quest for power, this was when humans and magical alike lived in harmony, respecting each other and what they could do. The magical lived in clans according to there powers and each had chosen territories. They did not fight, for that was a useless pastime, made so others could feel more powerful. Unfortunately, nothing is permitted to be perfect by the universe and something, when perfect, was dismantled to even out the balance between nature and everything else.

So in this world that didn't fight against each other, evil was born. The tribes banded together in hopes to stop it but they could not do anything besides train for the evil and fight pointless battles that never turned the tide of the war in there favor. So they battled fruitlessly on, losing slowly, until again the universe had to step in and help the side that was good but no longer perfect. It gave them permission to use there powers in ways like never before and so they started to win. Closer and closer they drew until the day the made the last crushing strike against the evil.

It was a long ugly battle and many were lost but the good side came out victorius although with heavy hearts. When the weary warriors returned home to there tribes there hearts did not lighten, a prophecy had been made in there absence. It told of the many years of growth the world would see and although this world would still see many wars it would survive, as it had so many times in its short life. The prophecy further told of how the evil would come back and the one that had true inner strength could only defeat it. This person could not be 'light' because the light is flawed even then. This person would embody gray.

The Elders of all tribes came together for one last meeting before they would disband and go to live with humans. Because they knew evil would return they put gifts together within guidelines for when the evil came back. One man in each age would be chosen to have the gift but if the evil did not come back they would not be informed and the gift would die out again. The clans had most of them together, although some were missing, but the major clans were there and so the ceremony continued. The snake tribe gave the form of a snake and all its abilities, vampires gave beauty and the lightning fast speed they were famous for. Wolves gave muscle, and angels gave language, the high elves gave weapon knowledge and a place to go if things got tough, lastly the fae and dragon clans were unknown. The last act of the united clans was to put guidelines on the powers; which were that according to the power of the evil that showed up in that time, the power of this gift would keep giving until the other power was equaled. There were many different ways to interpret this guideline but it was up to the universe to decide now. It was agreed that any person to get this power would have to be in the deepest depths of despair but still live. They did not have to have a reason for living but they had to not give up and still move on. They had to have the strength that comes when everyone else left and they are the only ones that remain.

So the representatives from the tribes disbanded and left the power behind for the universe to decide, and so they did not notice the last representative come out of the shadows and add a single statement to the end of the list; this man with strength must know what it is like to die intimately and more than once before they can truly come into themselves and live. That last representative was present for the death tribe and he knew exactly who the universe should choose, so he put that line in to make sure she did.

Many years in the future a boy lay on his bed, his godfather had just died and his friends hadn't responded to his letters. This boy was truly alone. So he stared at the ceiling and pondered his fate. He wanted to die. The universe saw this boy and decided it was time to help and she looked at his enemy and saw something so horrible she knew what to do. She reached to a place in a different dimensions and brought out of its bindings the power the elders had made many years ago. In that moment she knew that that boy who needed help would need this. He fit the requirements so well it was scary. So she knew, this was who it was meant to be for; and it was then she noticed the single line at the line and she laughed. Death planned this all along. So she bent and gave it to the boy and went back to work in another universe.

And miles below Harry Potter's world erupted in pain, his back arched higher than thought possible as he screamed and he blacked out.