1. General Rambling

2. Thank you's

3. Outline of how The Someday Trilogy will progress from here

1. General Rambling

This has been a sometimes painful, sometimes wonderful but always enriching journey. This story has grown and I have grown with it as a person. I took it with me as I navigated the world and I brought it home with me as I have been in this really scary emotional process of trying to work out what it is that I can take from my trip, in the larger scheme of life. I've been in the midst of writing chapters and just randomly burst into crying, sobbing, wailing fits, not really understanding where it came from. Maybe I had PMS at the time. Who knows.

When I first envisaged Someday, I had a bunch of cutesy ideas about smut that I could write that logically would take place during Senior Year. Gradually more came to me and it just… it exploded into this whole universe, a universe that scares the crap out of me. I hope I have the strength within to see the whole trilogy through, regardless of how HSM3 leaves me feeling about my own plot directions and the ways that my characters have evolved into a place so different to the movie... I say now that the evolution is different in a good way, but I suspect that once I've seen the film I will think differently.

2. Thank you's

I would like to thank Disney, Kenny Ortega and Peter Barsocchini for laying the foundation of the universe which I feel privileged to be able to toy with. I would like to thank them for building such beautiful, intense characters and then leaving such dramatic transitionary, emotional and character arc gaps within the first two films; to the point that I felt inspired to take the Disney foundation and form it into something real. I would like to thank them for hiring Monique, Kaycee, Corbin, Oleysa, Ryne, Ashley, Chris, Lucas, Vanessa and most importantly, Zachary David Alexander Efron (a.k.a. Zac, The Hotness, Efron, Zefron, The Being Who Fuels My Will To Live…). I would like to thank the cast for bringing this Disney world to life. I would like to thank Zac's parents for being the creators of the by-product of their union. I would like to thank Zac for being so brilliant and for changing my world. Seriously. I'm not being dramatic. I would like to thank the hard working technical team of fanfiction dot net for providing this mechanism for budding authors like myself to tap into the wingspans of our creative spirits.


My 'real life' friends

One of whom, as I write this, has just taken the arduous task of reading this story. If, as a straight male non HSM loving friend, he gets through this whole story… I don't know what I'll do for him. Something. To be determined.

I would like to thank my 'real life' friends who put up with more than they should have to in terms of me and my ramblings about this fandom, about my fiction, about The Hotness. My real life friends who may feel as though they come second to my writings, who will actually have social plan suggestions fobbed off because 'I feel like writing' or 'I need to update'.

You guys never come second. Never, ever, ever will you come second. Please know that.


I would like to thank my 'official' beta readers.


(If you ever read this) I am so enormously grateful for your assistance up til chapter 40. Don't ever doubt my gratitude toward you. I was embarking upon something so incredibly different here compared to what I was used to, just a set of far more mature themes, and it was through your encouragement that I had the confidence to delve into this aspect of my creative spirit.


Thank you so much for jumping on board at my sudden request. Thank you so much for your ever thoughtful analysis. We don't always agree but that's the beauty of the fictional world, there is no right or wrong. I know it's been rough especially throughout this back half where I became rather demanding of efficient turn around but it all came together somehow. Thank you for pushing me and making me expand my mind and think outside the box and just for being your usual intriguingly analytical self. I feel like I've learnt so much about myself, not only as an author but just in general about how I operate and interact and respond as a human being, and I owe a large portion of that growth in some way or another to you. I'm glad that someone such as yourself is able to somehow look past the stereotype and to embrace this fandom because I know that my experience within this fandom would not have been the same without you as a part of my journey.


Beyond the 'official' crew I have other thanks which go against my previous policy of not pointing out specific people, but this time I really have to.


From your almost timid request of whether I would be interested in beta reading for you, to now where… barely a day goes by when we don't converse in one way or another. Thank you for putting up with my random tirades of questions about American school life and teenage slang and requests for suggestions for songs and costumes and to name random original characters. Thank you for listening to me bitch and moan about writers block, letting me bounce ideas off you, for nagging me to give you previews and for just being there on an every day basis. Thank you for being such a constant rock, such a constant ear, a constant source of motivation. I'm looking forward to moving to LA with you – we joke about it, but it will happen you mark my word!


I'm so incredibly looking forward to embarking upon the rest of this series with your 'promotion' into official status. Thank you for the official assistance as the All Things Pink Consultant and thank you for becoming so, so, so much more than that. You know what you do. I don't think I could have gotten through this without you, I don't think I'll be able to get through the rest without you. (No pressure.) I don't know how to define in words just how amazing I think you are, just how much you inspire me on so many levels. You're an amazing woman who puts soooo much into this fandom and who deserves so much back. The people who matter understand this. The rest can stick pins in their eyes.

To all of my readers and my supporters.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to each and every single person who reads this story. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give a crap about the product of some random Australian woman's obsession with a celebrity. In particular, thank you to those of you who have at one time or another taken the time to share your thoughts with me. Thank you to the people who put up with my random bitching and rambles via e-mail or IM or PM, the people who brighten my day with funny stories and anecdotes and tales about phantom babies, the people who make me laugh and make me realise that this is worthwhile. Thank you to everyone who has ever contacted me in one way or another to let me know that they appreciate what I am doing; whether it be through review or e-mail or PM or IM; whether it be a random one off, or if you are one of the so many people who have been so wonderfully consistent in being continually supportive.

I feel so humbled. I very seriously do. I'm just a young woman who loves writing and loves this fandom and loves writing about this fandom. It blows me away every time I get positive feedback, it very seriously touches me somewhere deep inside. Understand that your words mean the world to me.

3. The Someday Trilogy – Where to from here?

This story that I have just completed is known as Someday but technically, it is The Someday Trilogy: Part One – Once Upon A Time. I have my own version of a senior year plot in mind that will continue through until after graduation. This is being written independently of High School Musical 3. From what I hear, the film is amazing. I won't see it until December. That doesn't really matter, because my story is different. I've taken the base of characters provided so scantly in the first two films and rounded them out and allowed their characters to dictate their lives from there. Hence that they have reached what I am certain is a place that on many levels is different to what they are experiencing within the Disney version of the HSM3 world.

I hope you guys will see this through with me. I know that in the wait for HSM3, a lot of you have found this story to be something to fill in the time in that anticipatory wait that is senior year based. Now, you're going to have to throw that mentality out the window, and accept The Someday Trilogy as being an alternative senior year, a senior year which may bare some similarities – after all, the foundations are the same – but ultimately, will not be the same. I really hope that you guys will be willing to see through my universe. If you do, even beyond The Someday Trilogy I have college era style fiction planned, and knowing my brain, God knows what else beyond that.

I am planning to take a few weeks off from posting The Someday Trilogy to plan and start writing Part Two – This Moment. Note that I write ahead of time. I don't actually produce a chapter every two days. I am not super human. I pre-wrote the whole way through this, starting out with more than twenty chapters already written and keeping ahead of that, and just gradually catching up to myself as I went along to the point where at the end, I was struggling to meet the HSM3 deadline.

During my time off from posting Someday I am also going to dabble with some other ideas I want to tap into, different fandoms, but nothing serious. Just something different to keep my muse satiated. Ultimately The Someday Trilogy is my baby and my priority.

Stylistically, I anticipate you can expect something different from the remainder of this trilogy. I think there will be way less chapters in each of the remaining two parts; I think time will move quicker, I think there will be more time that won't be covered. I say that now, but watch as I will soon be posting 'Part 2, Chapter 83'.

You will notice that whereas on a certain level there is resolution to a lot of the plot lines I have delved into; there is also a lot that is left hanging. Because this is a trilogy. And because the issues from here will follow over onto Part 2. This isn't a deliberate ploy to make you want to read Part 2. Rather, it is that the TxG plot arc formed the overall story arc of Part 1 – and the other arcs are at different places within the tale. The key thing seemingly 'missing' here is the Troy/Gabriella 'discussion' re. the future. This was intentional. Part 1 is about the youthful innocence that comes with denial. It wouldn't have fit to have ended the Part in that way.

If you want to continue to follow the trilogy and you rely upon alerts to be informed of various updates, I need to be in your author alert because The Someday Trilogy: Part Two - This Moment will be posted as a separate story.

I repeat. Someday Part 2 This Moment, a separate story. This here will not be updated any longer. Author Alert required.

Anyway. I think that's all. I think I've finally run out of words – for now.

Thank you once again to each and every single person who has been reading and following this story. I would really love it if you could take the time to leave one final snippet of your thoughts, even if you've been following silently.

With much love,

Danielle a.k.a. Dani a.k.a. Pandora147