Chapter 7

Haruka sat on the small bed of the cell she had been put in, her back leaning against the cold stone wall, and thought about Michiru. After the police found out about her being a woman, they had put her in imprisonment of remand, and no one told her if Michiru would make it. Her cell companion, a huge woman named Shane, kept taunting her about the Mafia and her love for the judge, until Haruka snapped. She jumped up and pushed Shane against the wall, yelling at her: "Shut your fucking mouth, or I'll make you shut it!" Shane was surprised about the strength that was hidden in the athletic built woman; although Haruka didn't have too much muscles, she held Shane as easy as someone else would hold a small child. "S…Sorry." The woman finally stammered. Haruka sighed and let go of her. "I'm also sorry." The assassin said. "My temper overtook me. I'm just so worried about Michiru…" Shane took a seat on her bed and eyed Haruka suspiciously. "You want to get out and see her?" She then asked. "What?" Haruka yelled. Shane flinched and hissed: "Shh! Or do you want all the sentries to run here?" Haruka looked down on the floor and also took a seat on her bed. "How shall this be possible?" she asked. Shane just grinned and said: "Open the cupboard." Haruka did as she had been told, and much to her surprise she found a police man's uniform in it. "Where did you get this?" Haruka called out, her eyes widening. Shane shrugged. "Business. Today, when the sentry comes with dinner, knock him down and calmly walk out." Haruka grinned broadly. "Thanks, Shane." She then said.

Michiru awoke in the hospital, terrible pain in her stomach and head. She slowly opened her eyes and, to her surprise, found a police officer next to her bed. "What is this man doing here? It's night!" the judge thought to herself after quickly glancing out of the window. She looked at the police officer again, and realization struck her. The blonde hair that peered out under the cap, and the long scar that reached from the officers eyebrow down to his chin…"Haruka!" Michiru called out surprised. Haruka smiled and gently stroke her loves cheeks. "How did you get out of prison?" Michiru asked. "Long story. Listen, Michiru, I can't stay here. It's too dangerous. I will leave Japan." Haruka informed the judge. Michiru just nodded. "Where will you go?" she then asked. "You won't leave me behind, don't you?" "No, of course not. I love you. I will go to America, Texas to be specific. To a town named El Paso." Haruka stood up and kissed Michiru lightly on the mouth. "Never forget that I love you until we meet again, darling." She whispered. "How could I." Michiru answered, on the verge of tears. "I love you too, Haruka. And I will follow you as soon as possible, okay?" "Okay." Haruka agreed. "I'll have to change my name." She then said. "When you arrive in El Paso, look for Alexander Tenoh. Okay?" "Okay", Michiru whispered, the tears finally flowing. Haruka kissed her once more, this time with more passion. And then she left. It would take two long, hard years until they would see each other again.

Michiru stepped out of the train and read the sign that said "El Paso: Welcome to the friendliest city in Texas". She smiled and made her way to the record section. The nice old man that was in charge of the records greeted her very friendly. "Hi there, young lady. What can I do for you?" "I'm looking for Ha…Alexander Tenoh." Michiru informed him smiling. "Do you know where he lives?" "Not by heart, but I can look." The man grinned and typed a few letters into his computer. "Kennedy Street, 138." He then said. Michiru thanked him and walked out, her heart beating so fast that it almost jumped out of her chest. She would meet Haruka again, the only person she had ever truly loved. Michiru waved the next passing taxi to her and told the driver where she wanted to go. When she finally reached the house Haruka was supposed to live in, she was nearly fainting. Michiru walked up the stairs that led to the front door and rang. Steps could be heard inside, and then the door opened.

"Yes plea…" The words got stuck in Harukas throat when she saw who stood on her doorstep. Michiru just looked at her, smiling broadly. Although Haruka had changed a little bit, the judge had recognized her immediately. Harukas former blonde hair now was mostly gray, and there was a net of wrinkles around her eyes. Eyes that now filled with tears. "Michiru", Haruka whispered, disbelief in her voice. „Hi Haruka." Michiru softly answered. Haruka stared at her for a few more moments, then she suddenly took a step forward and pulled Michiru into a strong hug. "You have no idea how much I missed you." Michiru managed to say while Haruka almost crushed her to death. "I missed you much more." Haruka demanded, and Michiru chuckled. "But, come in. We don't want the neighbors to watch our first kiss after two years." Michiru smiled, and Haruka pulled her inside, closing the door behind her.