Angel had been able to hear thoughts for a very long time. It was a strange art, this telekinesis, and she wasn't sure if she understood it.

The mind was such a jumble of the sense, emotions and words that Angel wasn't sure what she was receiving and what to judge on. Her current understanding of it was that it was that the mind was relatively uncontrolled. What mattered was what they put into words later. Feelings were too often irrational.

It had taken her a long time to realize this.

But she knew it, so she knew Max didn't really blame them for anything, it was more of a feeling of loss of something.

Max didn't know what.

Angel did.

It seemed like the individual only had so much access to his or her mind because nobody could concentrate on worrying about so many things at once. Angel, however, was always confronted with the various worries and more sub-conscious lines of thoughts, so it had been much easier to read Max's thoughts than Max herself could.

This Telekinesis thing really was quite strange.