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Chapter 1: Retrieval and All is Revealed.

Sakura was standing by the gate waiting impatiently for the return of Naruto and Sasuke. The others had already returned. Suddenly she could see Naruto, along with Kakashi returning. On Kakashi's back was an unconscious Sasuke who looked badly beaten.

Smiling weakly, Naruto looked up at Sakura and was about to speak when the words died on his lips. Sakura looked angry and was glaring at him.

"What did you do to him dobe! You were supposed to bring him back, not kill him!" shouted Sakura as she rushed to Sasuke.

Naruto was confused, but was slowly starting to get angry. "What?? But... I brought him back!? I promised I'd bring him back to you to make you happy and thats what I did!"

Sakura wheeled about and looked ready to kill. "I told you to bring him back and instead you go out there and beat him and try to kill him. Kakashi had to bring him back and probably had to stop you from killing him! Its no wonder the villagers hate you!"

Naruto looked as though he had been struck, and hard. He stood there for a moment before Kakashi broke him from his thoughts. "Sakura, I'm only caring Sasuke because Nar..."

"No." Naruto cut him off. "You don't need to defend me Kakashi-sensei." Naruto looked angry but at the same time his eye's held great sadness. "I know when I'm not wanted." With that Naruto started heading back to his apartment.

Off in the shadow a young, pale eyed girl stood shocked. She couldn't believe what she had heard Sakura saying. Seeing Naruto take off she decided to follow. 'Naruto-kun... I want you...' She decided right their to tell Naruto how she felt.

She got to his apartment only a few minutes after Naruto. Standing in front of his door, she slowly reached a hand up and knocked softly. After a second of not getting a response she was about to give up with the door suddenly flew open and Naruto stood there with anger and annoyance on his face. Seeing her though his face softened and became that of confusion.

"Hinata... What are you doing here?" Why was Hinata here? Was something wrong with Neji? "Does it have to do with Neji?"

Hinata, who had been staring at the ground, jerked her head up and looked at him. "Ano... No-o it h-has to d-d-do with y-you... I-I w-w-was waiting b-by the g-gate f-f-for your return... And I h-heard S-Sakura y-yell a-at y-y-you and..." Hinata blushed and went silent looking at the ground again.

Naruto was not completely confused. When she mentioned waiting at the gate he thought she must have been waiting to see Sasuke. But then she mentioned hearing Sakura yell and seemed upset about it. He had no idea what to do or what to say. Suddenly Hinata took a step towards him and raised a hand. Naruto flinched slightly expecting to be struck when the hand gently touched his check and started to rub his whisker marks.

Hinata seemed to be off in her own little dream land though and was totally oblivious to the look of extreme confusion on her loves face. Realizing what she had done she quickly retracted the hand. It took all the strength she had to not faint after realizing what she had done.

"Ano Naruto-kun... W-When you s-said that y-you k-k-knew when you w-weren't w-w-wanted... W-Well I j-just wanted t-t-to l-let you k-k-know that y-you a-a-are wanted..." Hinata was blushing madly now and ready to faint, but did all that she could not to. She wanted to say this... No. She needed to say this. "Iwantandneedyou!" Hinata said it so fast Naruto wasn't sure what he heard.

"Hinata? Did you just say you wanted and needed me?" Naruto was confused and had a very slight blush. Deep down he hoped that she would say yes, but he refused to let himself hope for that. After all, who would want him?

Nodding slightly and still resisting the urge to pass out Hinata took a deep breath before continuing. "Naruto-kun... I've wanted to s-s-say that for a l-long time..." Still looking into Naruto's eyes, Hinata finally dug up the courage to say everything. "Naruto-kun, you are the strongest p-person I've e-e-ever known... Ever since I f-first saw you at the Academy I've known t-that... Y-You always got looked down u-upon b-b-but never gave up... I admired you for that..." She paused again and placed her hand on his check and used her thumb to wipe away a single tear that had fallen. "I k-knew that m-m-most of the village treated you poorly... I used to f-follow y-y-you sometimes just so I could s-see you... I saw the looks... And h-heard the whispers..." Hinata couldn't contain it anymore. She broke out into tears.

Naruto wasn't sure what to do. He was feeling to many things at once and was confused by his own emotions. Pain and sadness for Hinata who was obviously upset by his treatment. Anger, at himself, that she would follow him around without him realizing it. Most importantly though, happiness. Someone wanted him... But it could never be. He knew that as soon as she knew his secret she would be just like the others. Still, he wanted to comfort her.

Hinata let out a small 'Eep' as she suddenly found herself in Naruto's arms. Still crying a little she leaned into his shoulder, no longer caring that it was Naruto that she was so closed to. She refused to give into her own weakness anymore. Slowly she looked up into Naruto's eyes and could see the pain and the happiness he was feeling at the same time. Hinata wasn't done though, so she continued while still in his embrace.

In nothing more than a whisper, "I know your secret Naruto-kun." She could feel him tense up. Still using hushed tones she continued. "I followed you after the graduation and watched you practice when Iruka-sensei showed up. I saw and heard everything that night. I even saw Iruka-sensei stand up to Mizuki for you..." She then placed a calming hand on his cheek since Naruto had started to breath rapidly and was still tense. In an even more hushed tone, so soft that Naruto almost couldn't hear it she continued. "Naruto-kun, I n-n-never thought you were a monster... I k-know that you p-p-protect us f-from one... I love you..."

Naruto couldn't believe what he had just heard. He was having to strain to hear her by the end and thus thought his ears must be playing tricks on him. His grip on her relaxed before his arms finally fell to his sides completely numb. "You... you... l-l-l-l-love..." Naruto's brain stopped and he just stood there sputtering.

As luck had it Kakashi had appeared at this time looking for Naruto. He had wanted to apologize for Sakura's behavior earlier. What he saw stunned him. Naruto was standing there, sputtering slightly in a daze with Hinata trying to wake him. "What happened?" he was very worried. At first he thought that Hinata must of done something to him, until he noticed the concern in her eyes.

"I'm n-n-not sure... I was t-talking to him w-w-when..." she trailed off, not able to continue.

Kakashi eyed her carefully before taking Naruto into his arms. "I'm taking Naruto to the hospital. He needs to be checked out after the mission and now to see what is wrong now." Kakashi turned to go. "I want you to come with me and I will send word for your dad to meet us there."

Hinata nodded meekly before following him as he sped towards the hospital. 'Why does he want to talk to my father?... Oh no! What if father finds out about what I said to Naruto!... He would probably make me stay away from him... I couldn't take that!' Hinata was now in a panic. Telling Naruto was one thing, but confronting her father! She didn't think she could do that...


Later that evening Naruto was resting quietly in a hospital room. He had stopped sputtering and drifted off not long after being brought in. Currently Kakashi, along with Hinata and Tsunade, were waiting for Hiashi to show up. After about another hour of waiting he finally arrived outside Naruto's room.

Hiashi eyed everyone there. He had already heard about the mission and its results. He had been so late in arriving because he had went to see Neji first. However, if he had known the Hokage was going to be there he would have hurried and been there much sooner.

Tsunade spoke first breaking the silence. "Hyuuga-san, if you would please follow me, we are going into an empty patient room to discuss some things."

Hiashi nodded his head ever so slightly and followed as Tsunade let them into a room beside Naruto's. Once they were in and a seal had been placed on the door by Kakashi making the walls sound proof Hiashi turned to Tsunade and spoke. "Hokage-sama, I was not expecting you here tonight. I am sorry for the lateness of my arrival. Though I am intrigued to know why I was called here by Hatake-san and not yourself."

"That is simple Hyuuga-san, he called me here as well." Tsunade hated all the formalities with Hiashi but knew it was of the only ways to keep him calm and make him listen.

Nodding, he turned to Kakashi. "Well, Hatake-san, what is it that you have called me and the Hokage-sama here for?"

Kakashi looked and Hinata and then back to the two adults. He then proceeded to tell them of the events at the gate and how he had found Hinata at Naruto's apartment. Hiashi was frowning slightly by the end of it. Tsunade spotted this and spoke before anyone else could at the end.

"Hinata-chan, would you please tell use everything that was said and happened while at Naruto's?" asked the Hokage in as nice a voice as possible. She figured though that she already knew what would be said. With the description of Naruto when he was found with her, it would be one of only two things. And Tsunade knew it was good.

Blushing madly and stuttering the entire way thru the story she told them of what had happened and what was said. By the end of it she was speaking in barely more than a whisper and seemed to have shrunk just standing there. Hiashi wasn't pleased. While it was true that the laws allowed her to see anyone she wanted, they also allowed the clans to use arranged marriages between themselves. While she currently wasn't set to be in one he had planned on putting her into one if she hadn't been able to find someone suitable by her 15th birthday. And the one she found was most certainly not suitable.

Seeing the look in Hiashi's eye Tsunade spoke up. "Hyuuga-san, does your clan always follow thru on all of its agreements?"

Hiashi turned to the Hokage, wondering what she was getting at before responding. "Hai, Hokage-sama, we always honor our agreements unlike some clans."

Nodding, Tsunade continued. "Good. What I'm about to tell you is an SS-class secret only known to 2 people still living. The punishment for which is not only your death but the death of those you told. Do all of you hear agree to these terms?" She looked to Hiashi and Kakashi and got nods from both of them before setting her gaze on Hinata. "What about you Hinata-chan? Do you agree to these terms?"

Hinata jerked slightly hearing her name and looked up. She had been expecting to be removed from the room, not let in on the secret. Why would they let her know? She gave a small nod to Tsunade.

"Good. Since you already know one secret about Naruto it is only fitting you know the whole truth, along with you two." She gestured at the two men, both of which looked confused. "Uzumaki Naruto wasn't chosen at random. Only three people knew who his parents were and thus why he was chosen." Tsunade sighed heavily before continuing. "Sarutobi, Jiraiya, and myself were the only ones that knew the truth, the entire truth of that night. I think after you this Hiashi you might reconsider your view of Naruto. You might also consider keep a promise you made to the Yondaime that night."

Hiashi took this pause to speak for a moment. "Hokage-sama, but I do not harbor any ill will towards the boy. I do not know of what view you are speaking of in regards to him. Also, I do not think it wise to share such an important secret with my daughter." He was about to gesture for Hinata to leave when Tsunade stopped him.

"First, she has already agreed to the terms as a kunoichi of the village and has already heard to much." Hiashi look upset but decided to not argue with the Hokage. "Second, its a view you share with Kakashi to some extent only it is worse with you. Both of you, while never wishing harm on the Naruto, did him harm thru inaction. You though Hiashi are worse yet. Though you never have lifted a finger to harm or help Naruto, I could see the small reaction in your face while Hinata-chan was talking. You disapprove of him. I wonder how many times you laid eyes on him and Naruto felt pain. Not because of hate, but because of the cold, emotionless, non-caring look. I pity you."

Kakashi lowered his head at this. He knew it was true. Ever since he had been put in charge of Naruto he had started to regret not doing more for the child. Hiashi though was upset. How dare this women judge him! He didn't care if she was the Hokage or not, who was she that she thought he needed pity. His eyes started to narrow with his anger.

"Hiashi, you will not like what I'm about to tell you. Naruto's mothers name was Uzumaki Kushina. She died shortly after giving birth to Naruto during the Kyuubi attack. I was the one to deliver him." She paused to observe their reactions. Kakashi's visible eye had bugged out and his mouth was obviously hanging open slightly beneath his mask. Hiashi though still looked angry at first. Then, what was said seemed to have an impact. Hiashi's eyes just ever so slightly widened. "I can see that both of you understand. Uzumaki was her maiden name, used to keep Naruto safe so that his fathers enemies wouldn't come after him for revenge with his father gone."

With that Hiashi broke down and fell to his knee's crying repeating one simple phrase. "I didn't know..."

Hinata looked at the scene in front of her and was confused. So his mother was Uzumaki Kushina, was she someone important that she should have known of? Seeing her confusion Tsunade turned to face her directly and addressed Hinata. "Uzumaki Kushina, Naruto's mother, was Namikaze Minato's wife. They had been married for one year when the Kyuubi was spotted. Their son was going to be a late anniversary gift to themselves as they used to say."

Hinata still looked confused until it hit her... Namikaze... Wasn't that the Yondaime's family name? Eyes widening visibly, she looked straight up into Tsunade's eyes. "Namikaze?... H-He w-w-was the Yondaime H-H-Hokage?" Seeing Tsunade nod, she pressed on. "But why is father crying?"

Tsunade turned her gaze to Hiashi before continuing. "Because he now knows what a fool he has been. You see, Minato and Kushina were good friends with Hiashi and your mom. In fact, they had an agreement together once it was discovered that both couples would be having kids just a few months apart. A clan agreement if I recall. And with all that has now happened to Naruto I think that its time for him to reclaim his clan and clan home. That will be up to him though. As such, till said time, this still remains a secret."

Hiashi slowly stood back up and faced Tsunade. "I am deeply sorry Hokage-sama. I did not know that Kushina's child had survived or I would..." Tsunade cut him off.

"Hiashi, how dare you! You should have known. Think about it. He looks almost exactly like Minato and even has Kushina's personality. Hell, he even somehow has his Minato's obsession with ramen!" Tsunade paused to calm herself down. "Think for one moment. Why would your friend, the one that told a good leader should never have someone do something that they weren't willing to do themselves first, have sacrificed someone else's kid? You knew Kushina was pregnant and would be having a baby any day."

Hiashi just stared at the Hokage before tears started up anew. "I know... I was such a fool. If I had only used my eyes I would have known and would have done all that I could to protect him."

Kakashi thru all this was just standing there. When she mentioned Kushina he knew what Tsunade was going to say though he had hoped he would be wrong. When she finally said it silent tears had started out of his lone visible eye. 'How could I be such a fool Sensei. All this time, your son was right in front of me and I did nothing for him.' Kakashi chuckled to himself. 'Hokage Hokage Hokage... Knowing this it fits Naruto. Well Sensei, call me a dobe all you want but I'm going to take care of the Naruto now better since I know of my mistake.'

Hinata's mind was racing. Naruto was the Yondaime's son! That was wonderful news! Naruto was be so glad to know who his parents were finally. Hinata also knew that he already looked up to the Yondaime as his inspiration for becoming Hokage, and now he would have even more reason to look up to him. 'Wait... What was it about a deal between the couples?...' "Ano Hokage-sama, w-what d-d-deal did they r-reach?"

Tsunade regarded Hinata carefully then turned back to Hiashi. "I believe it is time for you to decided on whether you will honor your agreement with your friend Hiashi. If you choose to then I would suggest informing those that are apart of the agreement about it immediately."

Hiashi had calmed himself down finally when Tsunade addressed him. With no thought at all he turned to Hinata. "Hinata, its time that you learn something. Before your birth you had been placed into an arranged marriage with a son from another clan." Before he could even finish Hinata's eyes had started to tear up and she was looking down. Hiashi suddenly felt very sad. All these years he had been harsh with his daughter. First was the deaths of Minato and Kushina, then his brothers death, then finally his wife. He had become cold and hard towards his family for fear of the pain that might come should he lose another. Now he realized that while he had guarded his own heart, he had caused pain to others. "Hinata, I believe that you will like this boy. In fact, you already have met him and I know that you enjoy his company."

Hinata though couldn't bare it. This day was just to much. First Naruto had been verbally attacked by Sakura. Then she had told him how she felt and he ended up in the hospital. Next she found out an even bigger secret than the Kyuubi and was now being told she was in an arranged marriage with someone from a clan since before her birth. Thru her tears she squeezed out a few words. "I am sorry father. I will do what is required by you and the clan." Hinata proceeded to bow to him only have him stop her with a hand to her shoulder. She looked up to see her father looking into her eyes with care evident in his face.

"Hinata, my dear, I will not force you to marry this man if you do not wish it. However, you should know that why you never knew before this was because I thought the agreement null and void. It was not until a moment ago that I found out that your betrothed was alive and well all this time." Hiashi paused here to see if his daughter would understand or not.

'What does he mean he didn't know he was alive... Wait, an agreement between the Namikaze and Hyuuga clans, a clan agreement... Could it be...' Hinata's head cocked ever so slightly to one side as she thought and finally come to only one conclusion. Suddenly Hiashi found his daughter hanging from his neck. Hinata, realizing how improper it was, let him go and stepped back. Bowing she said, "Sorry father. That was inappropriate behavior for public." She stopped when felt her father place his hands on her shoulders.

"No, I am the one that should apologize. I have been cold and hard to both you and your sister for far to long." Hiashi regarded his stunned daughter with silence. Had he really become that bad that she couldn't believe what he was saying? "Daughter, I wish to tell you that Namikaze Naruto was betrothed to you before either of you were born. As such, if you both agree to it, then you will be married after your 16th birthday."

Both Kakashi and Tsunade were standing silently off to one side during the entire exchange. Both were smiling. Before Hinata could reply there were sounds of running feet out in the hall followed by an explosion. While the seal kept what was said in it still allowed outside sound in. Hearing this all three adults ran out into the hallway removing the seal. Seeing that the hall was filling with smoke both Hiashi and Hinata activated their Byakugan's. Hinata gasped at what she saw. Their were four oto shinobi at the other end of the hall along with someone she recognized as Kabuto. Then, just coming into view was someone else she knew, Sasuke!

"What the hell is going on here!" Yelled a very angry Tsunade. There was anther explosion and suddenly the air started clearing out the whole in the side of the building. "Kabuto..." Tsunade was glaring daggers at the man standing on the other end of the hall. Then she realized who was with him. "Sasuke..."

The silver haired man pushed his glasses back up on his face slightly with one hand before responding to Tsunade. "Hello there Tsunade-san, imagine finding you here in the hospital." With a glance to the other Oto-nin they launched themselves down the hall at the small group. "Its been a pleasure to see you again but Sasuke and I have a very important meeting to get to."

With that Kakashi, Tsunade, and Hiashi were left to fight the three Oto-nin. They made quick work of them but it was to late, Sasuke and Kabuto were gone. "Dammit!" Tsunade's fist impacted with the wall of the hall and spider web cracks appeared. Turning to the ANBU that had shown up within moments of the second explosion started giving orders. "I want one squad to pursue them as far as they can or until the border, which ever comes first. I three more squads to start actively patrolling the city. The rest are to be sent to the wall as guards for now."

"Hai Hokage-sama!" was the unanimous reply as the ANBU shunshined away.

"Do you think they will find them?" asked Kakashi.

"No, and even it they do they will probably die. But we still have to try." Turning she walked to the room that was next to the one they had been in. "If any of you wish, you may join me in seeing Naruto. I'm going to try to awaken him."

Hinata needed no further incentive and nodded quickly before following Tsunade thru the door. She was shortly followed by both Hiashi and Kakashi. Inside they found Naruto, still asleep and peaceful looking. Hinata walked up beside his bed and gently placed a hand on his forehead wiping back a few of the stray hairs.

Tsunade motioned for her to back up so that she could get started working. Slowly her hands started to glow green and the few remaining physical wounds and stress on the body were healed. Moving up to his head Tsunade frowned. Naruto was apparently in some kind of coma. 'Odd... Its like his mind has shut down temporarily while he coped with all that had happened.' Focusing a bit of chakra into his mind she was able to make contact with and awaken his conscious mind.

Slowly Naruto started to stir. With a slightly groan, then a smile he opened his eyes a little bit to see Tsunade hovering over him. "I might hate hospitals but this time wasn't so bad. I had the most pleasant dream I've ever had. I was told that I was wanted and even loved by someone..." Naruto trailed off as he realized there were more people in the room than just the two of them. Sitting up to get a good view he could see Kakashi (no surprise), Hiashi (curious but not concerned), and lastly a blushing Hinata. It then dawned on him it wasn't a dream. "Hinata-chan..."

Hinata, hearing the honorific used couldn't help it but sway a little while trying to resist fainting. "Yes Naruto-kun?"

Naruto just looked at her for a moment. 'Had her voice always sounded so soft? It was almost angelic sounding...' Naruto snapped out of his thinking whenever he noticed a hand being waved by Tsunade in front of his face. "Huh?" was all he could manage.

"Just making sure you were still with us. You kinda froze up on us there for a moment again." Tsunade said all of this with a smirk plastered on her face. 'He's almost as bad as her. Freezing at the sound of her voice like that...'

"I'm still here..." Turning back to Hinata, who had moved over beside his bed he continued. "It wasn't a dream was it?" She shuck her head no. "Then, do you really mean what you said?" Still not trusting her voice she nodded a yes to him. "All of it... Including the thing about love?" Hinata started to turn 10 different shades of red all at the same time. She immediately started to poke her index fingers together in front of her and let her gaze fall to the floor. Naruto mistook this as her being to embarrassed to tell him no and continued in a very hushed voice. "Oh... I guess I must of misheard you then..."

Hinata's head snapped back up instantly and she saw that he was on the verge of tears again. She immediately put her arms around Naruto and was holding him in a very tight hug. "I love you Naruto-kun... I always have and always will..."

Naruto knew his mistake immediately. However, Hinata was holding on to him tighter than anyone ever had before. "Hinata... chan... can't... air..." he rasped out. Hinata pulled away from him slightly and realized he had turned a shade of blue that couldn't be healthy as he took a deep labored breath.

"Naruto-kun! Is something wrong! I'll h-h-help you with whatever it i-is." Hinata's eyes shown with concern for the one she loved.

Naruto, looking up into her eyes saw this and was touched deeply. "No Hinata-chan, nothing is wrong. At least not now... You were just holding me a little to tight was all."

Hinata started blushing madly again realizing her mistake. "Ano Naruto-kun... I just d-didn't want you to get the w-w-wrong idea earlier." She was startled when she felt a gentle, if calloused, hand reach up and touch her cheek. When she realized it was Naruto's she just let out a sigh and closed her eyes. It was like a dream come true for her.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group just watched with mixed feelings. Tsunade was happy that her little brother had finally found someone that seemed to care for him in a way besides friendship. Kakashi, while happy for Naruto, was also worried what would happen when he heard of Sasuke escaping again. Hiashi didn't know what to feel. He felt an old warmth wash over him that he hadn't allowed himself to feel in a long time. At the same time though, he was feeling anger. Not towards the kids, but towards himself. He should have known long ago that Hinata had feelings for Naruto. Yet he had either turned a blind eye towards it or just chose to ignore it. Either way he had failed as a father, of that he was certain.

Clearing her throat Tsunade reluctantly interrupted the new couple in front of her. "Naruto, we need to talk."

Groaning Naruto looked over at Tsunade. "Come on... Can't the mission report wait till later Granny?"

Tsunade's eyebrow started to twitch at the Granny comment, but she would let it go... For now. "I know it can. This though is about something else. I wish to tell you who your parents are."

To say Naruto was surprised would be putting it lightly. He had always wanted to know who they were, his parents. Heck, he didn't care who they were or what they might of done, he just wanted to know so he would have someone to think of as parents. For the first time in a long time he was speechless so he just nodded his head for her to go on.

"First, what I'm telling you is a bigger secret than your furry friend that you carry." Naruto expected to hear some complaining in the back of his mind but it never came. "It will be up to you after this as to what to do with the information and who is allowed to hear it... Naruto, your mothers name was Uzumaki Kushina from the former Whirlpool Country. She was a great shinobi, if just a bit careless and unpredictable at times. She moved here after meeting your father and marrying him on a mission." Tsunade decided to pause for a second to see if he had any questions.

'Kushina? I've heard that name somewhere I think... Oh well, at least she was married to my dad. Heck, they must of loved each other, she moved here to follow him...' Naruto hesitantly finally spoke, "What did she look like?"

"Well, she was slender with long red hair and deep emerald green eyes. She was considered kind of tomboyish at first, but, not long after the marriage it was easy to see she was beautiful. There were few Kunoichi that could match her in beauty and at the same time in skill. She was very well known."

Naruto mulled this over in his mind for a moment. "Who was my father? Was he a very powerful shinobi? What was he like?" Naruto's eyes were starting to have a shine to them. He was finally learning of his family.

Tsunade on the other hand was suddenly very nervous. She really didn't want to be the one to tell Naruto about his father. After all, he was the one that sealed the Kyuubi into him. Wouldn't he be upset? Seeing this Kakashi set up beside Tsunade to finish since she was so nervous looking. "Naruto... I'll tell you about your father. It might be easiest this way."

Naruto turned towards his sensei. "You know who my father is? Am I the last one to find out about his secret too? I mean, I thought this was supposed to be a bigger secret than even Kyuubi!"

"Naruto, I didn't know until just a moment ago who your father was. It was at the same time that the Kyuubi was revealed to Hinata that Hokage-sama also let us in on the secret of your lineage." Kakashi's single visible eye took on a far off appearance before he continued. "Your father was my sensei. He was the one that taught be what I know. If I had known that you were his son I would have been there for you more than I was... I am sorry Naruto." Kakashi bowed his head to his young student seeking is approval and forgiveness.

Naruto though was just dumb struck. Kakashi-sensei's sensei was his dad? He thought that Kakashi's only sensei though was the Yondaime Hokage. He didn't know he had a second sensei. Just then a thought occurred to Naruto. 'Wait, his sensei? If the Yondaime was his ONLY sensei like I think, does that mean I'm the Yondaime's son?... Wait, didn't I read that he was married to a Kushina? No... It couldn't be!'

Kakashi, who had raised his head back up could see the realization dawning in this students eyes. 'Looks like Naruto is starting to connect the dots...' "It looks like you might have already figured it out Naruto. Your father was the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, the one that sealed the Kyuubi into you."

Upon hearing this Naruto completely froze with a deep furrow on his brow. 'It makes sense. He sealed him into me because he didn't want to put another family through the pain of sacrificing a child! I always wondered why me, but now I get it.' He was snapped out of his thoughts though but the gentle touch on his arm. "Hinata-chan?..."

Hinata's eyes threatened to spill over with tears that were forming in the corners. "Naruto-kun, are you alright? You look u-upset..."

Naruto looked up at Hinata. 'She's simply amazing... Even though she looks like she is about to crying she is more concerned about me...' Naruto reached a hand up and placed on gently on her cheek resulting in a soft 'Eep!' but the tears quickly disappeared seeing Naruto again had a true smile on his face. "Its ok Hinata-chan. Remember my dream?" Seeing her nod he continued. "I might act like an idiot and I might not know a lot, but after the Old Man died I thought about what it meant to be a Hokage a lot... I understand why my dad did what he did..." Naruto looked close to tears. "Having lived what I've lived through I would never wish that on anyone else. Now that I know I was his child and not just some random orphan, I feel proud to carry the Kyuubi and would choose to do it." Silent tears started moving down his cheeks slowly but steadily. "If anything I want to be Hokage now so that in the future I can surpass my dad and make sure that others family's will never have to do what he did."

Hinata along with everyone else in the room was amazed. They were having mixed reactions as to what they were hearing from Naruto. Tsunade was surprised by how mature he was acting and simply amazed that he wasn't upset at Minato.

Kakashi was witnessing something he would never have expected. Minato's son, the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, saying that he would gladly do it all again if he had too. He knew he had always wonder why he was chosen, a seemingly random orphan. Now that he knew though why, he seemed very understanding. Kakashi felt very... proud. He knew his sensei would be proud too.

Hiashi was probably be the most amazed though. All that he had ever heard about Naruto was that he was a problem child, unruly, and immature. Now though he was witnessing something that was totally foreign to him in regards of this child. Naruto was not only was taking the news well, but his reasoning was very mature and well beyond his years. How could he be so blind all this time. All the rumors and gossip he had heard and let influence him was in contradiction with what he saw in front of him. Sure, he knew that Naruto was a prankster, but he would never have guessed the possible maturity underneath it all.

Hinata, after the initial shock, looked over the expressions on everyone else's faces. Having watched Naruto for so long already knew that some of his attitude and actions were only an act. She had seen him cry silently before when he thought no one was watching. She also knew that he did study really hard and while not the most intelligent person around, he wasn't as clueless as most thought. Well... Not clueless about somethings. 'About girls though he's still my clueless Naruto-kun...' thought Hinata as a small smile crept upon her features.

Tsunade recovered the quickest. "Thats a very mature point of view Naruto. I'm glad thats the way you feel. Also, now that you've found out about your family, what are you going to do? Are you going to keep it a secret or are you going to reclaim your birthright and the clan Namikaze for which you belong?"

Naruto was silent for a moment. He really wasn't sure what to do. Reclaim my birthright, the Namikaze clan? "Namikaze? I've never heard of that clan before when reading about Konoha. The name only ever appeared as the family name of Minato, never a clan." Naruto was intrigued, did he have a clan somewhere maybe far away... Did he have family left?

Hiashi stepped forward at hearing this. "Actually, he didn't belong to a clan. Minato-san was an orphan. However, the Uzumaki's are an old clan in Whirlpool. When Kushina-san moved here to follow Minato-san they decided to found a new clan. This new clan would be a branch of the old Uzumaki clan of Whirlpool. As such they would already be a 'shinobi' family. However, with his death, all records of the Uzumaki from Whirlpool and the new Namikaze of Konoha disappeared since they were both thought to be non-existent. Sandaime Hokage-sama acquired the new Namikaze estates as a Hokage mansion of sorts. I never understood why he did this until now. I believe he was keeping them safe so that one day you could inherit them." After a short pause he continued. "This is also why no one ever thought that you really were of the Uzumaki clan. Everyone thought that they had all since expired and left this world."

Tsunade then stepped in. "After the old man's death I inherited the estates. However, I did not inherit them as part of being Hokage. He had actually set it up so that the property would be transferred to me upon his death with instructions to let you have it when you were ready." With a slight smirk Tsunade continued. "Believe it or not, Sarutobi was always looking out for you, even in his own death."

Naruto began to think again. 'So, the clan did exist at one point. I also have an entire clan estate that is mine if I want it!' This last part caused Naruto to start beaming... He had never had a real home before, especially something as nice as a clan home. "I want to move into the clan home. Also, I wish to reclaim my clan name."

"Naruto, you know this means more people might come after you... After all, sensei had a lot of enemies..." Kakashi was worried. He didn't want his sensei's only son to get killed now that he knew about him just because of his name.

"Kakashi is right kid. I don't want you to get hurt either, but it is your choice. Just know that that could mean a lot of problems later in life."

"Uzumaki-san, it might be wise to rethink this course of action. However, know that you will have the full support and protection of the Hyuuga's should you decide to go through with your declaration."

This last part surprised Naruto. He had already figured he would just be making himself a bigger target by announcing this. But Hiashi and the Hyuuga's were going to protect him? "Why Hiashi? Why would you be will to protect and support me now? I know that you don't like me." Naruto eyed him carefully looking for a lie. Instead, he saw remorse and guilt.

"I was a good friend of your family Uzumaki-san. I was supposed to be your God-father even." Naruto's eyes widen noticeably at that. "However, I thought you dead after the Kyuubi attack and blinded myself to the truth. I should have known that Minato would never use someone else's child when he had his own. He would never have wanted another family to go through that sort of pain."

"Naruto, you might not listen, but I think you should really wait." Everyone turned to the new presence in the room. Jiraiya nodded a greeting to Tsunade. "I want to take you on as my apprentice to travel and train with me for the next couple of years. That way you will be fully prepared for anything. Especially if you want to reclaim your birthright."

Hiashi, the normally stoic man that he was, suddenly had a slight smile. Most would miss it, but for a Hyuuga, especially Hiashi, it was huge. "And, if you wait, not only will you be making the announcement, but you will be getting married shortly there after on your 16th birthday."

Naruto froze. What had he just said? "M-M-M-Married?!... W-W-What d-d-do you mean??..." sputtered Naruto. Hinata, though already knowing this, had turned redder than a vine ripened tomato.

"Well, the Namikaze and the Hyuuga's had an agreement before things went south. If you have no disagreements I would like to follow thru with the arranged marriage." Hiashi stopped for a moment to take in everyone's appearance. Hinata looked like she was trying to put everything red colored to shame and possibly inventing some new shades in the processes. Tsunade was trying not to laugh out loud at the look on Naruto's face. Finally, Kakashi looked almost proud, like a parent, or close family member. "I am quiet certain that Hinata and you would make an excellent couple." Hiashi finally finished.

Naruto turned to Hinata. "H-H-Hinata... Is this true?" She nodded her head meekly. Seeing this, Naruto reached out and took one of her hands. "Hinata-chan... I don't want you t-to do something y-y-you don't want to do... Ok?"

Hinata looked Naruto straight in the eyes and mustered up ever last ounce of courage she had. "I w-w-w-w-would be honored N-N-Naruto-kun to be y-y-your w-w-w-w-w-w..."

Seeing that she was suddenly stuck on the word Naruto decided to finish it for her. "Wife?" Hinata started to nod very vigorously at this while still turning even more shades of red and smiling the biggest smile Naruto had ever seen on anyone other than himself. "Hinata-chan... I don't know much about love. I thought that I loved Sakura-chan, but realized after today that I didn't... I'm not sure I've ever loved anyone really... Or really had the love of anyone else. But if it would make you happy then I would be honored, Hyuuga-sama, as the heir to the Namikaze clan, to have Hinata-chan's hand in marriage." He smiled at his now future wife. "And I will wait to return from training to claim my clan."

Everyone seemed very happy for the new couple in front of them. After a few moments though Tsunade decided it was time to get to business again. "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think its time to get back to business. Naruto, Sasuke escaped again just a little bit ago. I have ANBU trying to track him, but I seriously doubt they will find him." Naruto looked shocked. Before he could say anything though Tsunade continued. "I will not be letting you go after him again though. Instead, as soon as you are able you are to leave to start training with Jiraiya. Also, after Sakura's actions at the gate earlier, I will not be taking her on as a new apprentice. I will though, extend the offer to Hinata if she wants."

Hiashi, for a Hyuuga, looked stunned. Hinata, to say the least, looked absolutely shocked stupid. "Me?!..." she finally squeaked out. Tsunade just nodded a yes to her. "B-B-But... I'm w-w-weak and n-not worthy of s-s-such an h-h-honor."

Tsunade just shuck her head at this. "Hinata, if I didn't think you worthy I wouldn't offer it. I know that the Hyuuga rarely become medic-nins but since you are no longer going to be heir that shouldn't matter." Hinata looked confused. "sigh Hinata, once you marry Naruto you will be a Namikaze and no longer be able to be the head of the Hyuuga clan. As such, the old fashioned ideas that medic-nins are below a main branch Hyuuga will not apply. Of course, for a little while I'm sure the Hyuuga council will complain, but after Naruto comes back and makes his claim they will have no choice but to shut up."

A few more things were discussed that night, including were Naruto would go on his training with Jiraiya and what Tsunade would be teaching Hinata. Hinata and Naruto over the next week continued to hang out and get to know each other better and Naruto was slowly starting to feel something for the young Hyuuga heiress. Sakura wasn't happy when she found out that she wouldn't be taken as Tsunade's apprentice and instead Hinata would be. She also blamed Naruto for Sasuke escaping again, saying that he never would have if Naruto wouldn't have hurt him so bad. The council wanted outwardly wanted to punish Naruto for the treatment of Sasuke but, in the meetings with the Hokage, it was clear that quiet a few wished Naruto had either hurt him worse or killed him outright.


Standing at the gate were Kakashi, Hiashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Hinata and lastly Naruto. The sight of Naruto when he first arrived had caused Jiraiya to sweat drop, Kakashi to eye smile, and Tsunade to out right laugh. It looked like he had packed to entire house in his one pack. It didn't take long for Jiraiya to seal everything (including a years worth of instant ramen) away and repack Naruto's bag.

Naruto and Jiraiya stood in the gate looking back at the group. Hiashi noticed that Naruto's and Hinata's gaze seemed to lock for a moment and it was then that he saw not only love from Hinata but love and a need to protect in Naruto's. Yes, he had made the right decision to keep the marriage contract intact.

"Naruto-kun... Please be safe for me."

"Don't worry Hinata-chan, I promise that I'll do my best to stay safe." Naruto smiled warmly at her. "And you know I never break my promises."

"I know Naruto-kun." Hinata smiled back. "I promise to get stronger for you so that when you get back I will be able to stand by your side not only as your wife but also as an equal."

"Hey gaki, you had better not get hurt, I don't want to have to come and heal you after all. And we need you to be strong so that you can take over from me in a few years." Tsunade smiled.

Kakashi stepped forward and laid a hand on Naruto's shoulder, "I'm sorry for the past Naruto, and I promise to do all in my power to make it up to you and sensei. When you get back I'll be waiting for you."

"Uzumaki-san, I will make sure that the Hyuuga are here for you when you return. However, I can only keep the marriage secret till Hinata's 16th birthday. At that time, the council has the right, if she is not either engaged or seeing someone they approve of, to arrange a marriage. While we already have one, it is a secret and as such they can marry her off. I will delay them if necessary, but I do ask that you return before then so we do not have to deal with it Uzumaki-san." Hiashi finished with a slight bow of his head.

Naruto, who was tearing up, returned Hiashi's bow. "We shall endeavor to return by then Hiashi-sama. And I shall return strong and make you all proud."

With that Naruto and Jiraiya turned and left. Everyone watched until they were out of sight. It was going to be a long few years for everyone.