Hot Damn

Okay first fanfic. Dunno if anyone will read or like but what ever. Dedicated to the lovely Adie-cha (Parakeet in the Wind), Clucky (Ninjainacan) and Jax.

DISCLAIMER: Characters do not belong to me. Belongs to Hoshina Katsura.



One: I hate Monday mornings

Oh how he loathed Monday mornings. Actually he pretty much loathed everything. Well except Soba. Anything else he pretty much hated to a T. Yes sir, Yuu Kanda was not a morning person. The sun? It can go shine its fucking happy rays of sunshine somewhere else. Somewhere that's not through his apartment window.

7:00am and Kanda was grumpy. He just wanted to go grab some coffee and head to his classes so he can get on with life and not look forward to tomorrow.

He walked along the streets avoiding the crowds. How he hated crowds. But, hell, he hated a lot of things remember? He walked to his daily coffee shop where he got his morning coffee so he wouldn't be grouchy because the sun woke him up but still grumpy because it's Monday. The little bell above the door rang gently as he opened the door and stepped in. Not giving attention to any goddamned thing that decided to be there when he was he stomped up to the counter.

It was now 7:15am.

"What can I get for you?" A little voice asked. Kanda looked down and saw a tuft of white hair.

He thought it was an old man before he observed more closely. It was a boy younger than him. Apparently he had white hair and a nasty looking scar down his face.


"One medium black coffee." Kanda said automatically regaining his composure. The boy rang his order and Kanda paid as the boy went off to fetch his order.

Usually it was the stupid rabbit that was at the counter.

"AH! YUU-PON!" Kanda twitched. Speak of the devil.

Stupid Rabbit…


Ignore him.


Damned rabbit.

"Don't call me by my first name you stupid rabbit." He growled.

"Aww! Yuu-pon's being all nasty! ANYWAYS! Have you met Allen? He's just the most adorable thing! HEY ALLEN!" Lavi rambled.

Lavi was on the list of 'Kanda's great long list of things he hates'. Crazy idiot's hair was red and pushed up with a bandana. He wore an eye patch over his right eye. Nobody knew if he even had an eye under there. Kanda stood by his theory that Lavi fell asleep with a fork in his hand and he stabbed himself.

"What is it?" The white haired boy came back with his order.

"Have you met Yuu?" Lavi asked happily.

Oh and Kanda also hated people who were always so fucking happy.

"You? Course I've met you Lavi." The boy, presumably Allen replied.

"NO! Not you I meant Yuu!" He pointed at the Japanese only to find he was walking away with his order that he had snatched from Allen.

"Ah! Yuu! Come back here!" Lavi complained. He jumped the counter ignoring Allen's cries not to. He grabbed Kanda's wrist and pulled him back to the counter.

"Let. Me. Go. You. Stupid. Rabbit." Kanda gritted out glaring threateningly at Lavi.

"Nope! Not until you properly meet Allen. Okay! Now greet each other!" Lavi stood there grinning like an idiot.

"Er…My name's Allen Walker and you are…?" The boy smiled sheepishly holding out his hand.

Great. Another smiley.

"And I'm busy." With that he turned and walked out before the rabbit could catch him again.

"I'll see you in class later than!" Lavi called after him waving.

Allen stood there shaking slightly with his smile faltering.

"Yuu-pon takes time to get to know. But I'm sure you'll warm up to him!" Lavi said still grinning but not as big as before.

"R-right." Allen smiled lightly.

It was now 7:27am Monday morning.

Oh how he loathed Monday mornings.