Hot Damn 25



Twenty five: Let the good times roll

"Lavi!" Lenalee whined pounding on Lavi's door. "Please come out!"

Usually it was Allen inside a room and the latter outside but today was special. Lavi decided to be afraid of the world. It'd been about an hour since Lenalee had Kanda pick the lock (a.k.a grab the key from under the welcome matt) and get through the many stacks of books and papers littered all through the house. Allen almost broke an arm going up the stairs. It became evident that Lavi had no intention of coming out of his room to face the world and every intention to miss his own graduation in less than 5 hours plus the prom in less than 7 hours. Cheery, isn't it? Within the first 10 minutes of begging Kanda had 'gone to the kitchen to raid, and I quote, "paranoid jackass who's a poor excuse of a man's" fridge with Allen in tow. Lenalee highly doubted that they were 'raiding the fridge'. One because Lavi never had anything…edible in his fridge (thus the reason he's never home) and two because of the not-so quiet moaning downstairs. Yeah, as big as a fangirl Lenalee was, two of her best friends sucking face in another best friends house was not much of a turn on.

"Lavi if you don't come out here on the count of three I'll call Tyki over here." Lenalee threatened getting tired of this farce. The graduation rehearsal was in 30 minutes.

A loud thump was heard from the inside of Lavi's room and a few seconds later Lavi was at the door his green eye visible through the tiniest crack in which the door had opened.

"You wouldn't." He hissed quietly.

"Watch me." Lenalee flipped open her cell phone and oh-so slowly dialed a number at a pace that made a snail look like a tiger.

"Gah! No!" Lavi threw the door open and threw himself at Lenalee's legs. "No! Not him! Anyone but!"

"You'll come out with us?" Lenalee asked raising a brow, cell phone still in dangerous poise.

"Yes! I'll go! Just not him!" Lavi wailed.

"Okay, let's go." Lenalee beamed happily shaking Lavi off her legs.

"You're not gonna call him right?" Lavi asked cautiously.

"Oh course not. I don't even have his number." The Chinese girl said sweetly making her way to the stairs.

Lavi hated the world and was really sure God hated him.


After clawing Allen away from Kanda (away as in not in extremely close proximity as to touch said Kanda) the four made their way to the school. Lavi looking like he had the life sucked out of him with a smiling Allen in the back; Kanda driving looking iffy since he was oh-so rudely interrupted, and dear little Lenalee smiling triumphantly. Oh how looks could kill.


"I can't believe you did that." Lenalee sighed exasperated.

"Bastard had it coming." Kanda shot back.

"But you didn't have to throw him off the stage and into the orchestra pit." She scolded.

"Yes, I did." The Japanese hissed.

"So he hit on Allen a little, okay, so what? But you went and broke his arm." Lenalee huffed.

"Hit on him? Since when was 'hitting' on some one feeling them up?" Kanda growled defensively.

"Okay so the dude's hand was on Al's leg it's not like he was raping him or nothing." The Chinese girl said rolling her eyes.

"His hand was not on his leg. It was halfway up to his fucking crotch. That deserved more than a broken arm, that deserved a broken back for fucks sake." Kanda hissed angrily.

"Ugh, fine whatever! But I can't believe you got away with it. Making it seem like that guy fell off the stage instead of being thrown off." Lenalee said pursing her lips.

"Like I said, he had it coming." The tall male stood up from his seat backstage and pushed past the curtains to the front where Allen was helping Lavi with his grammar for his new speech.

"Kanda, I respect the fact that you were saving your snog buddy from being raped but couldn't you have waited after graduation to have slammed the guy? I mean he was the fucking valedictorian for crying out loud." Lavi whined collapsing on the stage floor. "And why do I have to be the new one? Why couldn't it have been some one else?"

"Grow up rabbit." Kanda said with a cruel smirk.

"But Yuu, growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional." Lavi countered with a pout.

"In your case it should be a law."


"Oh fuck no." Lavi breathed as he marched onto the stage along with the rest of the graduating student body. He felt Kanda jab him in the back motioning him to keep walking. Ignoring the pain he kept going trying not to stare out into the audience. Why? So obvious. Tyki Mikk. Yup that creeper was sitting right up front waving with a grin on his face. Somehow it made Lavi shiver.

He saw Lenalee and Allen sitting across the stage. He paid particular interest in Allen seeing as he was glaring daggers at Tyki.

The first part of the ceremony was uninteresting, mostly just useless jabber out of the Principle and the VP. Lavi didn't realize it was his turn to give his speech until Kanda kicked him in the shins. Ouch. He had his speech in hand as he stood and walked to the podium, the silence of the crowd making him nervous. He set him speech down but frowned when he saw Tyki looking expectantly at him.

Whatever. Fuck him, Lavi was going to leave this graduation with a fuckign loud bang and he was gonna do it with a grin.

"Ladies, gentlemen and teachers and staff that have been on my case for the last past four years." Scattered laughter was heard. "I'm Lavi, I know I'm not what's-his-name who was supposed to be valedictorian this year but something came up and now here I am. I wrote this long speech and all but I thought I'd spare you the boredom. I walked into this school as a little freshman and I'm leaving as a senior, thought I never thought I'd make it here. Anyways, these last past four years I've encountered the great cafeteria jelly flood, the mysterious exploding urinals, the lockers that magically have new numbers everyday, creepy stalkers, stellar friends, awesome teachers and of course the 'man' that thought he could bring me down. I'm not going to forget the bathrooms that smell like weed, the classrooms that could use some TLC, outdated textbooks, the hallways that could go through a bombing and still have its dingy whiteness and the year books with the shitty covers and bad spelling in them. Well I've got one thing to say before I walk back and sit down." He paused." These have been just about some of the greatest years of my life and I think I rocked it to the fullest, so here's to me, them losers behind me and everyone in this here damn building!"

The crowd applauded loudly and even some screams were heard. He gave a big shit-eating grin pumped his fist into the air and basked in how good it felt.

He gave a mock salute and dropped back down into his seat slinging an arm around Kanda.

"Take that Yuu-pon." Lavi said triumphantly.

"Up yours fag." Kanda retorted but couldn't help but smirk.


Lenalee was proud. His boys were all grown up. She couldn't help but tear up as she called up Lavi. But that was short lived when Kanda sauntered up took his diploma shot Allen a look that said 'after this you're not gonna be walking any time soon'. Poor Allen, he won't know what's coming.


As Lavi stepped into the gym for the after party he was greeted with deafening applause and cheers. He smiled throwing his arms up in the air.

"TAKE THAT WORLD!" He shouted happily.

He was instantly surrounded by people giving him pats on the back and encouraging compliments. It took a while before he got away from it all to get the chance to plop down beside his friends.

"Man, never thought graduating would be this hectic." The redhead sighed with a weak smile.

"Look at it this way; you're all grown up and on your way to university." Lenalee said with a sad smile.

"Aw, don't look like that Lenalee, we'll be in touch. I'll tell you all about how shitty University is." Lavi laughed.

"Guess you're right…" She huffed.

"Where's Yuu-pon and Al?" Lavi asked noticing the empty seats next to him.

"Probably making out in Kanda's car." Lenalee replied taking a sip of her juice.

"…great." He drawled with a grimace.

"Yup." Lenalee agreed.


Lavi waved wildly as he watched Kanda's car drive down the street and out of view. When the headlights couldn't be seen anymore he dropped his arm and sighed in tiredness. He walked up to his house which was empty since his gramps went on a business trip to China a few days ago. He didn't want to go since he'd be missing his graduation but Lavi urged him out the door.

Lavi walked up the steps fishing around in his pocket for his keys.

"Very nice speech if I do say so myself." Lavi jumped and dropped his keys whirling around to meet golden eyes.

"Fuck! Christ, Tyki." Lavi hissed backing away.

"But that comment about the stalkers hurt." Tyki said bending down to pick up the discarded keys.

"Why the hell are you here? It's like…whoa, fuck, it's already midnight." Lavi said bewildered as he stared at his watch.

"Yes indeed it is." Tyki said rolling his eyes. He shoved the key into the door and opened it walking inside like it was his own house. Lavi gaped after him.

"Well? Coming in or not? You'll catch a cold out there." Tyki drawled grabbing the shorter males arm and pulling him inside.

"Give me my keys." Lavi said with a scowl.

"Not yet, later…maybe." The Portuguese replied kicking off his shoes and making a bee line for the stairs.

"Hey! Wait a minute!" Lavi called after the male hastily slipping off his shoes and chasing after.

When he caught up Tyki was already in Lavi's room sitting on his bed.

"Again, I'm going to ask, why the hell are you here?" Lavi said irritated taking a seat on his chair away from Tyki.

"To see you of course, what else bunny boy?"

"I'd appreciate it if you stopped calling me that." Lavi deadpanned.

"But it's so much fun." Tyki pouted leaning closer to the redhead.

"Dude, you're invading my bubble." Lavi frowned leaning away but Tyki grabbed his arm pulling him closer. Curse you chair with wheels.

"Good, I should be the only one allowed to." The Portuguese man smiled pulling Lavi onto the bed with him.

Lavi suddenly didn't like the situation. He was in his room with his stalker on the bed. Yeah, not how he wanted to spend his morning.

"Do you like me?" The question caught Lavi off guard.

"No." It sounded too automatic.


Lavi thought about it. Why didn't he like Tyki? He couldn't find a reason. Sure the guy was kinda creepy and almost killed Al but…

"I…don't know?" He though aloud a puzzled look on his face. Tyki took the chance pushing the redhead down a pressing his lips against the latter's.

"Mmph?" Lavi frowned into the kiss. He could feel the other smile. Bastard.

Tyki trapped him down, pinning his wrists above his head with one hand, holding Lavi's chin to prevent him from moving and put his weight down onto Lavi.

"Hnn!" Lavi protested trying to wiggle his wrists free.

Tyki leaned away and stared down at the flustered rabbit with an amused smirk.

"L-let me go!" The redhead hissed kicking his legs around…well, trying to.

"Not this time, bunny boy." Tyki drawled burying his face in the crook of Lavi's neck.

"This is technically rape, you know that, right?" Lavi hissed quietly as Tyki attacked his neck.

"It isn't because as they say, you can't rape the willing." Tyki whispered into his ear.

"Who…said I was w-willing?" Lavi shuddered stiffening when he felt a hand slip under his shirt.

"Don't worry; I'll make sure that you are willing." Tyki drawled with a small laugh.

"St-stop it…" Lavi bit his lip when Tyki brushed his hand along his stomach.

"Nope, just enjoy it, bunny boy."

Oh dear lord.


Lavi groaned as the sun poured into his room and his alarm started having a fit. He moved to turn it off but hissed in pain when he moved.

"That…bastard." He growled carefully sitting up biting his lip in pain.

He finally shut off his alarm before ungracefully falling back onto his bed.

He pressed a hand against his forehead, blushing as he recalled the events of…about 5 hours earlier. I'm gonna murder that prick. He stared angrily and his clock for a moment before noticing the slip of paper wedged under it. He grabbed it and found writing on it.

Bunny boy,

Good morning to you, I hope you're not that sore, I tried to be gentle I promise you that. I'm afraid I had to leave without telling you but I couldn't wake you up. You look too cute when you're sleeping. Thanks for the treat, I'll see you later.

Tyki Mikk.

Lavi crumpled the note and shoved it under his pillow. He was burning with anger now. Fucking creep. He carefully slipped out of bed and dragged himself to the bathroom. Don't think about it, just don't think about it, he chanted to himself getting ready to take on a new day.


It wasn't until a few hours later that Lavi was ready to leave his house that he noticed his key was missing. It took him a moment to realize where it had gone, and when he did it didn't' help his mood at all.

"Bastard took my fucking key!" Lavi cursed.


The prom was all that every girl expected to be. Fabulous decorations, rocking music and their fucking hot dates were all there crammed into the gym. Too bad it made Kanda sick. He'd rather be somewhere else, anywhere else but the prom. Too bad if he wasn't there Lenalee would murder him and further develop Kanda's theory that she was Satan in disguise.

He didn't' feel any fucking better either since he had to reject a dateless girl to dance every other second, plus he had to watch some girls clinging to his moyashi. It was surprising since the majority of the female population hated him for being so close to Kanda. Fuck it; he could screw the kid into the god damn wall anytime he wanted.

Lenalee was off dancing with some of her 'girlfriends'. What were their names? Fa something. Whatever.

The rabbit had yet to arrive not that he cared. He finally got fed up and shot a glare so cold it could match the Arctic. The girls fled far into the gym and Kanda gave an annoyed huff. Fuckers had no back bone.

Lenalee came out of nowhere and plopped down into one of the vacant seats.

"Whew! That was great!" Lenalee huffed gratefully taking the drink offered by Allen.

"You're a very good dancer Lenalee." Allen complimented.

"You think so? Thanks." Lenalee replied with a smile flattening out a wrinkle in her beautiful dark green dress.

"Where's Lavi?" She huffed with a frown. "He's late."

"Dead?" Kanda stated uncaringly.

"Don't be like that Kanda." Allen scolded. "I'm sure he'll show up sooner or later."

"Yeah you're right…cause if he doesn't he'll wish he came." Lenalee stated threateningly.

"Hey!" A voice shouted over the music. The three looked over and saw a frantically waving arm popping out of the crowd.

Lavi came running out dodging around the mass of people.

"Lavi!" Lenalee beamed happily.

"Sorry I'm late…I had some…stuff to take care of." Lavi replied sitting down next to Allen.

"So, looks like you lose Yuu." Lavi said with a smile.

"Go jump off a cliff." The Japanese grumbled.

Lavi just laughed.

"Hey Lavi, you okay?" Allen inquired.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why?" The redhead asked perplexed.

"Because, you were limping." The white haired boy stated innocently.

Lavi stiffened and suddenly had three pairs of eyes staring at him accusingly.

"Uh…" Lavi tried to hide his blush. Damn, he'd been figured out.

"No way! You got banged?" Lenalee asked excitedly.

"No!" Lavi blurted.

Kanda smirked in amusement.

"Who thought anybody would be willing to bang you?" Kanda said evilly.

"Shut up!" Lavi banged his head onto the table. "Why God? Do you hate me that much?"

Allen patted Lavi on the back in understanding. He knew how the redhead felt, literally. Why do you he hasn't stood up since he sat down?

"So, looks like everyone got their happily ever after, huh guys?" Lenalee commented with a wide grin.

"Screw the happily every after Lenalee, we're not done yet." Allen corrected grinning.

"Al's right. We're still going, aren't we?" Lavi mumbled weakly resting his chin on the table.

"Cheese balls." Kanda muttered under his breath. Lavi punched him playfully form across the table.

"Let the good times roll." Lavi cheered.

And that was that.




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