StarCraft: Brain Damage

Author's Note: So this story started out as a crossover from another series called Neon Genesis Evangelion, so there are a few characters from that show in here. That being said, towards the begining of this series I knew next to nothing about StarCraft's extremely deep extra-game content. After a bit I started to fix that and if you see ANY problems at all in the first few chapters involving simple stuff from the universe, please let me know in a review as I want to fix it. My chapters aren't very long at all as you can see, but that's done to purposely preserve the feeling of it being a random adventure akin to a summer movie blockbuster. I only posted the first ten chapters, and if you'd like to see more leave a review. I've got around thirty more in a file on my desktop. Please R&R!

StarCraft: Brain Damage

Chapter 1: Hot Landing

The Raynor's Raiders dropship was accomplishing exactly what it was designed and manufactured to do: drop. On a more specific level, it was dropping through the atmosphere of the former Confederacy Capital planet Tarsonis. All around it were many more dropships of the same attack force. Altogether, the invasion force numbered 6,700 strong.

Mostly Marines, like one of the six men on the particular dropship in question. Private Jim Goss sat in his bulky ballistic combat armor with his visor flipped up out of his face and his C14 Impaler rifle butt-down between his feet. Around him was the rest of his 'team'. In fact, Jim didn't really know any of them that well when he thought about it.

The red-suited Reaper next to him, Nick McCabe, he had worked with on three or four battles before this and felt that he understood the ex-serial killer well enough. The others, though, he didn't know at all. The only other standard Marine on the dropship was Private Jordan Houston who was busy reading a letter from his girlfriend across the bay from Jim.

Next to him was a big Firebat troop named Jack something or other. Jim didn't really give a shit what his name was, but he'd just made a pact with Nick to warn each other if they ended up standing next to him in combat to avoid getting caught up in the inevitable fireball explosion. The guy looked unstable and Jim wanted no part in getting to know him.

Which was more than he could say for the red suited Ghost at the end of the bench. He hadn't asked the redhead's name yet, but he did notice that he had significantly less crotch room in his battle suit when he looked at her for an extended period of time.

The final person on the dropship was the medic, Ayanami. She had her hair dyed blue and Jim didn't like her that much. She had been late for the loading of the dropships due to sleeping in and then eating breakfast late. To be perfectly honest, Jim wasn't terribly thrilled to be going into combat with any of them besides the Ghost and retired murderer next to him.

"Fucking bitch!" Jordan shouted suddenly, throwing the letter across the cabin.

"What's the matter?" Jack asked, putting his big red hand on the Marine's shoulder, showing that either they'd worked together before or that the Firebat was very friendly.

"She's fucking another guy! That slutty bitch!" Jordan exclaimed, now crying.

"It's okay man, I'm sure its just because she wants some cock," Jack reasoned.

Jordan pushed him away and started unholstering his flak pistol.

"That didn't really help," Nick muttered,

"Well I didn't see you offering any consolation!" Jack countered.

"Should he really give a shit?" Jim put in as he watched Jordan slide the barrel of his flak pistol into his mouth and place his finger on the trigger.

There was a loud bang and the bullet punched through Jordan's head, out the back and through the dropship's thin wall, throwing it off balance and sending it tumbling through the air towards the ground. Jim could still hear Nick laughing hysterically at the rapid range of emotion that the Marine had experienced so fast leading up to his suicide even over the sound of the howling wind.

The Ghost slid along the wall towards the hole, being the lightest thing in the transport area. She hit it and Jim remembered a movie he had seen where a person was sucked out of a hole that small in a long strand of pieces. That drove him to jump across the troop bay and grab her by the arm. He pulled her back and kicked a crate full of ammo into place to stop the venting of air and stabilize the craft.

"Wow, thanks," she said as she caught her breath, "I owe you one."

Jim nodded and looked at her face, feeling his legs go weak. She had a slim night vision monocular over her left eye that made her facial features even more pronounced and beautiful. And the very revealing Ghost armor didn't do anything to stop her sex appeal.

"You could start by telling me your name," Jim offered meekly for a man in such big armor.

She looked up at him for a moment as if deciding, then said. "My name's Asuka. Asuka Langley Soryu."

"Jim Goss," he said and shook her hand.

"Hate to break it up, but we're landing," Nick said from where he stood next to the ramp.

"Okay, let's rock and roll!" Jim said and readied his Impaler rifle.

The ramp dropped and a Zergling jumped straight at his face.