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Living the Dream

By xAnime07x

It's been two years since Shizuma graduated from Miatar. She was a beginning 3rd year in college while Nagisa was a 1st year. They both attended Tokyo University and living together in their own apartment. They were always stuck when is came to becoming married because their fathers didn't approve of it. But that didn't stop the two of them from still loving each other.

Nagisa woke up to the sound of Shizuma's breathing in her ear and decided to get up. She carefully removed her lover's arm from around her waist and then quietly out of bed. She went into the bathroom and took a quick shower before getting ready for school. When she got out of the bathroom, she saw that Shizuma was out of bed and was no where to be found.

'She going to pull this shit again today.' Nagisa said as she brushed her hair and closed her eyes to listen for Shizuma's footsteps.

When Nagisa was finished doing her hair, she was surprised that Shizuma didn't attack her yet.

'Oh she holding it in and I know she can't hold on for much longer,' and Nagisa smiled. She had the perfect plan to get Shizuma to come out of hiding. ' Now let's see, if I was Shizuma I would still be in the bedroom and ready to jump out on a naked Nagisa.'

Nagisa walked to the middle of the room and dropped her towel. She closed her eyes and then heard a noise but no movement. 'Oh is she good! But not for long'

" I guess I'm heading back to bed since no one is in it," said Nagisa as she climbed into bed but no one jumped out. " God damn Shizuma!! Where the hell are you!! You win today because I can't stand it any longer!! Get your ass out here!"

Then Shizuma quietly come out from under the bed and jumped on Nagisa.

" Ha! I knew you were going to give in soon. You thought that I was going to lose it but I have been practicing. " She kissed her Nagisa on the lips and then jumped off the bed saying, " I won! I won! Nagisa 4 Shizuma 1!"

"Ha-ha very funny now get ready for school. I have to get breakfast made and we have to be out of here in a half an hour. Do you think you can handle that?" Nagisa got up and changed into her clothes that she picked out the night before.

" Nope, not when you're changing in front of me like that," said Shizuma and got up and hugged her from behind. " Remember the first time we met and you were taken by my looks. You feel over because of that," and Shizuma giggled. " When I touched your hand, gave me that colors of my world again and I knew you were the one for me," and tightened her grip around Nagisa.

Nagisa fake snoring and began to giggle when Shizuma ticked her sides. " Hey! That's not nice, you know that's my weak spot!" and fell to the ground laughing.

" Well, it's also not nice to "fall asleep" when people are talking, is it?" Shizuma pulled Nagisa up and gave her a deep passionate kiss before going into the shower.

Nagisa began making breakfast and set the table for when it was done. She placed the breakfast on the table and grabbed two glasses of orange juice. Nagisa began eating breakfast without Shizuma and began doing some of left homework. When Shizuma was done getting ready, Nagisa was done eating and was getting the door.

" Who is it?" Nagisa asked before opening the door.

" Who else, dipshit! It's Karen, Lee, Tyler and Miyuki. Can we come in?" Asked Karen before barging in, as usual. " What smells so good?" and looked around the room until it came into contact. " FOOD!!" and she grabbed a piece of Shizuma's breakfast.

" What the hell is your problem, Karen? That's my breakfast you, shithead!" and Shizuma got up and chased Karen all over the apartment.

The rest of the group was laughing at the two girls that looked like retards running around the apartment. Karen and Shizuma both ended up on the ground breathing for air and laughing too. Nagisa and Shizuma grabbed their bags and the gang headed off for school.

Nagisa checked her watch and screamed. She kissed Shizuma bye and ran head to her first class. The day seemed slow because of midterms that are coming up in a week and Nagisa went straight home after her last class so she can begin her studying. Shizuma felt like making a special dinner for Nagisa and it was her birthday soon so she had to get a gift from the store for her.

On Shizuma's way home from the store, she saw the perfect gift for Nagisa. It was a cute pink dress that would look good with her dress for the winter ball. She went into the store and asked how much that dress was and he told her it was 5500 yen. Shizuma bought the dress there and asked if she can pick it up tomorrow when she gets out of school. The clerk said sure and Shizuma left the store with a huge smile on her face knowing that Nagisa is going to love the dress.

Nagisa was at home studying her brain out and decided to listen to the radio for a while. She got up and began dancing to some of songs that came on until as soon as Shizuma walked in, their song came on.

" May I have this dance?" Shizuma asked as she held out her hand.

"Yes, you may" and they began slow dancing to Because you loved me by Celien Dion.

Nagisa pulled Shizuma closed to her so she can rest her head on her chest. Shizuma smiled and kissed the top of her head. When the song was almost done, Nagisa looked up and saw Shizuma almost crying. Nagisa stopped dancing and kissed her lover until they both let out a single tear. When the kiss broke, they both lipped to each other 'I love you'.

"I'm everything I am because you loved me." Nagisa said to Shizuma and wiped her tear away.

Shizuma couldn't hold it in her and kissed Nagisa deeply and began to push her toward the bedroom. In a matter of seconds, they were both uncontrollably and making more memories. Shizuma took control this time but liked how Nagisa was making her own moves on her at the same time.

" Promise me that we will always be together forever, Shizuma." Nagisa said between kisses.

" Forever and ever, honey." And kissed Nagisa up and down her neck, until she came to her lips. " You're going no where without me. I love you, Nagisa," and let her lips brush against Nagisa's.

" I love you too," Nagisa said and kissed Shizuma softly. They finished their lovemaking with a nice quiet dinner.

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