Title: Love's Painful Truth

Author: Daxemon

Fandom: Gravitation (yaoi)
Pairing/Characters: Yuki/Hiro

Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: The Maki Murakami is the creator of Gravitation and I will do my best to not soil her creations with my filthy thoughts…….well maybe just a little. I'll make sure to clean them up afterwards. Obviously these guys don't belong to me or anyone but Ms. Murakami.

Love's Painful Truth

Yuki turned over in bed and reached out to only find and empty space next to him. Soon he realized that he heard the shower running, so he got out of bed to see what was the matter.

Yuki walked into the expansive bathroom that was part of the hotel suites accommodations and walked over to the occupied shower at the far end and opened the door to find Hiro just standing under the water spray allowing the steaming water to run down his head and onto the rest of his body. Hiro's skin was already a bright shade of red, showing that he had been in there quite a while.

"Are you trying to boil yourself?" questioned Yuki as he stepped into the shower behind Hiro and adjusting the water temperature to something he could more tolerate. After adjusting the temperature he wrapped his arms around Hiro from behind and moved the soaked auburn locks out of the way and started to nibble at the now exposed nape of Hiro's neck.

A quite murmur came from under the mane of hair obscuring Hiro's face.

"What?" Yuki questioned not hearing clearly what Hiro had said.

Slowly Hiro stood up straight and turned to face Yuki, then realized he couldn't look Yuki in the eyes when he started to repeat himself, because he knew if he did that he would loose his nerve and fall under Yuki's spell again. He rested his head on Yuki's shoulder instead. "I said I can't…..we can't do this anymore."

"How many times for the last week have you said that and yet here we are." Yuki said in his usual emotionless voice.

"I mean it this time. We can't do this to Shuichi anymore. It's tearing me apart to go to work everyday with the knowledge that I'm…..I'm…..I-"

"You're screwing his boyfriend or is being screwed by his boyfriend, in turn screwing him. Is that what you're trying to say Hiro?" Yuki supplied.

"Don't you feel anything….anything at all?" asked Hiro lifting his head to finally look directly at Yuki's gorgeous face and gold-like hazel eyes.

"Of course I do, but what's the point in getting upset over it….whatever consequences that will come of this will happen whether we like it or not, so why not enjoy it while we can?"

Hearing this caused Hiro's blood to run cold even though he'd been standing in a scalding shower for the last twenty minutes. He had to get away…..now! Stumbling out the shower Hiro grabbed one of the fluffy hotel robes and left the bathroom, not realizing that Yuki was hot on his heels.

"Hiro wait!" Yuki shouted making a grab for Hiro as he walked quickly down the hall towards the bedroom.



"Why should I?...what the hell was I thinking getting involved with you?...why am I still involved with you?...I don't do things like this……..I don't hurt my friends intentionally………especially Shuichi…………..I can't-"

"Hiro wait! Just wait!" Yuki said making a final grab for Hiro and succeeded in pinning him to the wall of the hallway and stopping him in his tracks. "You should be happy, I am not the one to chase anyone who walks away from me, but you seem to be the exception to the rule."

"We can't do this anymore. Tonight is the last time."

"Be honest with yourself Hiro, if you really wanted this to end, it would have been over already, wouldn't it?" Yuki asked locking his golden orbs with Hiro's grey irises.

"What are you talking about?" Hiro asked knowing exactly what Yuki was talking about, but still not willing to admit it to himself or Yuki for that matter.

"Don't play stupid. It's beneath you." Yuki said leaning in closer. "You know exactly what I'm talking about, it's been a month and you still willingly come to meet with me and we fuck and we talk and we go. For a month this has been happening and only in the last week you've said that you want it to be over. Could it be the fact that Shuichi came to you about, say a week ago and complained that I've been acting strange or maybe I haven't laid a hand on him in the last two weeks? Could it just be that?" Yuki said closing in the space between them with almost every word until his lips were a hairs breath away from Hiro's.

Hiro could feel his body starting to react to Yuki being so close to him and it didn't hurt that Yuki hadn't bothered to grab a robe on his way out the bathroom and was standing in front of Hiro completely nude dripping water all over the hardwood floors.

"He came to me and said that he thinks that you might be cheating on him and that…..yes, you haven't laid a hand on him in two weeks. I had to lie to my bestfriend and tell him that you love him too much to do something like that and it could be that you were just overworked from your latest novel. Do you understand how that made me feel?"

"Like shit I would assume." Yuki said as he started to undo the robe Hiro was wearing and running light fluttery kisses along Hiro's neck.

"That's an understatement if I ever heard one." Hiro answered reaching up and trying futilely to stop Yuki from opening his robe to reveal that Yuki's nearness was really affecting him.

"Hiro you can't choose who you love." Yuki murmured as he continued to kiss his way up Hiro's neck.

"You don't love me."

"Who says I don't?" Yuki said lifting his head and looking deep into Hiro's eyes just before he captured Hiro's lips in a fiery, breath stealing kiss, that left Hiro weak kneed and rock hard. "But you love me don't you." Yuki stated more than asked as he finally got the robe open and pressed his nude body against Hiro's, rubbing their erections together and causing Hiro to moan in pleasure. "Well, do you?"

"What if I do? It wouldn't matter. You don't love me…..you sure as hell don't love Shuichi." Hiro said breathlessly as his body started to burn with the way Yuki was pressed up against him.

"Your right about one thing……I don't love Shuichi, but that was long before a month ago and I think Shuichi knows it too. The thing your wrong about is about whether or not I love you. What if I did?"

"Not possible."

"Crazier things have been possible. Don't you think?" Yuki said with a smirk, before he ripped the robe from Hiro's body and began to ravish him.

A/N – This is my first fanfic in the Gravitation genre and my third overall, so bare with me if I don't capture the true essence of these guys. Also it's so rare to see a fic with Yuki and Hiro paired up together that I decided that I would take the bull by the horns and go for it so there it goes.

Also if you want this to go into multi-chap just let me know. If enough people want it because I am currently working on the sequel of another multi-chap fic of another genre I'll make the next chap lemon zesty and see where we go from there.