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This is the official sequel to 'Return', and is set six months after the last chapter of that.

Chapter 1 – Busted

Ziva David was sitting at her desk, navigating her way around ''. She was trying to get ideas for her upcoming wedding, but she couldn't decide on anything.

Tony DiNozzo was sitting at his desk, watching his fiancée with interest. She was concentrating very hard on what she was doing.

"Probie!" he hissed at his other co-worker.

Timothy McGee looked up from his computer. "What?"

"What's Ziva doing?" Tony said quietly. Ziva didn't even notice. She was intrigued with the many types of fastenings that a dress could have.

"I have no idea. Why don't you ask her?" McGee said irritably.

Tony got up and crept silently around so he was behind Ziva's wall. He peeked over and saw her computer screen.

"Your Perfect Wedding Dress dot com?" he said curiously.

Ziva turned to face him. "What?"

Tony grinned. "I thought you said you weren't even going to look at dresses until we were closer to the wedding."

"I...just...got...sidetracked from what I was doing," Ziva tried, but Tony laughed.


"Shut up," she said, punching him in the arm.

"Decide on anything?" Tony said quickly.

"Yes. Models should put on more weight."

Tony laughed.

"DiNozzo! What are you doing?" Gibbs said as he walked into the squadroom, clutching a cup of coffee. Tony scurried back to his desk.

Ziva poked her tongue at him. "Nice," he whispered.

"Wedding plans?" Gibbs asked Ziva.

"Uh. Yeah. Just getting ideas," Ziva said, turning away from her computer again.

"How was your weekend Boss? Boat still working?" Tony asked. Gibbs had gotten them the weekend off, and he had spent it taking his boat out for a sail.

"Works well. And no, I don't want to know what you did on your weekend, DiNozzo," he added as Tony opened his mouth.

Tony remained silent.

"Boss, downstairs reception called. Someone's coming up," McGee said, hanging up his phone. Gibbs went over to the elevator.

"Huh. Cool. That's exactly how we found out you were coming back," Tony said to Ziva.


"When you got back from Miami. Downstairs reception called and said someone was coming up here."

Ziva turned back to her computer. "Oh, I like this dress," she said.

The elevator door opened, and a man came out and began talking to Gibbs.

"Hey, who's that?" Tony said.

"No idea. Never seen him before," McGee replied.

"Ziva, do you know him?"

Ziva didn't even look. "Tony, do you like this dress?" she said, turning her screen so he could see.

"Yeah. It's nice. Who is that? He looks irritated."

Gibbs came back over to them with the mystery man in tow. "Here she is," he said, stopping at Ziva's desk.

Ziva finally looked up. "Oh my God."

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