Chapter 10 – Epilogue

One month later...

"That was such a nice wedding," Abby said, sipping her glass of wine. They were at the reception hall.

"Yeah," Gibbs said. Abby continued to stare at him. "No, Abby. I will not dance with you again."

"But Gibbs-"

"The first four times were enough for me. Take McGee out again," Gibbs said as McGee sat down.

"He said he's too tired," Abby said grumpily.

"We've been dancing since we got here!" McGee said.

"Tony and Ziva don't seem to be having any trouble," Abby said, pointing at the couple on the dancefloor.

Tony and Ziva had organized their wedding as soon as Ziva was discharged from hospital. They had decided on an outdoor ceremony, with the reception at a local hotel.

Ziva had finally decided on a dress – strapless, small hoop floor-length skirt and a side zipper. Tony wore the usual suit and bow-tie.

The song ended, and Tony and Ziva went over to Abby, McGee and Gibbs.

"Finally they finish!" McGee said.

Ziva smiled. "Dancing is great fun. You should try it McGee."

"Dancing with your wife is much more fun," Tony said, grabbing Ziva's hand and twirling her around. Laughing, Ziva elbowed him and went to her table.

Tony went to follow her but Gibbs grabbed his wrist.


Gibbs looked at him. "Congratulations, Tony."

Tony smiled. "Thanks Boss." He turned and went over to Ziva.

"I think they are going to be very happy," Abby said, still watching McGee.

"Alright. Fine. I cave. Let's go," he said, leading her away. Gibbs stayed at the table, watching his team.

"This is great," Tony said as he sat down next to Ziva.

"I know," Ziva agreed. Tony kissed her on the hand.

"Ready to dance again, Mrs DiNozzo?"

Ziva was about to reply when silence fell over the room. "What's going on?"

"No idea."

Kemuel David was standing next to Gibbs at his table, holding a glass of champagne in the air.

"Did you know he was coming?" Ziva asked Tony quietly. They had sent Kemuel and invitation to the wedding, mostly as a piece offering from Ziva, but they hadn't seen him during the ceremony.

"Still no idea."

"As father of the bride, I wish to make a toast," Kemuel said loudly. People began raising their glasses. Tony and Ziva slowly followed suit.

"I haven't known Tony a long time, but I do know that he will make my daughter happy," Kemuel said. "I wish Ziva and Tony the best of luck, as I am sure everyone else here does," he continued, gesturing to the other hundred or so guests. "To Tony and Ziva!"

"To Tony and Ziva," everyone echoed, and they all drank to the couple.

As soon as the noise had died down again, Ziva stood up and made her way down to her father. Tony remained at the front, not quite sure what his wife was about to do.

Ziva stood in front of Kemuel for a moment, before stepping forward and putting her arms around him. He followed suit.

"I am sorry, Ziva," he murmured.

"Same," she replied. They pulled apart after a moment.

Gibbs stood up and started clapping. Within seconds everyone joined in.

Tony held his arms apart and beckoned for Ziva to come to him. They hugged, laughing, beginning their lives together as Tony and Ziva DiNozzo.

The End.

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