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By the light of the moon: Epilogue

"Mommy! Look at what I can do!" A little girl of about five spun in her pale pink dress, sending the soft fabric flying in the air. Her dark brown curls danced about her child-like face and her blue eyes were full of happiness... Until she tripped.

"Oh! Karin, are you ok?" Mai called out to her daughter in a panic.

"I'm fine! I said I'm fine, Gene!" Karin pushed away from her older brother of seven, Gene. The boy had brown eyes, black hair, and a sweet smile.

"Alright. You didn't get scraped?" He had a slight obsession with his 'adorable little sister' as he called her.

"I said I'm fine. Go away." Karin playfully stuck out her tongue and ran towards Mai.

"Karin, be nicer to your brother. He was only looking out for you." Mai scolded and Karin pouted.

"Where's Daddy?" She asked sourly.

"I knew he shouldn't have spoiled her so much." Mai muttered to herself. "He's in the library, where he always is." Mai sarcastically added to herself.

"Actually, I'm here." Naru's slightly annoyed voice startled Mai and she turned to face her husband.

"Oh.... Hi?" Mai smiled brightly and Karin attached herself to his leg.

"Daddy! Let's play a game! Let's play Sudoku! I bet I'll beat you like I did yesterday!" Karin grinned and Naru nodded and leaned down to rub her head in an attempt to remove her from his leg.

"Karin, you have to let Daddy go if you want to play." Mai came to his rescue and he repaid her with a tiny, grateful smile. Mai felt the familiar rush of blood to her cheeks and she scolded herself in her mind.

'We've been married for nearly ten years! I shouldn't be blushing like this...' She took Karin into her lap and Gene came over to supervise. The happy family of four played several games of Sudoku usually ending with either Naru or Karin winning. And they lived happily ever after...

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