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Nick's POV

Carly and I were walking down the dark streets of this freak town. Everyone is dead and waxed from head to toe. It's too scary to believe this shit, but I have to stay strong and get Carly out of here.

"Is there anybody left alive in this town?" I had just shot what I thought would be the last person living in this town, but I didn't want to be proven wrong.

"What about this, Vincent, guy?" Carly asked. I didn't trust anything in this town; so far it's all been a lie.

"Who knows if there even is a Vincent..." I retorted. We continued walking towards the house on the hill. I rubbed the back of my head in frustration "We gotta get out of this place." I couldn't have Carly in any more danger than she was already. Even if she got on my nerves sometimes, I could never leave her in a place like this to die; I still love her and she'll always be my sister.

"Look, what about Wade and Dalton? We can't just leave them behind." I stopped in my tracks; the house was in my sight. I forgot Alex was with Dalton, shit! She should have just stayed where I could protect her, now she might be gone and I wouldn't even have a clue.

I tried not to break down in front of my sister; I couldn't be weak right now. I looked up at the house "You said your cell phone's in the truck?"


I had a new mission and that was to find Alex and get my two favorite girls out of here. I turned to Carly and banged my palm on a piece of metal next to her, "Alright, this is what we're gonna do. I'm gonna go to the truck and get your phone, and see if I can get help. And while you go back to the road, I'm going to find Alex. Paige and Blake..." Carly cut me off.

"Alex? You brought Alex here? No way. No. I'm not leaving you, I'm going to help find Alex" She sounded so determined that Alex was still alive.

I gulped back the urge to cry as I thought about the possibilities of Alex dead "Look...What if she's not even alive?" I squirmed uncontrollably, I didn't like thinking about this scenario.

Carly gave me a stern look "She's not dead, Nick. He kept me alive, he probably kept her alive too."

I thought about it for a second and looked down at Carly's hand. I now had a new determination to find Alex and make sure she didn't get hurt like Carly. I was too late to stop him from hurting Carly, but maybe I had time to save Alex. I got angry at Carly "Why do you have to be so...damn stubborn?" I tried to stop from repeating what she had earlier, but I failed. We were definitely related. I looked back at the house and thought for a second "Okay…we stick together; nothing's gonna happen to us."

Carly seemed unsure at first, but decided against it "Yeah..."

"Come on." I said and we then made our way to the truck near the house.

Before Nick's POV; Alex's POV

My head ached as I opened my eyes. I tried to put my hand on my head to stop the dark ceiling above from spinning, but my wrists were tied down to a metal table bed. The room I was in was dark and all around the room were sharp utensils. I tried to wiggle out of the restraints, but it felt like they only got tighter. I squirmed around, but my feet were also tied down.

I heard a creaking noise and looked around the room. Suddenly a door opened up from the floor boards and a tall man with long black hair pulled himself up into the room. He looked in my direction as he closed the door. He tilted his head and starred, I had that helpless feeling again. I whimpered under his stare and as soon as I whimpered he walked towards me. When his face came into the light, it look like it was completely wax and that he had no eyes.

He placed his hand on my right cheek and caressed it gently as I continued to whimper. I didn't dare to speak or fight back, I felt completely worthless. His hand slowly made its way to my stomach and once it did, he placed his hand over my stomach. My eyes widened slightly and watched his every move.

Stomping was heard and he retracted his hand to his side and went back down the secret door. The stomping continued to come closer as I squirmed on the table.

This time the actual door to the room opened and there stood a man without a waxed face. I noticed he had a name tag that said "Bo" on it. For only a second did I think I was safe, until I saw a smirk creep on to the man's face. His boots stomped against the floor as he walked over to the table I was tied down to. He stood at my side and looked over my body. I gulped as I watched his features slowly change. His eyes were filled with hunger, his breathing was getting a little too heavy, and his lips were dry to the point where he had to moisturize them with his tongue.

He slowly reached out to touch me; his hand trembled. His hand finally reached the bottom of my shirt and he gently rubbed the material between his fingers as he starred longingly.

I became very paranoid and very nervous. I wasn't sure if he was going to rape me or kill me, but I knew for a fact I didn't fear the latter as much.

"You're not as much of a fight as your friend. This just makes it a lot easier for the both of us..." His hand reached under the back my head and grabbed hold of my hair. He leaned down and directed my head by my hair; his lips pushed against mine. I squirmed under his hold and pulled at the restraints that tied me down as I screamed into his mouth. He plunged his tongue in my mouth and I quickly bit down, holding his tongue between my teeth tightly.

He ripped away and held his mouth. I tasted the blood in my mouth and nearly gagged. I spit his blood out on the floor and just as I turned to look at him, I was slapped.

"Maybe there's more fight in you than I thought..." He said looking at his hand. He glanced back at me "We'll just have to change that, won't we?" Once he said that, he grabbed my face with both of his hands and kissed my lips again. I squeezed my eyes shut and pushed my lips close together. As soon as the kiss had come, it was gone and he left through the door without another word.

When I heard the slam of a door, I cried out loud. I needed Nick to comfort me, hold me tight, and kiss my head while he whispered those sweet nothings in my ear. I couldn't do this, I needed Nick. Where are you Nick?

"NICK!!!!" I screamed in emotional pain as I continued to cry loudly. I felt my insides churn and as they started to erupt from my throat, I leaned to the side and threw up my stomach's contents.

I silently cried now as I wished for death. I could still feel how Bo's greedy hands had touched me and how his lips had tattooed their feel on my lips. I felt nothing, but dirty and couldn't help feeling that I betrayed Nick.


I stopped my crying and listened to the sounds I was hearing from somewhere in this place. What broke? And who broke it? It sounded like there was more than one person. I just couldn't tell if they were people I could trust.

I heard a door slam into something and a grunt. The stomping boots were in a slurred walk; Bo was back. My breathing seemed to halt and my limbs stiffened, I felt petrified.

His breathing was heavy, but not like the heavy breathing he had when he was starring at me. No this was a pained heavy breathing that rang through out area. I listened as a faucet was turned on, soon after he screamed in pain, but even the scream was strained. "Fuck!" I heard him yell, which only reminded me of when I bit his tongue. He gave a final grunted yell and it was silent.

I heard the creaking noise again and for a second I thought it was the man that came from the secret door, but in came Nick.

"Alex?" He whispered walking over to where I was tied down. He undid my restraints carefully, but quickly. We kept quiet so that Bo didn't hear us, but we kissed to make up for the long separation. When we pulled away, Nick starred at me for a second and then seemed to glare at me.

I was confused "What's wrong?" I asked quietly. Nick reached up and touched my cheek, the one that was slapped.

"'He do this to you?" He was angry. Before I could answer, we heard Bo yell out again.

"Nick, there's a way out on the floor." I said pointing to the secret door. Nick went over and bent down to the hole, which shone light through it. He put his finger through the hole and pulled up on the door.

He shut the door and stood, grabbing my hand "We've got to get Carly. She's down stairs." I followed him to the door, but we both stopped when we heard a truck from out side. Bo's foot steps were heard as Nick and I continued to make our way to the edge of the stairs.

"Hey! You don't ever leave here without me. You know better than that. Don't be so stupid. What's the matter with you?" Bo said to someone. I leaned down and looked to see who he was talking to and saw the man from the secret door.

Nick pulled me back into the room as it was right on the stairs as Bo was yelling cruel things to the other man.

"Hey, the town's looking real good. We almost finished what mama started. Those two are good. They'll fit perfect. What'd I tell you, huh? Isn't your work more real now? Ma would be proud." So Bo is the reason why all these people are waxed up. I hadn't heard the other man speak. "Yeah, she'd be real proud. She always said that your talent would make up for what God took away from you. Now, there's two more and we gotta make sure the other girl behaves or she'll end up just like them. We still got a lot of work to do."

Nick and I looked at each other, but before we could do anything else we heard little squeaks coming up the stair case. Nick pushed me behind him and peered out the crack of the door. He quietly opened d the door and with her back turned us was Carly holding a bat.

Nick grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth in case she tried to scream "its okay, its okay." Nick said softly her to and dragged her into the room. He let her go and as she turned around to face us I tackled her with a tight hug.

"Oh my God, Alex, I'm so glad your okay. I saw Paige and Blake's bodies. They're dead." So that's what Bo had meant when he said something about 'Those two will fit perfect.'

Nick was already half way down the secret door's path "We gotta go now."

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