Hades and Persephone

Disclaimer: I do not own Greek Mythology. Way before my time.

Chapter 1

Persephone was the most popular girl in Olympus High School. She was laughing with friends and tossing her blond hair over her shoulder. Hades was a goth who was off in a corner, alone, sulking. And watching Persephone, of course.

He'd had a crush on her for some time now, but he doubted that Persephone knew he existed.

She did know about him, and was warned by her mother not to go near him and the other "bad boys." She obeyed happily and instead, gossiped with friends or flirted with the football team all day.

But that all changed one day when they had to be lab partners.

All of Persephone's friends had skipped school that day without telling her. When it came to Science class, she didn't have a partner and didn't know who to ask. Most would affect her image. Why would a cheerleader have a band geek as her partner? Or a nerd? Or an emo? If she did, her popularity would fade away.

Everyone had paired up. The only one left was that weird goth, Hades. He had black hair and eyes, which stood out against his pale, pale skin. He had multiple piercings, too. Persephone pleaded with the professor, but he was persistent. She would have to partner up with awful Hades. Just the name made her shiver. who named their kid that? She thought that her name, Persephone, sounded pretty and feminine. Hades just sounded evil.

She pouted and strutted over to Hades. She sat down next to him, but shifted her chair WAY to the side. Hades smiled at her in a weird way, which was also weird, because he never smiled. She shivered.

They had to mix these suspicious chemicals together and make the mixture pink. when it came to chemicals, Persephone was a klutz, but Hades was a genius, oddly. He mixed the liquids together with the greatest care while Persephone sat and looked at him with her mouth hanging open. The mixture turned pink. They got an A.

Since they finished way before the rest of the class, Persephone started a conversation.

"So, your name's Hades, right?"


"I'm Persephone."

"I know."

That response made her shiver again. "Um... So, what do you like to do?"

"Blow stuff up."

"Uh, thats, well, fascinating...?"

"I also play electric guitar."

That made her feel better about the conversation. "Cool. What kind of music do you play?"

"Heavy metal."



"Nothing. It's just that you seem like someone who would like that kind of music."

"Oh, okay. What do you do?"

"I cheerlead. I actually have to cheer tonight."


"Yes. Very. Well, anyway, I also like shopping and anything to do with flowers."

"You look like a flower, sorta."


"No, it's a compliment. You look as pretty as a flower, I mean."

"Thanks, I guess."

Hades was actually blushing, which was rare. She thought about his comment and realized that she sort of did look like a flower. With her honey colored hair, perfect tan, and brown eyes, she sort of resembled a sunflower. At least that's what all of her relatives said.

"I'd better be going now," she told Hades. She walked away towards some jocks who were also done.

That night, during the game at which she was cheering at, Persephone saw Hades. He was skulking along in the shadows.

After her cheering was done, when she was walking home, someone seized her from behind. They bound and gagged her, not to mention the blindfold. She was thrown over her kidnapper's shoulders and was carried to a gothic mansion.

When she was unbound, she was surprised to find out who her captor was: It was Hades.