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Inuyasha goes after Kikyou again and leaves Kagome unprotected. Little did he know that this was Naraku's trap for Naraku to get Kagome. And use her against Inuyasha and get the shards. Kikyou agreed to this trap because she wanted Inuyasha. Now Inuyasha must try and save Kagome before Naraku fully brainwashes her and all is lost.

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Second Chance

Chapter 1

"Dammit!" a male's voice cried out as a red blur ran through the forest.

'Ha ha. You're late…again. Man, you're so cursed in love.' A voice inside his head taunt.

'Shut up! I swear, if Naraku even touches her, I'll blast him with the Tesseiga!' Inuyasha growled angrily.

'What about Kagome?' his youkai voice asked.

Inuyasha stopped abruptly. He was so worried about Kikyou, he forgot Kagome.

Whatever! She said it was alright, he thought.

As Inuyasha ran through the forest at his demon speed, he recalled his 'conversation' with Kagome.


Inuyasha sat around the campfire, watching Kagome look through her yellow bulgy bag. Sango was washing her boomerang and Miroku sat meditating. The only sound in the forest was the wind blowing through leaves and Shippo's soft breathing as he slept.

"I finally found some." Kagome called out. She took a cup of ramen out of her bag.

Inuyasha's eyes lit up. "A midnight snack eh, Inuyasha?" Miroku asked his eyes still closed. Inuyasha growled and said to Kagome, "Get the water ready, wench." Kagome looked up at him from getting the water, her eyes a burning red. "My name is not wench! It's Kagome! Ka-go-me! Learn it." She continued making his ramen.

Suddenly, Inuyasha's ears perked up. "What's wrong?" Sango asked, looking at him. "It's…its Kikyou. She's…she's in trouble…" Inuyasha stammered. Sango looked at Kagome, seeing hurt in her friend's eyes.

Inuyasha got up, cautiously. He looked to the forest and then at Kagome, who was pouring water into the cup.

"Go, Inuyasha. She needs you." Kagome said quietly. Sango could see that Kagome was wishing he would not. "Forgive me, Kagome." He said, before jumping into the forest. "Your…your ramen…" she whispered, holding up the cup, her eyes following his red haori.

"Inuyasha's so clueless." Sango said to Kirara. She meowed in agreement.

End of Flashback

Inuyasha shook his head and sniffed the air. I'm closer to her, I can smell it. He thought.

He ran on, getting closer to the edge of the woods. When he stopped at the spot that the scent was most strong, he saw a young lady in miko clothes.

Kikyou, he thought.


She watched as Inuyasha left. Muttering, she put the ramen on a log and took out two sleeping bags. "Here, let me help." Sango said, rushing over to carry one.

"Hm…that's disturbing. I felt an uneasy aura just now. It seems we have company." Miroku informed them, opening his eyes. "It seems as if the creature…has hid their scent…and they're very good at it too. But…there's also demons…following this…this creature."

Kagome closed her eyes. Yes, she felt it too. IT felt…felt like… "Naraku." She said, coldly.

"My, my. You're pretty good, miko." A cold voice commented. Kagome reached for her bow and arrows. Sango picked up her boomerang as Miroku got his staff. "Why, are you telling me you are going to try to beat me? Oh, but where's the inu hanyou?"

"Naraku, show yourself!" Kagome demanded. "If you want miko."

Suddenly, a thousand demons flew out of the forest, surrounding them. "Hiraikotsu!" Sango cried out, throwing her weapon. Kagome began shooting arrows. A demon bit Sango on the neck and she fell incautious. "Sango!" Miroku cried out and began running to her but a demon hit him in the front, throwing him against a tree. "Sango! Miroku!" Kagome cried.

"Naraku! Show yourself now! What do you want?" Kagome shouted.

Naraku stepped out of the shadows.

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