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Chapter 13 - One year Later-

"No! No, Sora! Don't touch that! Susumu! Hey! Sumiko! HEY!" a male's voice could be heard all over the forest.

"What's going on?" Kagome asked, stepping outside of their rather large house. They had four bedrooms; one for Kagome and Inuyasha, one for each of the twins and another for the guest room. They also had a large kitchen for Kagome, a living room, a playing room and a hot spring near the back.

"Let's go see. We could be early for the reunion right? Bring the twins." Inuyasha ordered. Yes, twins. one year ago they had discovered that Kagome was pregnant...with twins! One boy and one girl; how perfect! They are now tree months old, and soon will be talking and walking. Hanyou and youkai demons learn faster then mere human children.

Kagome rushed inside and picked up the black-haired girl first. "Hello, Yumiko. How was your nap?" Kagome cooed. Yumiko had midnight black hair like Kagome but had Inuyasha's gold eyes. She was mostly human and only had about quarter hanyou in her. But she was beautiful.

Kagome then picked up the tough looking silver-haired boy. He was called InuYoshi. InuYoshi had silver hair with jet-black streaks and was a full hanyou miraculously. He had claws and mini fangs, just like his pop. His eyes, though, were chocolate brown like Kagome. He wore a dark blue haori, to match his father's. Yumiko had on a light pink kimono, compared to Kagome's light green one.

Kagome rushed outside once again. Inuyasha was standing there and took InuYoshi from her. "Don't want something to happen to my pups." he told her, grinning.

Kagome rolled her eyes but quickly followed him to Sango's hut, knowing that the voice was from Miroku and the names he was calling were some of his kids.

"Kagome!" Sango cried out in relief. She was always happy to have a fellow mother around to help. Kagome laughed. Sango had picked up Yumiko and was playing with her.

"Sango!" Kagome laughed, taking back her only daughter. "You have twelve kids! Go play with one of them!"

Sango blushed. "We're going to get more, Kagome. But I don't know if I can handle them all. We're not good parents you see."

Kagome looked around the mansion-like house. It was huge for all the kids needing to be stuffed in there. Toddlers were waddling around in diapers while younger kids were running about, laughing and giggling.

"Sango! Look, there's not one unhappy kid around! You make wonderful parents! And to adopt so many!" Kagome exclained, shifting Yumiko onto the side of her hip.

"I guess. And there's more to come." Sango was once again happy to be doing what she loved most. She was teaching these young kids to defend themselves and how to use fake weapons. They were really great parents.

Miroku finally came into site with Inuyasha. Apparently the hanyou had to go around to find the rather tired man.

"Miroku! Use the whistle. NOW!" Kagome commanded. Miroku nodded and took the whistle that Kagome had given as a gift to take care of all his kids. He blew into it for a couple of seconds.

"Playing...with...kids...can...be...tough." he tried to say between taking breaths of air. Sango took out a cloth and wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

Soon, twelve kids lined up behind Sango and Miroku, all in order. "Introduce yourself." Miroku ordered.

"My name's Akane. I'm seven years old." the first girl told the couple. She wore a deep red kimono to match her name.

"Chikako. I'm six years old." the second little girl told them proudly.

"I'm Daichi! I'm also six years old!" the little boy cried out. He was overly excited.

"i'm Daiki. Daichi's little brother. I'm only five years old." a shy little boy whispered.

"My name's Emi! I'm four years old!" a young girl said to them.

"I'm Haruki. I'm three years old." a boy exclaimed.

"I'm Hanako. I'm also two." a girl said quietly.

"I'm...Kazuki...I one old." a baby sitting on the ground said, looking up at Kagome with his big green eyes.

Kagome laughed at the cuteness.

"And this is Sora. That's Sumiko. They are our only biological girls so far." Sango introduced, holding onto two little baby girls.

Miroku laughed. "This is Susumu. He's our only biological son. And this is Kimiko. We just found her about a week ago. She's about two months. Younger then Susumu, Sumiko and Sora, who are three months."

Kagome placed Yumiko down with all the other children and Inuyasha did the same with InuYoshi. The twins crawled off to play with the other kids. The only one not with them was Kimiko.

Kagome took Kimiko out of Miroku's arms. She had a couple of strands of blond hair and she had big purple eyes. "She's beautiful."

Miroku held onto Sango, holding her close to him. "I know."

"She looks too royal to live here. Her name, why did you give it to her?" Inuyasha asked, studying the young girl.

"We didn't. It came with her letter." Miroku told them, taking out a slip of paper.

Dear future parents,

This is Kimiko. She's a lovely baby don't you think? I'm afraid I can't handle taking care of such a baby. She isn't even mine! It's a long story but her real parents are dead. Please do not try to look for them or me. I'm afraid I will die soon also and I need to find Kimiko a good home first. Please take good care of her and treat her like your own! And please, don't give her up for anything! She has been through so much for such a young age. Please, put her name, Kimiko with your surname, as too I do not know her real surname. I have also attached a letter for her when she grows older, so please, once she turns sixteen, give it to her. Thank you and Kami bless you.


a very young mother.

"Wow." Kagome let out. This was a first to her. "You're going to keep her right?"

"Of course we are! We are going to fulfill the role of parents for her. She has been through a lot, to lose three parents so young. We're not letting that happen! Besides, she gets along with all the other children and that makes our mission one less of a child. After all, I did promise Miroku twenty-eight and we only have twelve." Sango sighed.

Kagome laughed.

Inuyasha growled. "I have a feeling that she's different from other children."

"We all do, Inuyasha but that doesn't mean we'll treat her any different." Miroku told him, maturely.

Kagome laughed again. "Ok well, who wants some tea?"

"Oh I do!!" a little voice suddenly cried out. "Me too! And a lollipop!" another voice shouted.

Kagome spun around in time to catch both Shippo and Akiko. "Shippo! Akiko! My, you have grown so much!"

"Kagome!" they shouted happily. Kirara and Masao appeared. "Sango!" Kirara cried out happily. The next moment was hugs and laughs as the reunion went on.

Kouga stepped out of the shadows. Ayame was following him and following her was a little girl. "Hey, mutts!" Kouga yelled, glad to be with his friends again. Ayame slapped his arm. She picked up the little red-head girl with big blue eyes.

"Kagome!" Ayame greeted. "Ayame! Tsuki! Wow! She's grown so much!" Kagome exclaimed, giving Kimiko back to Miroku so she could pick up Tsuki.

"Hello Auntie Kagome." she greeted sweetly. "Wow! She can speak and she's not even one yet!" Kagome said, amazed.

Once everyone was settled, Inuyasha looked around. "The only people missing is Sesshomaru's family. Right?"

Looking around, everyone nodded. "And Kohaku. He went out a bit to get some snacks for us but he should be back any minute." Sango explained and then the chatter chatter began.

Kohaku walked in holding armfuls of snacks. Most were for the little kids but there were some for the adults too. He placed it on the kitchen table and glanced around.

'Nope, looks like Rin's not here yet.'he thought sadly. At the very thought, Sesshomaru came. Then Minori walked in, following her were four kids.

"Woah! Sesshomaru! four kids?! already?!" Inuyasha exclaimed, surprised. It had only been a year!

Sesshomaru shook his head. "No, you dumb-brain. Rin and the youngest there, Masaru, are mine. The other two, Minaka and Minoru are Minori's younger siblings."

Minori laughed and ran to hug the ladies while The children ran off to play.

Rin saw Kohaku and motioned for him to follow her. He did so.

Once they were outside, Kohaku finally spoke. "Hello Rin."

"Hello Kohaku." She whispered, shyly.

In a moment he had picked her up in a tight hug and swung her around. "Rin! Rin! I missed you so much!" he exclaimed, unable to hold it in any longer.

"Me too! I mean, not miss myself but I missed you too! Oh, Kohaku!" she told him, happy that she was in his arms again.

"Come with me." he told her, letting her go and taking her hand. He took her off towards the fountain.

Back with the Adults

"I have great news!" Kirara exclaimed, jumping up.

"Wbat is it?" everyone asked.

Kirara looked at Masao, who blushed. "Well, we were deciding to move closer to you, Sango, so we could help out with all the kids you've got now. Plus...once we're settled me and Masao are planning to have kits! And in a litter there's usually four, so as a token of my friendship, you can have one of my kits. We'll always be close by anyway."

Sango gasped. "What?"

"Please, Sango. I know you would make a lovely mother. She would still be mine but she just lives with you! The kids would love her!" Kirara persuaded.

"Ok." Sango gave in. "Thank you!" Kirara told her, hugging her best friend tightly.

Sango laughed.

Shippo jumped up. "I have news too! me and Akiko promised that once we both turn eighteen we're going to get mated!" he shouted proudly. Everyone burst into laughter.

"Shippo, where did you come from? You should be playing!" Kagome told him, shooing him outside. "Well, I just wanted to let you know." he said sadly. "And we're so happy for you and Akiko, Shippo but you have to wait a while before making that choice." Kagome told him. "Ok." he agreed.

Once Shippo was outside, Kagome returned to the room. And everyone began to tell stories once again.

Kohaku and Rin

"Ok, you can open your eyes now." Kohaku ordered from Rin. He had had her close her eyes so she wouldn't see where he was taking her.

Rin slowly opened her eyes and gasped. He had taken her to a waterfall, and surrounding it was all sorts of flowers. "It's beautiful!" she murmured, amazed.

"I know. That's why I took you here." Kohaku said.

"Oh I love it!" she told him, happily.

He pulled her into his arms. "I love you."

She blushed. He leaned down and lightly kissed her cheek. "I love you too Kohaku." she told him, finally admitting. Was it ok for little kids to be in love? she wondered.

He took a couple of purple and pink flowers from the ground and quickly made a flower crown, placing it gently on Rin's head. she smiled and he felt is heart melt.

He pulled her into an embrace again, taking in the smell of her hair, and her body's warmth.

It felt like time stopped for both of them.

Later at Night

Kohaku and Rin had returned to play with the younger kids. Soon, Sango called them all for dinner.

Once all the kids were seated down somewhere, Sango, Kagome and minori began to pass out bowls of soup and such while Kirara took care of the adults.

Once dinner was finished, Kagome picked up Yumiko and InuYoshi. "Sango, thanks for the meal. It was great to see everyone again but we really should get going. Come on Inuyasha."

Yumiko began to cry. "Oh, baby, shhh shhh its ok, we'er going home now, ok?" Kagome tried to comfort her but she continued to cry. Inuyasha grimaced and took InuYoshi out of Kagome's arms so she could quiet the little girl.

Once Yumiko was crying, some of the other kids cried too, creating a rather large racket. Mothers and siblings ran around, trying to get everyone to quiet which was impossible. Soon, everyone had quieted down except Yumiko who kept crying.

"I guess I should take her home now. " Kagome told the group, waving goodbye before walking ahead. Inuyasha followed her.

"Shut her up, Kagome!" he commanded, getting annoyed. InuYoshi scrunched up his face at the noise.

"No, No, InuYoshi, it's ok. Come on, it's ok. Don't cry." he cooed and InuYoshi relaxed. "See, Wench. Like that."

"My name is not Wench!" Kagome exclaimed, but thought better of it and continued to try to calm down Yumiko.

Finally, she fell asleep in Kagome's arms. "Finally. Pathetic half-human." Inuyasha muttered.

Later at midnight

"Hey! wench! Bring the little girl out here! It's beautiful!" Inuyasha called in from outside.

"Inuyasha! It's cold! they could get sick!" Kagome scowled. He seemed a bit different these days, especially today.

"Not my pups! Now come on!" he persuaded.

She gave in. "Fine." Kagome picked up a sleeping Yumiko and brought her outside. The cool night air woke her up and she began to sniffle. "No, shhh...Yumiko, please don't." Kagome begged. Yumiko quieted down.

On a log sat Inuyasha. He was holding onto InuYoshi.

"It's almost midnight." he whispered, wanting to see his daughter transform. Kagome sat beside him.

"Let's put both of them on the ground." Kagome suggested. Inuyasha nodded and placed the baby boy down as Kagome sat the baby girl beside him.

InuYoshi stared at Yumiko as silver ears appeared on her head and she got silver streaks and claws. He twitched his black ears.

Inuyasha sighed. He had wished that both his pup would be hanyou like him.

"InuYoshi would grow up to continue our family's greatness." he told his beloved mate.

"What about Yumiko?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha sighed again. He should just tell her what he thought of that thing he called a pup. His pup. "Yumiko's ok, I guess." he stopped, not knowing how to go on.

'Maybe we should just drown her.' his youkai said, evilly.

"You guess?" Kagome questioned, raising her eyebrows.

"Actually no. Yumiko is a dissapointment. She can't be called a hanyou and definately not a human." he motioned to the ears. "She's a big fat nothing! She's pathetic! She can't even keep her hanyou form!" he spat, watching in disgust as Yumiko returned to her human form.

Kagome gasped. She could believe he had said that! She wasn't going to let him get away. "Oh yeah? What about me? I'm full human! She's your pup! I can't believe you said that! You're not fit to be a father! I'm going home and I'm taking the twins with me! You can be a lonely, pathetic Inu-baka!" she shouted, angrily, standing up.

She grabbed the babies and ran off towards the well.

Inuyasha chased after her. "Kagome! I wasn't talking 'bout both of them! Give InuYoshi back!" he shouted, quickly catching up to her. He didn't want to give up his son. Oh no, InuYoshi would become great.

They stood at the well, glaring at each other. InuYoshi struggled to get loose and finally freed himself, jumping into Inuyasha's arms.

Kagome winced as Inuyasha sneered. Tears streamed down her face and Yumiko began to cry too.

"FINE! Keep the boy! You love him much more than me or Yumiko anyway! I don't care! I...I hate you! I'm sealing up the well and never coming back!" she shouted. "OSUWARI!"

Inuyasha let InuYoshi jump to the ground before he fell faced-first in. He never did see Kagome leave and never return but InuYoshi sure did.



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Japanese words I have used throughout the story:

osuwari: sit

ramen: a kind of instant soup/noodles

haori: a kind of garment for men particalarly Inuyasha and now InuYoshi

miko: priestess

hiraikotsu: Sango's battle cry

hentai: pervert

Akiko: bright child or sparkle child

kitsune: fox demon

youkai: full demon

hanyou: half demon

inu-hanyou: half dog demon

neko: cat

otou-san: father

okaa-san: mother

onee-chan: older sister

kohaku: amber

inuyasha: dog demon (weird i no)

backlash wave: a move from Inuyasha's tesseiga

tajiya: demon slayer

sora: sy

sumiko: clear child

susumu: advanced;proceed

Akane: deep red

Chikako: thousand perfume child

Daichi: large land wisdom

Daiki: valuable great radiance

Emi: beautiful blessing picture

Haruki: sunshine randiance

Hanako: flower child

Kazuki: harmony hope

Kimiko: empress child

Masaru: victory

Minaka: beautiful child

Minoru: truth

Rin: dignified, severe, cold (yikes! I never knew that!)

InuYoshi: the best dog

Yumiko: arrow child