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"Daniel Jackson."

Turning from his discussion with Cam about how ancient statues on alien planets were not to be used as back scratchers, he watched as Teal'c walked up to him, Vala at his side. "Teal'c, hey."

Vala grinned and waved, but Daniel didn't even bat an eyelash at her, earning a pout.

"I have a question." Seeing he had everyone's attention, he nodded with a curious expression. "What are Furries?"

Cam's eyes went wide and he looked down at the drink he'd been holding, glad he hadn't taken a drink from it. "Uhm..." He cleared his throat. "Where'd that come from?"

"I heard Captain James speaking of it to Lieutenant Harrison. He mentioned it would be quite...entertaining."

Nodding, Cam turned to Daniel, who's face was a deep cherry red, and his jaw was hanging open. "Uh..."

"Well, go on. Explain it to the man." Cam prompted with a grin, catching sight of Vala's curious expression. "Oh, and uh, lady."

Turning an evil glare on Cam, Daniel raised one eyebrow before turning back to Teal'c. "I'll explain later." He quickly decided as a couple of soldiers walked by.

Vala grinned at this. "Why? Is it like gay porn, or something?" She'd been on earth long enough to pick up a lot, not all of it necessarily good.

That comment had Teal'c's eyebrow raising. He, too, probably knew what gay porn was, but luckily, remained silent about that.

"Uh, no..." Drawing out the 'no', Daniel's face flushed and he brought up a hand to run it through his hair. "It's...um...people in furry suits."

"Dressed like animals." Cam put in oh-so-helpfully.

"I do not believe I understand." And indeed, Teal'c was frowning in confusion.

Vala nodded, her own confused frown adorning her face. "Yeah, me either. What's so bad about people dressed in furry suits? Ok, so the animals thing is a little weird, I mean, I know a guy who knows a guy who has a machine that can actually turn people into-"


A couple more soldiers were walking by and stared at her in confusion, a slightly weirded out look over their faces before continuing on, and Daniel's face looked impossibly red.


Looking to Teal'c Daniel shook his head. "I just... I'll tell you later."

"Come on, someone tell him. I wanna see his expression!" Vala's grin had turned positively evil by now, and Daniel began to suspect she had a rough idea of what they were.

Walking over to Teal'c, Cam reached up and whispered something in his ear. First, one eyebrow raised. Then the other. Then both, and his frown deepened.

"Ok, ok, enough with the whispering! I want to know, too."

Cam obliged easily and began to whisper in her ear.

"Oh, man..." Daniel groaned as he covered his eyes and shook his head again.

"Damn!" Vala's eyes had gone wide. "Are you serious?"

Cam nodded solemnly, although his eyes were sparkling.

"People...in furry suits..." She shook her head. "People dressed like animals, having se-"

"BEEP!" Daniel put in loudly, drowning her out, as several fairly young officers walked past. Seeing their confused looks in his direction, he waved them on and ducked his head. "Never mind. I guarantee you don't wanna know."

"What?!" That was Vala, her look torn between incredulous, intrigued and highly amused.

Nodding quietly, Teal'c's face was as masked as usual, but his eyes glimmered with an unusual light. "I do not believe I have ever done anything like that." Turning to Cam, he tilted his head a little. "I am interested in giving it a try. Have you any idea where to get a furrie outfit?"

Vala nodded simply with a 'Yeah, me too' expression.

Cam's eyes bugged and he backed off with a shake of his head. "Oh, whoa! Don't ask me there, buddy. Maybe you should go ask, uh..." He snapped his fingers, obviously trying to ignore the redness in his face. "Captain James. He'd probably know."

"Yes. You... You do that." Turning around, Daniel walked off, wondering how the hell he always managed to end up in these types of conversation.


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