Alright, I saw this challenge recently and decided to try it:
Put your iPod or iTunes Library on Shuffle, writing drabbles during the first ten songs that play.

I know it's random, but I'm having a bit of writer's block with One More Clue but still wanted to write something NT. I have feeling I'll be doing this more than once, so it'll be multi-chapter on the dates I do the challenge. Hope you guys enjoy my random little plot bunny brain farts involving National Treasure! XD


. Monday, June 23, 2008 .

1. 'Television Televison' by Ok Go

Ben leaned forward in the sofa, staring at the TV.

"And that didn't even match!" From the kitchen, Abigail was going on about paint they had ordered or something. He couldn't care less; the television held all of his attention right now.


"I mean, cranberry means cranberry, not maroon-"


"What?" she replied impatiently, walking up behind him and falling silent. "Oh. My. God."

On the screen was a picture of Ian Howe.

x x x

2. 'Irish Party in Third Class' by Gaelic Storm (Titanic Soundtrack)

Riley was maybe a fourth of a percent Irish blood, but that didn't mean he couldn't embrace it on St. Patty's Day. He found himself in his favorite bar with his friends drinking and being loud as the music around him pulsed and the drinks kept coming. He was hammered in no time. A blonde woman sat down beside him at the bar.

"Hey!" he shouted at her. "Let me buy you a drink!"

"That's okay-"

"I insist!" He could barely hear himself over the music. "You're hot!"


He stared at her. "How do you know my name?"

The woman grabbed the neck of his shirt, bringing him inches from his face with a stern glare. It took him a moment, but he started to laugh stupidly.

"Ohhh… Hey Abs."

x x x

3. 'The Trail We Blaze' by Elton John

"Look on the bright side," Ben tried, looking back as Riley struggled to keep up in exhaustion. "At least it's not-"

"Don't say it!" Riley yelled terrifically. "The car already broke down and map is destroyed. We're in a mess as it is, and you wanna go and say 'at least it's not raining.'"

At this, a loud clap of thunder sounded. Riley and Ben looked up from the dirt road they followed as it began to quickly dot with rainwater. Ben held in his laughter as he looked back at Riley's blank face.

"You said it," he said, continuing on.

Dejectedly, Riley simply sat down in the middle of the road and let the rain soak him through.

x x x

4. 'Talk Dirty To Me' by Poison

Riley never lusted after any girl more than he did Alicia Spedwick in junior high. She was the goddess of all things glorious, beautiful, and Miss America. And she was finally single.

He was taping a note to her locker asking her to sit with him in lunch since he wasn't brave enough to ask her to her face when Bryant McKinney came by. The all-around school bully and tallest kind in the eighth grade, Bryant opened the locker without a word and shoved Riley inside painfully.

"Bryant!! LET ME-!!"

Suddenly, the locker opened again. Only it was Alicia Spedwick with his note that fell to the floor in hand. He looked horrified and shocked beyond words.

The amazing thing was, she didn't.

x x x

5. 'Come Back Evy' by Alan Silvestri (The Mummy Returns Soundtrack)

Ben heard the gunshot, but he didn't feel it; he felt the panic in Abigail's voice stab him in the ribs before he pulled his hand away to see the blood smeared over it. Staring at Ian, he dropped to his knees and fell forward.

He was numb.

Riley attempted to punch Ian but was knocked unconscious by the butt of the gun. One of his men kept Abigail rooted from running to his side as Ian approached him.

"Pity you still haven't mastered the ability to cooperate with those who need you to the most," he spat. He bent over as Ben shook, taking the envelope from within his coat. "Better luck next time."

x x x

6. 'Wish We Had More Time' by Trevor Rabin (Get Smart Soundtrack)

As the mourners leave, he remains, staring at the two symmetrical rectangles littered with roses as if they are an illusion, a trick of his mind. He wants to switch the letters around on the tombstone so that it reads different names; names of strangers, not names of his friends. The shock has long-sinced numbed him as opposed to the flurries swirling about in the wind and the frozen ground he stands on. The frozen ground that encases them. He wants to keep them warm forever.

Riley's thoughts drift back to the hospital, where a seven-pound, four-ounce miracle is sound asleep and oblivious to the chaotic tragedy by means of its entering the world.

x x x

7.'Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)' by Aqualung

Accidently-on-purpose, Riley kicked Abigail under the table. She looked up, giving him a look that would kill the dead a second time. He chanced a humorous smile as he took another drink of his wine; he took guilty pleasure in making her look evil.

"What?" she asked. Suddenly, a sharp pain dug into Riley's leg, and he bit the cloth napkin to stifle his howl of pain from her returned kick. She smiled devilishly. "Is that all you got?"

Riley didn't reply. He fought back tears of sensitivity as Ben came back from the restroom, taking another drink immediately.

x x x

8. 'Bad Day' by Daniel Powter

Ten-year-old Benjamin Gates sat on the couch looking at the Templar book with a sudden lapse of interest. His grandfather, John, came back into the living room with a pile of grilled cheese and two cans of soda, curious to see why his grandson looked so distraught.

"Benjamin? What's wrong, son?" he asked gently, sitting down beside the boy.

Ben sighed and didn't look up from the book. "Mom's leaving us."

x x x

9. 'The Magic Spirit' by James Horner (Bicentennial Man Soundtrack)


Riley promptly threw his controller mid-air and fell to the floor, not sure if he was more stunned that he did so or that he had the lungs to scream like that.

"Jesus, give me a heart attack," he mumbled, climbing to his feet and running upstairs. He flicked on the bedroom light to see his son holding a flashlight on the wall while clutching a blanket close. "What?" he panted.

"Spider!!" the boy screamed. "SPI-!!"

The eight-legged creature scaled the opposite wall as he continued to yell, and Riley bravely stepped forward, took a plastic toy cup of sorts, and trapped the spider. His son kept yelling until Riley tossed it out the window with a sigh.

"There. Better?"

The boy nodded timidly. Riley yawned.

"Back to sleep, bud. Goodnight."

"Night. Thank you."

Riley chuckled to himself as he shut the door and headed back downstairs.

x x x

10. 'Falling Slowly' by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová (Once Soundtrack)

Abigail sat on the floor in dismay. There was a soapy, wet mess that would sparkle when it dried has Ben not just come running in and slipped, crashing unceremoniously to the floor. She just sat there aminute and watched him groan about his hip, lamenting the condition of her day's hard work.

"Abigail? Help me up," Ben said.

For some reason, a calm anger made her grab the full bucket of dirty water and throw it on him. He sputtered more, she remained indifferent.

"What was that all about?" he asked. Silence. "What, you're not gonna answer me?"

"Nope," she said.


Ben sat up, grabbed the sink hose, and sprayed her.

She fumed.

Then, unmistakably, her lips upturned into a traitorous smile.

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