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. Sunday July 6, 2008 .

1. 'You're Sensational' by Frank Sinatra

"Frank Sinatra?" Abigail laughed. "Really?"

Ben smiled and took her in his arms in the living room, bringing a slow dance out of thin air. "What's wrong with the classics?" he asked.

"Nothing. I just didn't know you had an ear for him."

"I don't really, but I learned that from my grandfather. Playing Frank Sinatra lets a woman know you've got class."

Abigail gave him a look of humorous skepticism. "That's it, huh? I just thought I dated lots of guys that listened to him. I thought you were different!"

"I am different," Ben said. "You married me." Her smile made him glow. "Happy Anniversary."

2. 'Davy Jones' by Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Soundtrack)

Riley sat up. His head was throbbing, his arm was twisted funny. He looked at the shattered glass of the windshield and then over at Ben who was cutting through his seatbelt with a box knife. Not caring where he got it, Riley nudged him.

"Get mine, get mine," he said, sitting up awkwardly with his arm. Ben nodded and reached over, and a flame suddenly lit up on the other side of the windshield. Ben ad Riley exchanged looks before desperately sawing through the seatbelt and diving out of the car.

3. 'Bunnies' by Trevor Rabin (National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Soundtrack)

Line it up... Make sure it's straight… No!

Riley scrunched up his nose at the other end of the table from where Ben ate his bowl of cereal indulged in the newspaper. Quite bored, Riley had taken to finding other used for the leftover Easter candy other than eating it; he positioned one of the purple Peep rabbits upright between the table and his index finger ready to fire. He squinted his eye shut for a perfect aim, did his own mini countdown, and flicked the rabbit.

It went airborne surprisingly high. To Riley's amazement, it landed right in Ben's bowl, splashing milk on him. Ben looked up wordlessly. Riley smiled and pointed at the bowl.

"That… was cool."

'Hanging by a Moment' by Lifehouse

Abigail flattened her dark dress a little more before she felt confident enough to leave the restroom. As soon as she did, Riley popped up from around the corner, scaring her.

"Riley, what are you doing?" she asked impatiently. Riley ignored her and extended a glass to her.


"No, thanks," she said, heading for the bar. "I want something a little more potent."

"Potent?" Riley raised his eyebrows and followed her. "Did I mention the nog was spiked?"

Abigail stopped abruptly and turned around to face him. He looked thrown off entirely.

"What's in it?" she asked curiously.

"Egg," Riley said slowly, "and… nog."

4. 'Petition Denied' by James Horner (Bicentennial Man Soundtrack)

'Ian Howe, I find you not guilty-"

The court room went into an uproar, but Ben could only hold his head up with his quaking hand in denial of the words. The judge hit the gavel a few times before overriding them again with his decision.

"-Not guilty in regards to the death of Riley Poole for lack of substantial evidence. Case dismissed."

The final strike of gavel knocked the wind out of Ben and Abigail both. They looked over as Ian rose from his chair with his lawyer, catching the man's sickening wink on his way out.

5. 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)' by My Chemical Romance

Andrea gave Riley a level look as he doubled over from his run. She continued to read her book.

"What do you want?"

"I'm… I'm sorry I… forgot about last night," Riley said. "I was studying for SATs for this morning and got obsessed with how bad my future would be and lost track of time."

"You left me in a drunkard town! You couldn't put your computer down long enough to come get me?!" she asked. "Instead my boyfriend forgets me and I get to ride back with Nelson Rutherford from the towing company!"

"I'm sorry!" Riley said. "I'll make it up-"

"Don't bother." Andrea got up and walked away, eyes never leaving her book.

6. 'Strawberry Fields Forever' by The Beatles (Love Album)

Abigail finished putting the sliced strawberries on the top of the cake in rows, touching a few to move them in line with the others. She smothered over the blueberries in the corner of the flag cake 

with a spoon to make it nice and even, proud of her work. The white fondant stars came next, and oh, it looked perfect.

An hour later, after finishing some laundry, Abigail came back to put the 'Happy Independence Day' writing on the sides of the cake. But when she opened the fridge, a large chunk was missing from the bottom left corner. She stared, then screamed.


7. 'Hurley's Handouts' by Michael Giacchino (LOST: Season 2 Soundtrack)

"Ben? We need more ketchup over here," Riley said, manning the condiment end of the hot dog table. Ben handed a woman two hot dogs on a plate with a smile before giving Riley a large ketchup jug.

"Out of mustard, too?"

"Not yet. Mayo's getting low, though." After a few more people went through, Riley wiped up some stray squirts of ketchup and asked Ben, "How'd you get us into this one?"

"What do you mean?"

"Free Hot Dogs? What's wrong with the classic Spaghetti Dinner?"

Ben looked at him. "It's August, Riley. Do you want to sit down in a hot room and eat spaghetti, or would you rather sit outside and eat a hot dog?"

"Is it raining outside?"

"No, it's just like this," Ben assured. Riley shrugged.

"Eh. Next time, we do the best of both worlds and make meatball hoagies. Suggest it to The Man. He might agree."

8. 'Shadowplay' by The Killers

Ben stood in the doorway of his old apartment, watching the movers, Riley, and Abigail shuffle boxes of his belongings towards the door more. Abigail nudged him with a box, bringing out of his reverie.

"Look out," she said with a smile.

"Oh." He stepped aside, immediately picking up a box himself. Abigail shook her head as she left. Ben gave the room another longing sweep. He was ready to move in with her in a heartbeat, but this had been his own for almost thirteen years.

"Aw, Ben, come on," Riley said, walking by. "Are you getting nostalgic?"

"Kind of," he said. "While moving into a house of meaningful and historical amenities, I will miss the couch."

Riley looked over at the ratty thing, remembering how he'd often slept there after a night of long work. The pizza stains were mostly his fault, too.

"She's making you leave it, huh?"

Ben nodded. 'Yes." Riley walked away.

"Watch yourself, buddy. All women have joined the Dark Side at one point in time."

9. 'Details' by Robert Downey Jr.

Abigail and Riley spent the long autumn afternoon raking up the thousands of leaves that littered the yard. Abigail sighed as she finished a particularly large pile, leaning against her rake. She turned around to yell for Riley about taking a break when a handful of leaves was thrown right in her face.

"Riley!" she shouted in surprise. What she meant to come off as anger dissolved into a smile. "What are you doing?"

"Come on," he said, nodding to the leaves. Abigail's face fell, and she shook her head.

"No, I just raked those up."

Wordlessly, Riley grabbed Abigail by the waist, lifted her off her feet a little (all the while enduring her protests), and dove into the giant cushion of golds and reds. They sank halfway down, pushing aside leaves to see the clear sky again. Abigail looked over at him incredulously, but he threw more leaves at her. She returned fire.

In five minutes, it looked as if they had done nothing at all that day, but they didn't seem to mind.

10. 'Short Skirt Long Jacket' by Cake

Ben was never one for the marching band, but ever since he had spotted Katherine Gembor playing a bassoon in the streets of the Thaksgiving parade, he knew he had to meet her. Besides, everyone was prettier than those band uniforms and white plumes on their hats made them look.

At the next football game, after the halftime show, Ben caught her at the edge of the bleachers and asked her out.

"Bassoon in a marching band?" he asked with interest over dinner the next night. "I've never seen that."

"I've never seen a history geek go for a band geek," she laughed honestly. "Do you know anything about music?"

Ben shrugged. "I took piano lessons a few times when I was younger, but that's it. Do you know anything about history?"

She laughed timidly. "Not much. Just that… it's a study of old things."

Ben looked at her strangely as she took a drink. They would never see eye to eye.

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