Death Note

by blackdragonflower

Death Note belongs to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

May 21, 2008


A complex puzzle between good and evil one must face,

The great mystery turned into a race.

Who will be the first to see the end?

Shinigami has decided to lend,

A terrible power into the hand,

Of a fearfully intelligent man.

One stood in his way, but he fell,

The last thing the onyx haired young man heard was the ringing church bell.

Two boys follow in his steps,

The mission to solve this accursed case and put their idol's soul to rest.

The first as white as the purest snow,

That falls as the winter's chilling winds blow.

Trains whistle and dice clatter,

His footsteps like the rain's soft pitter-patter.

The second black like the darkest night,

He's always putting up a fight.

Underdog, always second in the matters of place,

His mistakes and anxieties scarred into his face.

Sweet chocolate calms his ragged nerves,

And he smiles only for his best friend a technology nerd.

The first succeeded and the second failed,

But in the end Earth, Hell, and Heaven saw which side prevailed.

The case finally drew to a close,

And for a moment it seemed as if time froze.

It is over, final and done,

Or is this just the end of chapter one?