Title: More than your Captain

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Summary: Ryoma's life had always been about tennis... That is, until he met one Tezuka Kunimitsu who tries to get his attention and later becomes his lover. But of course, there are still many obstacles heading for the young couple. How will they handle it?

Warning: THIS IS A YAOI FIC AND A KUNIMITSU X RYOMA FIC. You have been warned DO NOT READ if you know that this is not what you want… and it's a little too OOC…

Chapter 1

It all started on a regular practice in Seishun high, the captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu, watched on one of the classroom windows as the Seigaku tennis regulars practice. One person that caught his eye though, was a very stubborn, very arrogant, cap-wearing boy. The said boy was playing against a second year named Arai. He could see that the boy was talented… very talented, not to mention kinda…cute?! Wait, what was he thinking, he shook his head and went down from the building to meet his members.

When Echizen Ryoma first saw the captain, he was amazed by the presence surrounding the handsome tennis player. Being a very stubborn boy, he decides he wants to beat Tezuka, so he challenged him in a match.

"I'll surely beat you" Echizen Ryoma muttered under the sun as he regained his normal breathing from the tiring match

"You should not underestimate your opponent, that is one of the basics of being a good tennis player" Tezuka lectured his kouhai.

"Whatever" Echizen Ryoma rolled his eyes.

The game ended up 6 to 3, "Game and match, winner Tezuka" Ryusaki-sensei announced. 'Heh, Ryoma's not bad. Just like his father, only Tezuka is still far too good'

After the game Tezuka approached a very tired looking Ryoma "Echizen, will you become the pillar of Seigaku?" Tezuka asked confidently

He thought about it for a while whilst regaining his breath before answering…

"Heh, sure if it means beating you" Ryoma glared at Tezuka. He wasn't sure but something about the captain made him want to agree. Somehow, the thought of playing his captain again brought joy to his heart. He couldn't explain his unusual feeling. He was known to accept any challenge as long as it involves tennis, and this person had just beaten him in his own game.

"Then you must take it from me" Tezuka's glasses flashed challengingly towards Ryoma.

"I will, I swear!" Ryoma couldn't help but accept such a hard challenge. 'This should be good'

The game between Ryoma and Kunimitsu made the younger boy realize that he needed to get better in order for him to take the pillar of Seigaku from Tezuka.







Next morning was a Saturday so there were no classes. Ryoma had decided to practice in the park.

'I need to get better!' Ryoma thought, as he was about to do the powerful Twist Serve against the wall.

After his practice Ryoma got really tired and fell asleep on the ground. Well, he wasn't intending to fall asleep he just figured he'd take a nap. He didn't expect his intense practice to take such a toll on him. When he woke up, he realized that his head was lying above Tezuka's lap.

'What am I doing here!' Ryoma asked himself, immediately sitting up.

"Echizen, sleeping on the ground after practice is not healthy. What were you thinking?" Tezuka chided. From the tone of his voice, he was obviously displeased.

"Buchou, what happened to me? …and why am I here?!" Ryoma looked at Tezuka's lap - referring to his very comfortable pillow a while ago.

"I rescued you from those tennis players who were kicking you while you were sleeping." Tezuka could still remember the anger he felt when he saw those bastards kicking Echizen while the freshman was soundly sleeping. He never thought that the judo techniques his grandfather taught him would become very useful. He was suddenly grateful that he got there in time before Echizen could receive more than just bruises.

"Where are we?" Ryoma asked, looking around the unfamiliar room.

"We're in a hotel" Tezuka answered in a flat tone.

"A HOTEL?" screamed Ryoma. 'What the hell am I doing here?' Ryoma immediately got up, but unfortunately his bruises on his knees kind of prevented him from standing up strait, thus resulting to his fall.

Tezuka reacted fast enough to catch Echizen. Once he got hold of Echizen's small body, he carried him in his arms and laid him back down on the bed.

"Just stay there in the bed, wait for me…" Tezuka used his commanding voice - the one he uses in tennis practice to make sure the boy follow his orders.

"Hai, buchou" Ryoma nodded

After a while Tezuka returned with a first aid kit.

"Captain, what's that for?" Ryoma asked eying the medical kit, as if he didn't know what that was for. He just wanted to make a conversation.

"It's for you of course. I can't let one of my best players have so much injury on his face" Tezuka's brows were narrowed as he explains his reason. As if the boy was clueless to what the reason of the captain was.

"Oh…Thank you, captain" Ryoma answered while blushing. 'so buchou can be kind sometimes'

"Echizen what's wrong, you look a little red, does it hurt?" asked Tezuka as he moved his face closer to Ryoma, checking if he did something wrong. He hadn't even realized that his proximity with the boy was already dead wrong.

"No! I'm ok" Ryoma answered while moving back and covering himself with the blanket. "Can we just sleep, I'm really tired from all the practice I've done." Ryoma muffled inside the bed sheet cover.

"Very well, Echizen you can take the bed. I'll just sleep on the couch" Tezuka stood up and made his way to the couch.

"No, buchou, I'll sleep on the couch you can take the bed…" Ryoma sat up from the bed and argued.

They fought for the couch for a little while longer though in the end, agreed to just share the bed. Ryoma took the side next to the window while Kunimitsu took the one next to the lampshade.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, the two rounded up in the center bed with Ryoma in Kunimitsu's chest and Kunimitsu's arms protectively wrapping the younger teen.

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