Title: More than your Captain

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Prince of tennis and its wonderful (and handsome) characters, even if I want to…*sobs. Everything you see in this story is my mere doing, so don't think this really happened in the manga/series. =D

Summary: Ryoma's life had always been about tennis... That is, until he met one Tezuka Kunimitsu who tries to get his attention and later becomes his lover. But of course, there are still many obstacles heading for the young couple. How will they handle it?

Warning: This is a YAOI/ SHOUNEN - AI fic specifically a KUNIMITSU X RYOMA FIC. You have been warned DO NOT READ if you know that this is not to your liking… it's a little too OOC…



"Kunimitsu…" Ryoma gulped, wide-eyed

"R-Ryoma…?" Tezuka managed to mutter from his already shocked state. He knew something was wrong about that phone call.

-Rewind one hour-

Tezuka pushed up his uniform sleeves and read the time '4 o'clock'. All he needed to do was pack up his belongings and head home to do some light training. He was just about to do that when his phone from inside his pants pocket rang. He sighed, recognizing that tone – that was the only fancy tone he had in his phone. Tezuka opened his phone, pressing the answer button and the phone next to his hear, "Atobe"

"Ahh…Tezuka! Ore-sama's wondering if you're fre-"

Beep Beep Beep

Tezuka returns his phone inside his pocket and locks the club rooms when he felt his phone began to vibrate again. He sighed, maybe this time Atobe would have a better thing to say…

"Tezuka! Ore-sama demands attention!"

Tezuka really wanted to end the conversation…having to hear that diva talk about himself was his last line of patience…

"You don't want the brat getting hurt, do you?"

'Him…?' Tezuka's brows narrowed, his glasses shining as he looked suspiciously at the phone. Tezuka's senses are telling him that something was wrong, and Tezuka knows it that his senses never fails him therefore he follows it. "Atobe, I don't understand"

"But of course, Tezuka I havent explained it yet! Now, silence and ore-sama shall tell you with his magnificent voice that even the gods are surely to bow dow-"


"Fine, fine Tezuka! Don't be too serious…you'll end up having more lines than what you already have now"

Tezuka subconsciously placed his fingers in the middle of his eyebrows, checking if there were really lines in there

"Ahem, if you are done checking you face. Will you please return you attention to Ore-sama"

Tezuka stares at the phone…

"Oh please Tezuka, don't give that look! I've known you for a long time now, of course I'd know your reaction! Are you underestimating Ore-sama's insight? Ahng?"

Tezuka sighed, "Just continue, Atobe"

"Well Tezuka, you better listen carefully! If you wish to save your little princess…err, I mean prince, you better get here fast! Now, Ore-sama shall return you that ill-mannered behavior you had shown me! –Beep Beep Beep - "

He again was left with nothing but to stare at the phone that shows that the recent caller had just hung up. Tezuka's glasses glinted, one moment he was strolling outside the school, the next thing he found himself almost running for someone he doesn't even know where to find… Tezuka stopped, he was not being himself, and he knew it. After a few seconds of deciding which way to go, his phone vibrated again. It was a message from Atobe, informing him of the place. And that was when Tezuka found himself running…again. There, he saw her. She seemed totally lost and looked totally familiar to Tezuka. The bespectacled brunnete was unsure but something was drawing him to come closer to this petite looking (not to mention cute?) girl. "Excuse me-"


'I don't believe this…I must still be asleep. Ryoma… the most beautiful…girl? Yes, this is most definitely a dream' was the thought that ran wildly across his brain as he gazed at the person in front of him. He wanted to say that he- or she was gorgeous in every way, but it was fine. He knew he was just dreaming as this would never happen in reality. So when he opened his mouth to talk, he did not expect to be cut of like that.


'That's odd…he had never once cut me of in any of my dreams…'

"R-Ryoma?" The shocked tennis captain had tried to say – which came out as a bare whisper. Oh yes, there was definitely something wrong in that phone call. But wait, if he was dreaming then this meant…"Ryoma, you look…beautiful as always. Will you be mine, forever?" Tezuka was down on one knee and kissing the back part of Ryoma's palm in a gentleman's manner. Standing, he lovingly traced his fingers along side Ryoma's face before harshly pulling the younger into a passionate kiss. 'That's strange…isnt he supposed to return my kiss and claim that he loves me very much? Not freeze up like this…' he stopped kissing the tennis prodigy and put her-him down from his embrace.

The girl(boy) stared at him wide-eyed in disbelief before taking a gulp at the situation. "Ku-Kunimitsu…Are you sick?"

Tezuka smiled, his perfect teeth showing, "Ryoma, love. Im not sick, this is my dream remember?"

Tezuka was now smiling ear to ear his eyes showing much expression than he usually does, and Ryoma for sure thought, his boyfriend looked perfect as a model for a toothpaste commercial. 'Shit, how did he suddenly become so good-looking?' Ryoma cursed, wanting to let the whole world know about it, yet he couldn't because the sight in front of him could only cause him to marvel and worship. "Uhm…..Kunimitsu, this is really romantic, but I think this is too romantic for you…Im so happy you would dream of me…but…You're not dreaming, buchou. You're awake, Im awake. This is real Kunimitsu, trust me"

In return, the Seigaku captain just smiled as he thought of how cute his lover was right now. "Ryoma, my love. You're not real, I know, otherwise I wont be seeing you looking so breath-taking like this. And besides, the real Ryoma is in somewhere important like what he had told me in the clubroom."

Ryoma winced at Tezuka's words that he felt like it had hit him pretty hard in the gut. This has got to stop, he took a deep breath and stared at his boyfriend before reaching his face with his own palms. And then…..SPANK! That had change the face of the bespectacled teen, from a serene angel-like one to a surprised astonished one.

Tezuka Kunimitsu blinked once…twice…and a couple of times when finally, realization sunk in. He was NOT dreaming. Tezuka gulped, his throat suddenly going dry and now he could feel a headache coming. Tezuka removed his spectacles and silently massaged his forehead. He was not blushing, was the thought that Tezuka continuously repeated in his head like a mantra whilst rubbing circles on his temple. The Seigaku tennis captain has never considered running away from a problem, but now seems like a perfect time to brake that very tradition of his. Letting out a troubled sigh, the brunette placed his specs back and stared at his boyfriend in front of him in an accusing and suspicious way. Taking a deep breath, Tezuka cleared his mind and processed what exactly was the right thing to do at that kind of situation. "So I'm not dreaming… then you're really Ryoma dressed in women's clothes."

Ryoma gulped, but nodded in affirmation

Tezuka sighed yet again, he was clearly dedicating this day to his sighs "Somehow, I still cant believe this. Do you mind explaining to me how this happened?" Tezuka asked in a serious tone giving Echizen the you're-not-getting-away-with-this look.

Ryoma looked at his boyfriend before admitting defeat, guess he wasn't getting away with just his puppy dog look. "Okay Kunimitsu, I'll tell you everything but please don't get angry" With that Ryoma told Tezuka of his encounter with the captain of Hyoutei and of the little bet they made.

"Ryoma, how could you be that careless" Tezuka's brow furrowed deeper and deeper these days. They were both sitting on a bench that they had decided was more comfortable than standing when the green-haired freshman was telling his story. Tezuka had actually chuckled when his boyfriend was explaining even the details of every shot of their game.

"I know, I'm really sorry for lying Kunimitsu. Please forgive me" Ryoma muttered, eyes staying glued to the ground with both of his palms rubbing against each other in a cute fidgety way.

Tezuka's usually controlled demeanor slipped seeing his boyfriend apologize like that. 'This really looks like my dream, but it isn't. I need to do something to make Ryoma smile again.' And so Tezuka did what he thought was best for the situation – he pulled the smaller frame around his arms into an embrace.

Ryoma was startled, he blushed but then he thought of returning the embrace.

"Aww…Honey, look at the cute couple there!" said a woman who looked in her mid-forties

"Yeah. Reminds me of the our good ol' days", said the equally middle-aged man next to her

The two Seigaku students blushed at the comment; couldn't they have said that more quietly? And it was also because of that particular comment that the two broke apart from their comfortable hug and separated in their seats.

Ryoma made a sound that seemed like a muffled chuckle, breaking the silence. "We really do like any other couple out here, don't we?" Ryoma grinned like a cheesy cat.

Tezuka replied by pressing his lips on the glossy-green haired boy's forehead. "You say that as if we're not."

Ryoma lightly tapped his finger on his chin in a contemplating manner as he looked at their surroundings, he smirked. "That's because you're not kissing me properly, that's why I say them"

Tezuka's eyes widened in amusement, he leaned over.

The younger of the two inwardly smirked thinking that his lover was just mada mada dane. But Ryoma was proven wrong when Tezuka didn't stop for his lips but instead went straight to his ear.

Tezuka couldn't help the smirk that appeared on his unnaturally poker face. "Yudan sezu ni ikou" he whispered in a husky bewitching tone.

Poor Ryoma literally jumped from his seat, his hair standing on all ends as he trembled and covered his now crimson-colored ears. He had to suppress his fingers from shaking when he pointed an accusing finger at his lover whose face seemed perfectly stoned except for that obvious humor found beneath those hazel orbs. "Y-Y-You! You're making fun of me!" Ryoma glared fumingly at the person still composed in sitting down.

"Alright, I should make it up to you" Tezuka stood up after he had managed to control his laughter from within.

The sentence caught Ryoma's attention, he looked puzzling at his senpai.

"Since we are in an amusement park, why don't we just enjoy ourselves? We still have two hours until your curfew." Tezuka presented his palm in a gesture of utter gentlemanly-ness.

Ryoma looked at the pale slender fingers before giving out a defeated sigh and placing his own palm on top of Tezuka's bigger ones. Before he knew it, his senpai's arm was slung comfortably around his waist. Ryoma blushed at he sudden public display of affection, he was getting conscious of the looks people were giving at them - thinking they were looks of disgust and the like.







"Ryoma, why are you so tense? If you do not wish to go, then just say so"

The shorter teen could read that his lover was really worrying about him. Ryoma bit his lip and refused to look at the Seigaku captain.

'I guess he really doesn't want to…' The brunette made his decision. "We should go home now"

Ryoma's eyes widened 'How could he have misunderstood that?' Ryoma pulled Tezuka before standing on tiptoes and locking heir lips together. In a matter of seconds, they were already battling their tongues and how they wished they could live without breathing, not wanting separate from each other. Ryoma decided. He needed to just forget everything and enjoy his time with the one and only person that mattered to him, so after breaking the pleasurable kiss he swiftly pulled the still stunned brunette to one of the ice cream stands. After paying for the two chocolate ice creams, he handed one to his dumbfounded boyfriend before he started savoring his ice cream. When half of Ryoma's cold sweet was gone was the only time he had focused an eye on his boyfriend. Noticing that Tezuka had not yet touched his ice cream, Ryoma acted on his own and decided to pay the brunet back for teasing him a while ago. Grinning, Ryoma stood on his tiptoes before licking Tezuka's chocolate ice cream right where the brunette held it. Ryoma was pretty proud of himself, satisfied that he was able to bring back his lover to reality. Shrugging, Ryoma secretly laughed as he finally got Tezuka's attention, before returning to savoring his cold sweet.

"Ryoma! That was mine!"

"Che, you weren't eating it. In case this is old-buchou's first time eating ice cream, they melt you know?" Ryoma snickered

"I knew that…" Tezuka frowned. For heaven's sakes, he wasn't that old! At least, he was young enough to know what an ice cream was!

Ryoma couldn't help but feel certain warmth that spread through his heart. 'No one can make him act like this…' It made Ryoma feel how important he was to his buchou. "Come on old man, lets ride some cars" Ryoma said as he pulled Tezuka towards the bumper cars. And just as he predicted, his too stoic of a buchou was too polite that he actually avoided every single car that tried to bump him. Ryoma couldn't decided if he was impressed of his boyfriend's fast reflexes or bewildered of his consciousness to bumping cars. 'Yosh! Today's goal is to bump Kunimitsu's car' he thought as he sped towards Tezuka's purple colored bump car swearing to himself that he was not leaving this ride until he gets to bump his buchou's car at least once.







"Young master, it seems that the target is having fun. Once again your plans have successfully worked, young master Kiego"

"As much as Ore-sama would like to take the credit for it, unfortunately it wasn't I who planned this"


"Ah, speak of the devil" Atobe Kiego picked up his phone before proudly greeting the caller with a "Mission accomplished" He heard a faint chuckle at the end of the line before…

"Maa…nothing less from the great captain of Hyoutei, ne?"

Atobe just graciously slipped his lemon-iced tea before answering, "Of course, Fuji Syuusuke renowned tensai of Seigaku"

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