I have had this idea for a while, and I wrote it down today in my journal, so now I'm going to post it. Remember, this is during New Moon, while Bella is in school, in zombie mode.

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I sighed, relieved, as the bell echoed down the empty school halls, dismissing all students to head for lunch; my stomach was very empty. I robotically gathered my belongings, and it took me a few moments to realize that Angela Weber had walked up to my table warily and was talking to me.

"Hey Bella," she started, looking concerned for me. My head snapped up; I was surprised. Nobody had talked to me, even Mike since….

"Hi," I mumbled quietly, starting for the door. She followed me down the hall wordlessly. Once, she opened her mouth to say something, but she abruptly snapped it shut, looking around perplexed. I wondered idly what she found so hard to say, or why she was even talking to me at all, after way I acted since….

I glanced at her from the corner of my eye to see her looking around the hallway, embarrassment clear on her face. I glanced around to my surprise to see that everybody in the hallway was either gawking openly at me, not even caring that I had caught them staring, or looking quickly away after they saw them watching me.

I was going to ask Angela what was going on when Jessica came running up to us, breathless. This was something new, too. "Bella! Bella-" she started excitedly, but she was cut off by a very frantic Angela, who was shaking her head crazily at her. Jessica pressed her lips, looking very upset.

What is up with everyone? I thought, exasperated. I just shook my head and sighed. I would find out eventually….

I started again for the cafeteria, leaving Jessica and Angela behind. "Wait! Bella!" they shouted simultaneously after me, running to catch up. It was too late, though. The second I opened the door, everybody in the cafeteria was silent, like they were watching my reaction to something. Everybody seemed to freeze in whatever they were doing. I ducked my head quickly, barely looking at my surroundings at all, and headed for the line.

Soon, the cafeteria babble started up again, and Jessica and Angela were still following me to the line. I wasn't hungry at all now, so I grabbed a water bottle.

Jessica and Angela were now silently communicating, but I could tell by their eyes what they were arguing over. "You tell her!" and "No! you tell her, flew over my head and hung in the air. Eventually Jessica sighed and turned to me.

"Bella, do you notice anything… different today?" she hedged. I shrugged. I mean, other than the gossiping swirling all around me that I refused to listen to and the odd stares, nothing had changed, right? Right….

Why was she even asking me of all people, who was in a permanent zombie state. Wasn't she the gossiper?

Jessica looked at my blank stare incredulously, and they shared another look. Apparently, it was Angela's turn to take a whack at it. "Bella, tell me that you've noticed something new today," she almost begged me, but soon trailed off uselessly. By now we were walked to the lunch table. I ignored both of them as they kept glancing around the cafeteria, obviously looking for something.

I sat in my usual spot, and disregarded the stares from the whole table, especially Mike, Eric, and Lauren. They let me stare out into space and zone out for a while until they started whispering furiously around me.

"You mean to tell me that she doesn't know yet?!" Eric.

"How can she not notice?" Angela wondered feebly.

"Maybe it's best if she didn't know. Nothing good can come out of this…." Mike.

"Is she blind, or just plain stupid?" somebody seethed, obviously upset for not being the center of attention.

"Lauren!" the whole table shouted angrily at her.

"She must have been more effected than we thought…,"Angela murmured in my defense. Yes, I always did like her….

"Well, somebody needs to tell her!" Lauren snapped, annoyed.

I tried my best to ignore this puzzling conversation buzzing around me, which just so happened to be about me. I was soon able to zone out once again, and the voices dyed out, like the volume on a television slowly being turned down.

Then, Jessica whispered something in my ear so un- allowed and so forbidden by an unspoken force or an unspoken rule, that when she hissed it under her breath, it shocked me to no end. It left me frozen in my seat. It ripped and tore at the hole in my chest. I couldn't breath.

"Edward Cullen is staring at you."

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