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Squad Unit 19, over and out!


It was the next evening. Mickey and Minnie pull into the parking lot of the carnival, along with the other undercover officers. The two cops get out of the car.

"We'll take the first shift this time, since you kids took it yesterday," the first cop said.

"Gotcha. We'll be waiting," Mickey said. He and Minnie wave to the officers as they begin walking toward the park.
The mice remain in the car. Mickey and Minnie roll down the windows to avoid getting too hot while they wait.

"At least it's not really hot today," Minnie said.

"No. I,m glad it's not though," Mickey replied.

"Me, too."

"What's the temperature supposed to be today?"

"About seventy five, I think."

"It's not too bad out there."


"Did you put that new bear on your shelf?"

"Yup. Right beside the other one. And it looks cute too. But I am gonna try to win you another prize."

"You don't have to, Minnie."

"I want to, Mickey. You won me two stuffed animals, so I want you to have two."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive."

Mickey and Minnie smile at each other. She leans over and kisses his cheek. She pulls back a bit as they continue to smile at each other.

"Thanks," he smiled warmly.

"You're welcome," she smiled equally back. She settles back into her seat beside him.

"How do ya feel, Mickey?" Minnie asked softly.

"I'm gettin' over it," he replied with a warm smile. She smiles back.

"I'm so glad." She gives him another loving peck on his cheek.

"Do ya think he'll show up tonight?" Minnie asked curiously, settling back into her seat.

"I wouldn't doubt it. All crooks make a mistake eventually."

"I just hope he makes that mistake tonight."

"Yeah, me, too."

Mickey and Minnie continue to talk while they wait for their shift to begin. At about one minute after six, the young mice see the two officers heading toward them. They get out of the car as the cops walk up to them.

"I take it you didn't see anything?" the second cop said.

"Well, a few birds, one crow..." Mickey said with a chuckle.

"Don't forget the the two chipmunks," Minnie said with a chuckle as well.

"In terms of our perp?" the first officer grinned.

"Zip," Mickey said.

"Nada," Minnie added.

"All right. Well I'm not surprised he hasn't shown up yet. All of his previous his are at night, yours included. I don't think he'll show up until later tonight."

"I don't think he will either," Mickey added.

"He'll wait until he thinks no one can see him," Minnie added.

"It's getting darker, so we need to be alert," the officer said. Mickey and Minnie nod.

"You ready?" Mickey asked as he turns to Minnie.

"You bet," she replied. They take one anothers hand.

"We'll see you guys later," Mickey said as he and Minnie wave to the officers.

"Right. Be careful you two," the officer called back. The two mice nod to the officer, then continue walking into the park,
hand-in-hand. They make their way through the carnival grounds, keeping an eye out for their suspect.

The make their way to the Ring Toss booth. Mickey nudges Minnie's side playfully this time.

"Why don't you give it another try?" Minnie smiled warmly and slyly at him.

"You got it. Besides, I still want to win you another prize," she smiled, giving him a playful peck on his nose with the finish of her sentence.

Minnie steps up to the counter and takes some colored rings. Mickey stands watching his sweetheart proudly as she tosses the rings onto the polls. After a few minutes, she loops the last poll.

"You did it, Minnie! You did it!," Mickey smiled excitedly, giving her a high five, then a kiss on her cheek.

"What prize would you like?" she asked with a warm smile. Mickey looks over the different prizes, and stops when he sees a little light-colored tiger with eyelashes. A female tiger to be exact.

"Well, since you got that little bear to go with your other one..." Minnie catches the gleam in his eye and knows exactly what he'll choose. This tickles her.

"I'll take that little female tiger," he smiled. Minnie's given the tiger, then she gives it to Mickey.

"Thanks, Minnie. I love it," he smiled warmly.

"Aw, Mickey, you're welcome," she smiled lovingly.

"Now my little tiger has the perfect pal," he smiled. Mickey slips his hands around her waist and pulls her close into a warm embrace, the little tiger in his left hand.

"Just like I do," he smiled. Minnie returns the embrace.

"And so do I," she smiled. They each lean closer into a warm and loving kiss. They break the kiss and pull back slightly,
still holding one another.

"I knew you could do it, Minnie. You've got a good right swing," he smiled.

"Thanks, Mickey. I told you I wanted to win you something else. Now we both have two," she smiled.

"Thanks," he smiled warmly, then kisses her lovingly on her forehead.

"You're welcome," she smiled sweetly back, then touches her nose to his.

"C'mon. Let's enjoy a few more attractions before we head back," she giggled.

"Right beside you," he chuckled. Mickey and Minnie continue to enjoy a few more games while they keep an eye open for the thief, and wait for their shift to be up. It's about three minutes to seven when they begin making their way back to the parking lot arm-in-arm. The other cops get out as the mouse couple approach.

"See anything?" Mickey asked.

"I think we seen those same two chipmunks you guys saw, but that's it," the first officer chuckled. Mickey and Minnie chuckle with him.

"Nothing on our end either," Minnie said.

"Well, guess we better roll out," the second officer said.

"We'll see you kids in an hour," the first cop said.

"See ya," Mickey and Minnie said in unison. They wave at the officers as they head into the park. Mickey opens the passenger door for Minnie. She smiles and gives him an affectionate kiss on his cheek as she gets in.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." He gets in after her, sitting his tiger on the dash.

Mickey and Minnie continue to talk and wait for the next hour.

"Thanks again for this little tiger, Minnie. It's really cute," he smiled.

"Oh, Mickey, you're welcome. I'm glad you like it," she smiled back.

The young mice continue to wait, though the events in the parking lot are uneventful. A couple minutes after eight, the two undercover officers head back to the lot. Mickey and Minnie get out of the car and meet the cops as they approach.

"Anything suspicious?" the first cop asked.

Mickey and Minnie each shake their heads side to side.

"We didn't have any luck either. Maybe we'll have better luck out here," the second cop said.

"Here we go again," Mickey grinned to Minnie. She grins back at him. They wave to the officers as they head to the park entrance arm-in-arm. The two look around the carnival for the next hour. Naturally, they enjoy a few booths while they do.

At one minute to nine, they begin their trek back to the car. The officers meet them beside the car.

"Your turn fellas," Mickey chuckled.

"You're up next," Minnie added with a chuckle herself.

"Here WE go again," the second cop said with a grin. Mickey, Minnie and the first cop all chuckle. The cops head to the entrance while the mice are leaning against the car. Mickey opens the door for Minnie. She giggles as she gives him a gentle peck on his nose, then gets in. He follows and gets in after her.

"Thanks, Mickey."

"You're welcome, Minnie."

They talk and wait for the next several minutes. It's about sixteen after nine, when they notice a maroon van pull in on the opposite side of the parking lot. It parks in the shadows, which really gets their attention.

"Think that's him?" Minnie asked curiously.

"Could be," Mickey replied with an equal amount of curiosity.

They watch as the vans headlights go off.

"Well if that's not it, it sure is a dead ringer for it," Mickey said.

"I'll say," Minnie added.

A man dressed in dark colors gets out, walks around to the back of the van and begins doing something. Mickey slowly and quietly opens his door. As soon as she sees him do this, Minnie puts her hand on the door handle on her side to follow him.

"Stay here, Minnie," he said quietly. She grabs his hand to prevent him from exiting the car.

"No way, Mickey. You go, I go," she said softly but firmly. Although concern was clearly present as well.

Mickey nods to her with a faint smile.

"All right. Stay close."


Mickey reaches into his pocket and makes certain that his pocket knife is within reach. Though he's never had to use it for something like this, he still carries it with him for his and Minnie's protection. They approach the van with caution.
They're only a few parking spaces from the van when the crook looks around the door and spots them.

For him, shock is an understatement.

"You two!" he exclaimed in surprise and anger. Mickey and Minnie immediately pick up their pace as soon as they're seen. But their sprint comes to a screeching halt when the thief pulls a gun from his pocket and points it at them.

For them, shock and fear is an understatement.

"Look out!" they exclaimed in unison to the other as they duck down behind a parked car in the space beside them.

They just make it beside the car when the crook fires toward them.

"I've had enough of you meddling kids!" The thief discharges another shot toward the car.

Mickey and Minnie are stuck beside the car, trying to get their breath back.

"Minnie, I'll distract him while you go get help," he said.

"No way, Mickey. I'm not leaving you here alone with that maniac! We're in this together," she replied.

Mickey glances down beside him and sees a half-empty bottle of soda.

"For once, I'm glad someone littered." He picks it up.

"I've got one shot at this."

Minnie has an idea of what he's going to do, but at the same time she's mentally praying for his safety.

"Be careful."

He quickly stands up and throws it at the crook. The bottle strikes the robber on the side of his face, stunning him momentarily. The second the bottle hits it's target, Mickey dashes out from beside the car toward the crook. This gravely concerns Minnie for him.

"Mickey! No!" she exclaimed as she immediately dashes after him. The thought of her own health doesn't cross her mind. Her only thought is making certain Mickey's all right.

The crook just manages to recover from his hit and starts to point the gun at Mickey when he runs up and delivers a punch to his open abdomen. Mickey grabs the hand with the gun, but the crook refuses to let go. Minnie runs up to help Mickey by grabbing the thief's other arm. Mickey struggles with the crooks right arm, while Minnie struggles with his left.

The thief is a little stronger than the mice. He slings his left arm to the side, causing Minnie to lose her balance,
knocking her to the ground. She hits the ground on her rear end with a thud. She catches herself from hitting it harder. Except for a slightly sore rear, she's unharmed. Mickey sees this and is now even more determined to take this jerk down. And hard!

Running on adrenaline and anger, he slams the crooks arm up against the van. With the goon stunned, Mickey directs another blow to his stomach. Minnie gets back on her feet and rushes to help Mickey, grabbing the crooks arm. The thug sucker punches Mickey in his stomach, temporarily knocking the wind out of him. He then hits him in his back, knocking him to the ground.

"Mickey!" Minnie exclaimed with concern. The thug then directs his gun on her. Her eyes widen with shock. She freezes.

"One down. One to go," he said dryly with an evil smirk on his mug. Mickey seen this, and it only added fuel to the fire.

"NO!" Mickey exclaimed as he slugs the crook right in his face, letting go of Minnie, knocking him backward, hitting the van with a WHAM! Too bad he didn't know when to stay down. He lept toward Mickey, grabbed him, and slammed him up against the van with the gun pointed toward him.

"AAHHGG!" he yelped as his body meets Detroit steel.

Minnie sees the whole thing with a gasp of horror. If their were ever a moment that she was scared to death, and filled with rage at the same time, this was it. The fear for Mickey's life, and the rage toward the person that hurt him.

"Now to finish you!" the crook grinned evilly.

"NO!" Minnie exclaimed as she delivers a blow to the thugs jaw, letting go of Mickey, and hitting the ground flat on his back with a THUMP! The gun discharges as he hits, making a piercing sound in the night air.


Thankfully, it's not pointed at either of the mice or anyone else when it goes off. The crook drops the gun after he hits.
Mickey quickly grabs the gun before the thug gets back up. Now the crook is finally down for the count, using one hand to hold himself up, and the other to examine his jaw.

Minnie and Mickey turn to each other, while he still keeps the gun on the crook. Minnie wraps her arms around Mickey's shoulders and hugs him tightly. He wraps one arm around her waist, while keeping the gun pointed at the thief. They pull back slightly.

"Oh, Mickey! Are you all right?" she asked, clearly concerned.

"I'm okay, Minnie. Are you all right?" he asked with equal concern.

"I'm all right," she smiled warmly at him. She kisses him on his lips, then embraces him again. They pull back just as they here people running toward them. It's the undercover officers.

"What happened?" the first one asked.

"We heard a bang!" the second one said.

"They busted my jaw, that's what!" said the crook angrily.

"That's enough from you!" said the second cop. The cops put the handcuffs on the crook and read him his rights. They put the thief in the back of the undercover car and close the door. Mickey and Minnie stand with one arm around each other.

"Good job kids. You caught him," congratulated the first officer.

"You two make a good team," the second cop added.

"We sure do," Mickey and Minnie said in unison as they smile at one another.

"Are you kids okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. A little sore, but that's it. Nothing that won't go away in a few days," Mickey replied with a chuckle.

"I'm okay, too. A Little sore, but nothing that won't heal up in a few days," Minnie replied with a giggle.

"All right. Well, we better get this guy down to the station. Got a nice room for him in the 'Graybar Hotel'," the second officer chuckled. Mickey and Minnie chuckle as well.

"Thanks again for your help," the cop smiled, getting into the car.

"Glad we could help," the mice smiled in unison.

"Later," the officer called out the window as they drive away.

"See ya," the mice waved in unison. They then turn to each other and take one anothers hand.

"Are you sure you're okay, Mickey?" Minnie asked with a warm, loving and concerned smile.

"I'm okay, Minnie. Honest. I'll be sore for a few more days now, but nothing major," he smiled back.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked with the same smile she gave him.

"I'm okay. Honest. Like you, I'll be sore for a few more days now, but nothing big," she smiled.

"Thanks for saving me, Mickey," she smiled lovingly, giving him a warm kiss on his cheek.

"Aw, gee. You're welcome, Minnie," he smiled lovingly back.

"Thanks for saving me," he smiled.

"Aw, Mickey. You're welcome," she smiled sweetly.

"You saved my tail, Minnie. I owe you."

"No, you don't owe me a thing, Mickey. You saved me too. We're even."

Minnie moves her arms up Mickey's and around his shoulders. He moves his arms around her waist.

"At least this soreness will be gone in a few days," he grinned. She giggles playfully before she speaks.

"All you need is some rest, and some more 'tender love and care'."

"I don't mind that. Now YOU need some 'tlc' too," he grinned playfully.

"I like the sound of that," she smiled affectionately and playfully. She leans up and presses her lips to his. A few seconds later, they each pull away slightly, but continue to hold each other.

"Whaddaya say we go home?" he smiled.

"Sounds good to me," she smiled back. They pull away, and he opens the door for her. She smiles sweetly and gives him a loving peck on his cheek as she gets in.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." He gets in after her. He looks at his watch.

"The Soda Shop doesn't close for another half hour. How 'bout we get a soda before we head home?"

"Sure. I'd like that," she smiled.

"After all that, I could really go for one," he chuckled.

"So could I," she chuckled back. They share a loving smile with each other.

They fasten their seat belts. He turns the engine over and switches on the headlights.

"Ready to go?" he asked with a smile.

"You bet," she smiled back.

"Let's call it a night," he smiled.

"I couldn't agree more," she smiled back.

Mickey and Minnie pull out of the parking lot and head home. Well, to the Soda Shop and then home. Both young mice are tired from what they've been through, but both glad that they caught the thief. They're also very thankful that both of them are all right. That's what matters the most to each of them. They knew they could catch the crook, as long as they worked together. When they're together, they make a really great team. They're strong as one, but they're even stronger together.

The End.