Past, Present and Future
By Brainiac5

Short Summary:

LOSH & Exo-Force X-over. Trouble is brewing! A movement of robot-haters is on the rise, and left with no other option, Brainiac 5 must bring another figure forward from the past…

Full Summary:

A new wing is opened in the museum, celebrating a period of history during which a large-scale Robot rebellion nearly wiped out humanity. However, the rebellion was unsuccessful, mainly due to the incredible resistance mounted against them by an organization put together specifically for the purpose of defeating the robots. Known as Exo-Force, this organization was a culmination of highly trained battle machine pilots, engineers and scientists, all working together towards one goal-- to keep the robots from taking over Sentai Mountain and, inevitably, the entire world.
Interestingly, a strange movement appears on the same day as the museum wing's opening. These vandals travel in a localized area, destroying many people's property and openly declaring themselves as robot-haters. Is it a coincidence? Some people don't think so, Brainiac5 included. When the Legion fails to capture any members of this dangerous movement, it becomes plain to Brainy that there is no other choice. Since this movement was directly influenced by the time period celebrated by the new wing, the Legion will go back in time to retrieve not an idolized hero or a powerful ally, but a humble engineer from a time when Earth's history was at it's darkest.


Brainiac 5 drummed his fingers on his chair's armrest, impatiently awaiting the return of the rest of his Legion teammates. Of all the days… why today? Shaking his head, Brainy stood, pacing across the room before dropping back into the chair. The Legion had graciously accepted an invitation to be present at the Grand Opening of a new wing in Earth's Museum of History. They had not so graciously accepted the news that Brainiac 5 was not welcome, but the Coluan had urged them to go. He didn't want to cause trouble, and he had never been particularly interested in the time period the wing was celebrating anyway.

Besides, the only reason he hadn't been invited was out of respect for the people of that time period. Some people, he mused, were strangely particular about respecting the long-dead's wishes. After all, if they were dead, how could they care? Still, he supposed it had been a difficult time. Robots attempting to wipe out the human race, one Robot leading the charge… Brainiac 5 could understand their hesitancy to invite a Brainiac to this opening. While it was true his ancestor had nothing to do with this period of Earth's history, perhaps it was wise to simply leave well enough alone.

Once again rising, Brainiac 5 detected the faint sound of voices, and a moment later, the door swung open.

"Well, what's the problem?" Timberwolf demanded immediately upon entry.

"Broken robots," Brainy replied.

Superman frowned. "What, so a robot broke and we get a call?" he asked, seeming confused as to how the Legion had become involved with such a common occurrence.

"Not 'a' robot," Brainiac 5 corrected, "Three hundred and twenty-six robots."

"All at once?" Triplicate Girl asked.

"No," Brainy said, "over the last two hours. Quite a number of reports were filed with the science police until they decided it was--"

"A serial robot killer!" Lightning Lad exclaimed, grunting as Superman elbowed him in the gut.

"--not merely a coincidence," Brainy finished.

"So we get to track down the robot killers?" Bouncing Boy asked.

Brainy nodded.

"You sure this is the place?" Lightning Lad asked, glancing around with a frown.

Brainy snorted as if to say 'please, do we need to discuss my twelfth-level intelligence one more time?' "Yes," he answered after a moment, "This is the place. While the attacks began at random, they quickly escalated until, unless my hypothesis is unfounded, they will become confident enough to attempt disrupting a factory."

"In plain speak, that means he thinks that since the attacks have been getting bigger, the vandals will probably be brave enough to come calling," Bouncing Boy translated, earning a disgruntled look from the Coluan.

"Yes. Since this location is the one most localized to the previous attacks, it is most probable the attacker --or attackers-- will 'come calling' here," Brainy finished.

"I thought I saw something!" Superman exclaimed, shushing the group.

"Human or robot?" Lightning Lad asked.

Timberwolf sniffed. "Human," he said after a moment. "More than one."

An instant later, chaos ripped through the factory as not one, but three bombs exploded simultaneously. Debris and Legionnaires flew through the air like matchsticks in a hurricane.

Superman jumped to his feet, glancing around anxiously. From where he stood, he could see five white-cloaked figures running across the debris-strewn floor. All of them were closing in on a single point, and the object of their attention was "Brainy!" Superman cried, realizing the Coluan lay crumpled in a heap in the exact direction the cloaked figures were headed.

Superman rushed in the Brainy's direction, and arrived at almost the same instance as Lightning Lad, who charged up his hands and glanced around menacingly as if to say, 'who wants it first?' Superman knelt down next to Brainiac 5, whose purple orbs flickered, and the Coluan sat up, shaking his head. "That… was unexpected," he said slowly.

"You're telling me," Bouncing Boy exclaimed from behind the white-robed 'serial robot killers'. Saturn Girl also stood there, blocking the escape route, while Brainiac 5, Superman and Lightning Lad blocked off the front. Timberwolf stood to one side, and Triplicate Girl the other, completely blocking off any chance of escape.

"Give it up," Lightning Lad said, "we win."

"That's what you think," hissed the figures, and all but one disappeared.

"Holograms," Brainiac 5 muttered in disgust, berating himself for not thinking of the possibility.

The final figure turned on Brainy, a mindless roar of rage and fury erupting from beneath the white, flowing mask. Anger burned in his eyes, the only visible feature behind the flowing white. "Die, robot!" the attacker screamed, running straight for Brainiac 5.

Superman and Lightning Lad jumped forward, but they needn't have worried. At the last moment, the figure leaped up and over the heroes before landing heavily and spinning around, blasting a hole in the wall, dashing out.

After a moment of heavy silence, Lightning Lad spoke up. "So… Anyone willing to explain what just happened here?"

A/N: Well, I just thought a LOSH Exo-Force crossover was deserved, and this idea was too good to pass up. Sorry to all those waiting for Warped... I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the Fatal Five and Slade... once I've got that figured out, it'll come back, I promise...